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Vlog YoyaFabulosa

Vlog YoyaFabulosa

welcome back to my channel good to see
you again I know it’s been a while there are some things I have to share you
starters … Where do I begin so I am really relocating out of my current city
and moving to a new city I plan on moving out of Boston.To those of you
who don’t know I’ve been living in Boston for almost two years, two and a half….
It’s been a while, I have been in Boston for a while now. and I am relocating to New York because
I believe there are more opportunities out there. and there’s going to be a lot more there
for me and you know moving is stressful it’s so stressful I am doing moving out
very soon I’m not even sure if I’m going to NY. it’s between New York and
Seattle I haven’t even make a decision very stressful I have about 20 days
before I have to leave this apartment and it’s very stressful and I am very stressed out
and I just wanted to share with you all that there are going to be some change
to my channel. For starters I think I’m gonna start doing their vlogs just because
they’re easier I can share with you all what’s going on with my life and I can produce
more content more frequently that way because I dont want to give up on YouTube but there
might be a chance that I might just disappear from a bit of time and it’s
because I’m in the process of you know gather my belongings, moving out and and getting situated in whatever city I move to Still not 100% sure where I am going but leaning towards New York City however I would love to go abroad it’s just the
cards are right. So yeah expect to see more vlogs in the future um less videos with me and the green screen Which is probably for the best because those videos take forever to edit. Sometimes… so yeah that’s what’s going on with me I am moving, I am really stressed out and there is a lot going on in my life.
I feel bad because I should be producing
more content on my youtube channel and I had a clear and specific goal for my channel…
So as I was saying I had a clear goal on my channel because of all the planning of stress
with this move and lack of motivation I hadn’t been producting as many videos as I would have liked to this summer… and I think that with vlogs I can kind of get back on track. But I am not even sure what to vlog about and I would love some
feedback from you guys. Let me know what you would like to hear me talk about.
If you have any questions… Send me questions in the comment section down below and in my next vlog I will address the question. Ya know, let’s have a dialogue. That could be fun but just
a warning I might start making videos of myself as a boy so you know not as glamorous as I am now. I think that with the move and all the things that are happening it might just be easier to make a video
and a vlog . You know as I am in the morning when I wake up, not as glamorous as I am now. Don’t be frightened you know and there are other
videos in my channel as a boy so yeah just keep an eye out for those
videos and if you don’t want to watch them don’t worry. I will still post videos as YoyaFabulosa but they might be few and far in between due to all the… MOVING. I am not even sure what is going to happen. We’ll see. We’ll see. But I am optimistic, I am optimistic that I will have more opportunities to make videos. But we will see what happens. It’s very stressful, I am very stressed out– Don’t know if you can tell. BUT I am glad I am getting the chance to make this video now and throw this out there. You know…
Put it out in the open. So yeah, that is whereI am right now. I do plan on producing more videos in the upcoming weeks before the move. Or in the next two weeks. So keep an eye out for those videos. And as always thanks for watching. Let me know what your thoughts are on what you’d like me to vlog about in the comment section down below. Subscribe if you haven’t already. As always thanks for watching. Oh and one last thing, I wanted to show you all my outfit cause I thought it looks really cute. What do you think?

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  1. good luck in whatever venture you take. Hopefully the subscribers give you the positive vibe. I watch vlogers like the Tim tracker, Adam the woo. they've been vlogging for years. If you need tips they actually give tips on how to vlog. forgot which vlog they did that in. Hope the decision you make makes you happy that what counts. And beautiful outfit.

  2. Congratulations on your move! You'll be closer to this jersey guy LOL. Do you have enough help with your move? I'm looking forward to your "boy" videos as much as your new Yoya videos. Hope to meet you some day- ☘️

  3. Please dont turn your channel into another boring "nobody cares" stuff channel, full of talking, and talking always the same topics (what i eat, my favourite color….pfff). Your channel is fabolous becasuse we can admire your beauty.

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