Volleyball Camp Spikes Interest

(upbeat music) – Today we’re running our last day at GCU Women’s Volleyball Camp. We have kids ranging from fifth grade up to seventh grade in this grouping. Work on attacking, point
scoring, learning fundamentals. It’s a way for us to get kids from local Phoenix area onto
campus, meet the players, see what we’re doing here
in the volleyball program, and hopefully generate some fans. – First and foremost,
we wanna make sure that they’re really engaged and
enjoying the sport of volleyball. They get a chance to
meet some new friends. They get a chance to see, get a little exposure to how we are, how great the university is
when they’re here on campus, and then to obviously
get better at the sport. – I thought it was really amazing. I’ve been here today and yesterday, and I think I’ve learned so
much, and I’ve really improved. Always loved volleyball,
and I think it’s amazing to be able to play with professionals, people who know how to play
and can really help me learn. – [Voiceover] I think
this camp is important ’cause it’s a way for the
current volleyball team here at GCU to interact with local youth. We grow the game, we develop the sport, we teach kids the
fundamentals of the game, and hopefully we teach them to be lifelong fans of volleyball. – [All] One, two, three,
close up! (clapping hands)

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