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Volleyball Explained: Setter in Rotation 4

Volleyball Explained: Setter in Rotation 4

[Applause] after examining rotations 1 2 & 3 time has come to look also into tation for what is happening in notation for on a volleyball court the setter starts from position 4 and in this rotation should have a bigger distance to a place where he should set the ball then in our rotations the middle blocker starts on position tree may be the greatest specifics of this rotation is that the outside hitter first row in position 2 spikes on position 4 in order to leave space for the opposite 3 in position 1 to attack from back row it is typical for this rotation that the opposite can join the receive information and the team can receive with four people especially against the hard serve in this way the gaps between the receivers get shorter and they simplifies the efforts of the liberal in the outside hitters in terms of attack this rotation is not suitable for a spike of the middle behind the back of the setter unless the reception is moved towards position four but allows the set of freely to play with the middle of the distance or behind or with the middle close in front in over him in position for the outside hitter back row is in the middle of the receiving formation which simplifies the pipe attack in terms of reception the weakest point is between the outside hitters in position five and position six [Music] the opponent can try to iterate the first one attacker by serving in him when doing so with a sir from position 1 to position 5 it is harder for the other outside hitter to help because the ball covers less distance the Libero is in position one and against the float serve can cover the right half of the code in the other two receivers the left half it is also possible that the team can receive in certain situations with only two players

2 thoughts on “Volleyball Explained: Setter in Rotation 4”

  1. Nice movie, as always, but there is NO equality between "Setter in Rotation 2" and "Setter in Position 2"
    We can say in both ways when Setter is in Position/Rotation 1 or 4.
    But in other game cases we should use only one description.
    You described 0:15 that Setter is in Rotation 2, but it is 2nd position (and rotation 5th)
    When Setter is in 6 position it is 2nd rotation,
    positon 5 = 3rd rotation,
    position 3 = 5th rotation
    position 2 = 6th rotation
    There is no equality between rotations number and positions number.

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