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Volleyball Jump Training | Technique and Safety | Leg Strength | Part 4

Volleyball Jump Training | Technique and Safety  | Leg Strength | Part 4

Speaker 1: What’s this look like? Bad, bad,
bad on the knees. When you jump over, you want to be on a nice neutral position. We’re
you’re jumping you still want to be here. You can’t get any power out of your body with
your knee in like this, not to mention that you’re going to hurt yourself.
Anybody ever had an ACL injury? Know anybody that had an ACL injury? Yeah. What’s that?
Speaker 2: You [inaudible 00:00:22:] with those.
Speaker 1: ACL injury. When your friends start having them and they’re out for an entire
year, you’re going to be like, “Man, I don’t want one of those. They’re awful.” Bad, bad,
bad rehabilitation. You guys, this is how you get them. When you
jump and you go for a play in the game and your knee goes like that, you’re out for a
season. Anybody want to miss a season? No, all right? When we workout this when we
can help our bodies prevent these types of injuries. Make sure, knees are out wide. We
can help them over the cones. Just because the cone is narrow doesn’t mean that this
is over it. Let’s try another set. Everybody ready? Go.
Over the cone, over the cone. Get up, get up. Blast off the ground, blast off the ground.
Six, five, four, get your knees wider, three, two, one, relax. Much better knees.
Back, strong legs. Let’s jump like that as well. When you’re here, when we get a good
power position. Don’t have your legs close together like this.
We have two more sets. Speaker 2: Yeah, yeah.
Speaker 1: Ready. Go. Legs out a little wider, legs out a little wider. Nice and neutral.
Be quick, get up and over, up and over. Some of you are working hard, some of you are being
lazy. Push, push, push. Come on, little quicker, little quicker. Four, three, two, one, relax.
Not with the landing though. It’s still fast off the ground. You’re going to go for height.
See the difference? Not this, now. We want to get up as high as we can, but still
get off the ground as quick as you can. Does that make sense to everybody? Yes?
Let’s jump for height, but still fast off the floor. Everybody ready? Go.
Height, height, height. Get up, get up, get up, get up. Come on, a little higher, a little
higher. Trying to do the highest you can jump. Four, three, two, one, relax.
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9 thoughts on “Volleyball Jump Training | Technique and Safety | Leg Strength | Part 4”

  1. i wish my volleyball coach was as strict as this so i can get more strength because i am the best well at least tons of people tell me i am but still my team gives up real easily i try to comfort my team saying WE CAN DO THIS! they don't let me down but i feel like i let them down 🙁 but in the future you will see me becoming famous because i am great at volleyball!! well at least for my age!!

  2. Volleyball play is a very interesting and enjoyable play. But Jump is very important part for this play. Jump Training and Technique has in details in this video.

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