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Volleyball Tip of the Week #2

Volleyball Tip of the Week #2

[Music] hi guys with the jump ball training tip of the week today again but this time in reception and so we’ll see what fun of the state that it is to move to the ball with your hands together like so Ben is moving to the ball when his pants together okay which keeps it from being fast efficient and his movement to the ball so instead of that in the Taliban keep his hands in front of him with palm facing up she’s ready to play the ball anytime together okay at the end of the movement just before he hits the ball now do the soap is gonna be ready to play ball with his pants as well so if the ball comes a little higher that ball has to walk in the hip extensors ready ready to play ball more efficient and faster the ball so make sure you and separate them when you move much more efficient and fast there’s another skill you would like us to talk about let us know in the comments below or by visiting our Facebook page at slash Johnson bomb once there make sure to enter our contest to win a free clinic for your team with a former professional player and fast you have until Sunday to participate now see you next week come on helpful volleyball tips [Music]

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  1. nice tip but when demonstrating the second pass i would've said the technique was worse than the first as the guy has his inside leg in front so his body position is facing away from the target whereas the first one he's more square or with his outside leg in front so his body is facing towards 2

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