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Wasserstoffgehalt Testung durch Titration – AquaVolta® Wasserstoff Booster

Wasserstoffgehalt Testung durch Titration – AquaVolta® Wasserstoff Booster

So we have 60 minutes with this “designed” water. Below it is quite full now. There is quite a bit of pressure here. I’m first going to try it. Like butter! Test on molecular dissolved hydrogen by titration Test on the content of molecular hydrogen done with the H2 Blue® Kit Is done immediately after production. Therefor you carefully fill a measuring cup with 6mm of test water and add a drop of the blue test liquid. each drop that discolour means 0,01 ppm (=100 ppb). 0,01 ppm (=100 ppb) dissolved hydrogen gas. When a drop doesn’t discolour by itself, you can gently stir it. If the liquid still does not discolour, then the last drop in the water does not count Water under normal air pressure can contain up to 1,6 ppm hydrogen gas (full saturation). With the AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster you can also produce an oversaturated water with over 6 ppm. Yet this falls within a few minutes back to the full saturation when the water probe comes into contact with normal atmospheric pressure. Whoever wants a lot of hydrogen has to drink quickly. So, these we still have. So this is what we have here now.

3 thoughts on “Wasserstoffgehalt Testung durch Titration – AquaVolta® Wasserstoff Booster”

  1. Lieber Yasin danke fur die Videos…wie schnell (ungefahr) dauert es bis das ubersattigte Wasser von 6ppm wieder auf die nomale Vollsatigung zuruck fallt? Herr Asenbaum scheint da sechs Minuten lang herum zu ruhren und das Wasser ist immer noch 5,4ppm

  2. Hallo, ich habe eine AquaVolta® Wasserstoff Booster gekauft und meine frage ist wie viele Minuten brauch man um die halb Liter Flaschen auf 6ppm zu kriegen? Bin biss jetzt Sehr zu Frieden mit der Produkt.

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