100 thoughts on “Watch: Officials discuss crash that killed basketball player Kobe Bryant”

  1. I was never a basketball fan but this is a loss that ranks with comparison to Thurman Munson. Maybe worse. Im glad he had a full career but his kids are going to be without a father. That's the greatest tragedy.

  2. Knowing little about Basketball, I was nonetheless a Kobe Bryant fan. We the public can only (attempt) to imagine what his family is going through. I had planned on skipping the (beer) today, but now…f**k it❗ 🗿😢🥀

  3. You just know that they were still conscience after the crash and burned alive in the fire. Can you imagine hearing each other scream as you burn to death?

  4. Our 17yo son is a die-hard Kobe & Laker fan. We were @dinner expressing devastation. My son's eye's were red &he never cries! I'm so hurt&sorry 4him, his dgt &the others!😔Prayers 4the families.

  5. R.I.P. all Victims… Praying for Comfort and Understanding in this time of need for the Entire Families,Friends and Many Fans!!🙏🏽🙏📿

  6. I'm from India…and have been following Kobe and his legacy for only last 6-7 years and it felt like losing someone near to you. Apart from being a legend he was one of the nicest dude and was a pure gent. It's so terrible to hear that. Hopes prayers and condolences to his family during this moment of sorrow and pain.

  7. Thé sport world and fans all over the world lost a great man. There’s only one Kobe Bryant only☝🏾.

    Rest in paradise Kobe and to all the passengers in that horrific accident

  8. I feel like I just woke up into the Twilight Zones. This makes feel like I am hearing Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and so many that have been apart of our lives it feels like I have a family member. Prayers to his family. They have lost a father and a daughter. It just breaks my heart. Rest in peace

  9. 🙀💥🚁🔥🔥ohhh no / no more Kobe Bryant ! / 😂😂LoL 🤷🏻‍♂️oh well tomorrow is another day

  10. So sad…
    Makes you wonder that person that made falls accusations towards this man back in the day is fully satisfied now.

  11. Rip to a legend Kobe Bryant the black mamba and his princess baby mamba my prayers go out to his family and friends

  12. Rest in Peace, Kobe Bryant. Thank you for being an example of a great American. May God Bless You and Your Family, and May Jesus Christ have mercy on your soul and receive you and your daughter in Heaven.

  13. I feel like crying. My sincerest prayers go out to Kobe's family and the entire basketball world, which was also Kobe's family. My heart is heavy with the news of Kobe Bryant. Prayers go out to his family right now through this unthinkable

  14. God bless all onboard, their families all known and unknown, and those around them, in Jesus Christ I pray… And I'm SOOO sorry amd saddened to hear this lose of people. May they be kept safe for an incredible future with the Lord, amen. 🙁

  15. "Except those days be shorten, no flesh shall be saved. But for the Elect's sake, those days shall be shorten", Christ

  16. I'm here to tell you that God is real, Jesus Christ is his son and they love you with a love that cannot be weighed, or measured ❤ No matter what you are facing: But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you  —Mathew 6:33
    I can personally testify to the fact that NOTHING is impossible with God, through Jesus Christ,  and he has preformed many, many miracles for me in my life… Things that "man" said were impossible, he made possible…. Ask him to come into your heart today and make himself known to you and he will!

  17. Obviously sad for kobe and his daughter, there were others on the helicopter to. They dont deserve to be a footnote to there own death. Rip to all onboard and families.

  18. The world is so vaine
    The importance of life isn't the issue ..the importance of God isn't the issue ..Its drama ,that's the issue ..
    This man passed away young had a blessed life
    And the media is all about the story not man ..Its horrible what we are living in a world of No compassion ..lies greed ,hatred murder is all accepted in our Gov
    If we do not change drastically..We will with a guarantee see with pur own eyes the wrath of God ..
    We pass away we sleep
    Its Gods call on eternal life ,We should be having that as pur focus not how man says we should live ,
    God be with his family in this time of need the grief they will suffer may you rest your love on their heavy hearts ❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏❤❤🙏🙏❤❤🙏🙏

  19. Stop cloudseeding in America
    Stop cloudseeding in the world
    The air travel mechanical equipment have not be properly studied in the cloudseeding procsess,
    The united states President has no choice but to make it very clear to the airforce
    To stop
    This is the 3rd 4th aircraft that's went down for no good reason…. But we kniw 1 thing for sure
    Cloudseeding is always being preformed during before after these fatalities crashes

  20. Lift all gag orders
    The meteorologist know the cloudseeding exist
    The president needs to demand the gag orders lifted ..The public needs the truth told before you an your family take an aircraft on your next Trip….. We need to know why they crash ..not how

  21. January,26,2020
    Dear Kobe

    My name is David I am 31 years old and a father of a beautiful daughter. I am writing this letter today because I never got a chance to meet you. And I know you won’t be able to read it but others will. And I hope in some way it might help them with their pain. I also hope in some way you are able to hear this. I need to tell you how much you have impacted my life, and the world through my eyes. My father was a huge Laker fan. Growing up with him during basketball ball season I could either watch the games or not see him. My father was a special soul with a huge heart. He passed away Sept 22 1999 after losing his battle with cancer for 2 years I was 11. He had such excitement for you Kobe. He knew you were going to be great he believed in you and knew you were going to be one of the all time greats. He did not live to see any of the championships you won at least not on this earth. It is tough being a kid and growing up without a dad. And you are always looking for father figures. And you Kobe were one of mine!!! Your work ethics, with your desire to be better then what u were yesterday. The way you have given back of the community. The amazing dad, husband, team mate, and role model you were. I met Lamar Odom and hung out with him for a couple nights. He shared some stories of u. How hard u were on every one. But also how inspiring u were to everyone and how u could demand better than what they thought their best was. But you were always the hardest on yourself. You were the best in basket ball but u were the hardest worker in basket ball too. You Kobe always inspired me to be a better version of myself every day. And work just a little harder every day. I am like a son you never knew u had. I am sure I am not alone in feeling that way. There many, many others I’m sure felt the same way. And as devastated as I am right now. I think about what you would want me to do. I will celebrate your life and your accomplishments. I will take the lessons you taught me and teach the world. To showed the world and keep the world going moving forward in a positive direction I will continue to coach my kids my teams my employees and myself to be a better version of ourselves and put in the work. I wish so bad I could have told you all these thing in person. You Kobe change my life for the better. You taught me not to be a victim of the situation. Not to feel sorry for myself not to ever give up. U helped teach me how to be strong. You always wanted your number called when the game was in the line. I am sure that was the same for u in your personal life. I strive to be that. Your family your friends your fans kids of today and kids of tomorrow can call my number. And I will be there like u would have been. Right now as upset as I am about your loss the pain of those closest to you is what my heart hurts the most for. Knowing what’s it’s like to have a mother who lost her husband know what it’s like to a child lose their father and mother losing her son. I want with all my heart to be there for them. Like u were there for me throughout my life. Anyone going through this tuff time needs any help guides love motivations I am here u can call my number. And let’s keep Kobe alive in a hearts and let everything that he has done continue to inspire us. Let’s dare to strive for perfection as he did. Because we have the amazing ability to do so at whatever we are trying to accomplish. Today we lost a legend on and off the basket ball Court. I would leave u all with this. Respond to your number being called and step up in life as an athlete husband wife son daughter boss employee etc and raise the occasion. To push yourself just enough to be better that what u were yesterday. We all can have that mamba instinct. When they call your number, when u are needed, whoever it is whenever it is. Mamba up!!!! Love you Kobe with all my heart!!!!
    Thank you Kobe from the bottom of my heart
    U will live through me and countless others and everyone’s life I touch and they touch till we die.

    Thank u Kobe
    I can’t believe you’re gone
    A spirit and souls that so strong
    You can’t help but to be inspired
    By the way u carried on
    Through the ups and the downs
    The fame the fortune and all the crowns
    The twist and turns in life
    How in the dark it’s hard to see the light
    Thank u Kobe for being the light
    Thank u Kobe for showing the might
    Thank u Kobe for giving me sight
    Thank u Kobe for forever changing my life
    Thank u Kobe for all that you’ve done
    Thank u Kobe for helping me carry on
    Thank u Kobe from far, far above
    Thank u Kobe from an unknown son
    Thank u Kobe for having integrity
    Thank u Kobe for giving me the energy
    Thank u Kobe for being the synergy
    Thank u Kobe for fighting my mental enemies
    Thank u Kobe for all the inspiration
    Thank u Kobe for showing me dedication
    Thank u Kobe for this literation
    Of me trying to describe something so complicated
    Thank u mamba for showing me the passion
    Thank u mamba for showing me compassion
    Thank u mamba for helping my life gain tractions
    Thank mamba for your real life not just the attractions
    Thank mamba for your never ending desire to win
    Thank mamba for showing me a wining is not a sin
    Thank mamba since I was a kid
    Thank u mamba I will think of u in the wind
    Thank u mamba because u impacted my live
    Thank u Kobe I don’t want to stop writing
    Thank u Kobe I don’t want people to think I will stop the fighting
    Thank u Kobe for your legacy I will help carry on
    Thank u Kobe for helping me go on.
    Thank u Kobe for showing me how to be strong
    Thank u Kobe I could go on and on
    But I won’t instead anyone reading this
    Call my number it’s on
    To walk the walk and not talk the talk
    And show the world what’s up
    When my number is called
    Let’s show them how we mamba up
    Thank you Kobe for all that I am
    With all my accomplishments
    Finding life successes I will always whisper thank you Thank you Kobe under my breather
    Writing this letter with tears falling from my face
    I don’t feel bad for me but your loved once I wish I could embrace.
    To be there for them as you were there for me
    loving my daughter as you loved Gigi.
    If you see my dad please tell him hello
    Tell him all the things he missed down below
    Give him a high 5 smile and laugh
    And look down at your loved ones
    And enjoy the life they have left.
    Until our souls are all united
    And live forever, forever enlighten.
    Thank you Kobe I could say it a billon times.
    For me and you Gigi and my dad
    I promise I will live my best life.
    Thank you Kobe number 24
    My hero my father figure my hero and more
    Thank you Kobe with all of my heart
    Thank you thank you thank # 24

    With all the love a human can have

  22. Koooobeeeeeeee, i can seeeee you now dunking in Jesus face and flying right through those white clouds. It's glooooooooorrrriiioooouus! Blueeeeeeee you're my booooooooyyyy! I love you Blue.

  23. People loose love ones unexpectedly everyday…..so many are going thru this shock and loss right now….bit it seems to be so magnified the sense of our inability to really control our destiny when we hear of the rich and famous falling prey to the same forces of life that everyday people experience. These times remind us of how small we all really are in the universe of life.

  24. Friday, Jan. 24, From Australia, Novak DJokovic, Tennis Player, Praised KOBE for being a MENTOR to him, Encouraging
    him when DJokovic was injured & couldn't play – there was So Much Love & Admiration in Novak DJokovic's voice for
    KOBE, he spoke from his Heart about his Friend, KOBE. PEACE, LOVE & BLESSINGS

  25. "Bryant has been fighting the pharmaceutical company Hi-Tech
    Pharmaceuticals for years. Hi-Tech has been attempting to trademark
    “Black Mamba HYPERRUSH.” Bryant is fighting them being able to trademark
    it, accusing them of ripping off his famous nickname." RIP

  26. "Bryant has been fighting the pharmaceutical company Hi-Tech
    Pharmaceuticals for years. Hi-Tech has been attempting to trademark
    “Black Mamba HYPERRUSH.” Bryant is fighting them being able to trademark
    it, accusing them of ripping off his famous nickname." RIP

  27. Witness said the copter engine was struggling before it crashed. So it doesn't sound like a fog shrouded mountain was a factor.

  28. All I can think of is how Gigi and Kobe felt as they plummeted to their death, and how Kobe was staying strong and comforting his daughter as they went down. Such a horrific tragedy.

  29. So very sad. Condolences to the familes of all those who perished. My heart weeps at this loss. This is so hard to accept. So hard.

  30. A sad condolence to each of the families of the nine souls lost today, many, many will be affected by their deaths. May the Lord give y’all strength to cope with this tragedy.

  31. When you listen to the radar air traffic controllers, they sound confused and poorly trained. At one point Kobe's chipper had to hold in the air for almost 20 minutes before continuing on.

  32. This has truly been a sad day for everyone. The tragic horror of this loss of a great person that has been an inspiration for a lot of us, especially growing up and watching him create such an epic legacy has been difficult. My whole heart and condolences goes out to all the families of everyone that was on board that helicopter.

  33. I Feel So Disrespected When News Reporters Refer To Kobe As Just One Of The Best NBA Players, He’s More Than That, He’s An Inspiration, A Legends, A Hero, May U Rest In Pace Kobe 💔💔

  34. I hope there is an investigation The helicopter in this accident was extremely high tech /military grade .
    It has ‘see in the dark’ technology : fog is certainly not a problem.
    Yhis is not the 1960s
    -this helicopter should not
    have crashed .
    Something smells fishy.
    Yes! it could have been pilot error perhaps the equipment I am referring to wasn’t turned on perhaps it malfunction

  35. It should have been some one else. It's always the good people taken away from us in these tragedies. May they now be in God's graces.

  36. In a Blink of an Eye | Brotherhood of Sincerity Member | R.I.P Kobe Bryant

    "Nothing is free in this planet.
    You have is yourself to love, hate, care, and comfort. You must have relationships with our higher selves. Your life is precious and fragile. In a blink of an eye all, you can lose it all……."

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