100 thoughts on “We Trained Like Superhero Stunt Performers”

  1. ZACK AND KEITH WERE IN IT!!!! I’m FANGIRLING!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I love how Keith and Zack were so calm when being kidnapped!!

  2. In 13:49
    When Kelsey notice she used 2 bottles and smashed it on someone’s head
    She was shocked

  3. 1:58 iS THAT A NIGHTWING SHIRT I SEE??? Screeches but like don’t take me the wrong way more of a Red Hood gal but, still, BatFam

  4. The girl with the bad back scared me because it could mean something really bad but I think she’s good! Thank god!

  5. Is it just me or especially at 13:22 they kind of acted like blossom, buttercup, and bubbles f I’m the powerpuff girls?

  6. when I was in martial arts training we used to do these "free falls" as we called them where we basically did a frontflip still in the air and landed on our backs. The matresses were 2-3 inches thick

  7. Me: ** accidentally turns volume up and using headphones while Kieth and Zach scream. **

    Volume: I will make your ears bleed.

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