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We Tried CrossFit For 2 Months – The Test Friends

We Tried CrossFit For 2 Months – The Test Friends

– Get higher! – You can tell
he hasn’t been going because this is just pathetic. – I don’t know what to
expect from Crossfit at all. I don’t know much about it. – I feel like everything
I know about Crossfit is just things that I’ve heard from other people or in the movies. – I’ve taken one Crossfit class before and it was a really hard work out. Hard enough that I thought
I would never return. – I imagine it’s gonna be
someone towering over me, telling me very loudly that
I’m not trying hard enough, because I probably won’t be. – The energy of everyone
working out together I’m sure helps but I’m not
a very competitive person when it comes to this sort of thing. – [Rocco] That kind of like
camaraderie really puts me off. – At the end of the day,
my goal is to remain alive. This might not be my cup of tea, but we’ll find out. The first day was brutal, it
looked like a gym for Robocops. – It’s like really hot in there, I’ve never sweat so much,
like, I’ve done hot yoga and I feel like I’ve never
been that disgusting before. – One of the interesting
things about Crossfit is that everyday is a different work out, which is why it’s called
the work out of the day. You know that it’s gonna
be Olympic weightlifting combined with high-intensity
interval training and that you’re gonna be dead. – So, at minute one we’re
gonna start with 15 Wall Balls. If you finish your Wall Balls, you have the rest of the minute to rest. When the second minute turns,
you start your pull-ups. You finish those up, have the
rest of the minute to rest. We’ll basically follow that
pattern for 20 minutes. – We did a bunch of Wall Balls, it was like cruel and unusual punishment. – So a Wall Ball’s this
thing where you just pick up a big, heavy-ass ball, and
you throw it at a wall, over and over, like Sisyphus. If anyone ever says, “Hey,
you wanna do some Wall Balls?” Just be like, “Nah, (beep) off.” – The delirium’s setting in. There you go, you got it. (shouts of encouragement) Drink lots of water, if
you get coconut water, get some electrolytes in you. – [Shane] You’re my hero, Rocco. You’re my inspiration. – I feel like I only sweat
like that in a sauna. – It was about what I expected, which is pretty rough. – I just left, like,
“I don’t know if I can ever go back and do this again.” I wanna die. And I had two more months of it. So. – I mean, I don’t smell like myself, I smell like many people’s sweat combined. – Waking up for class was probably the hardest part about it. In about 20 to 30 minutes, I’m gonna be in a very hot room, yelling and sweating. You know, you get real
tired of waking up early, but afterward, look, I’m ready to work! I could swallow the world whole right now! – So, I’d go to Crossfit from 7 to 8, and then I’d have from 8 to 9 to like rush home, get ready, and come in to work. And so, I always looked like a bag of ass, coming in to work. I hurt so bad. – All right, well this
is our mid-way point. – I don’t feel that different, I feel like the work
outs have gotten easier and then more difficult
and then easier again. It’s just so varied that
it doesn’t feel like something you can ever prepare for. – It’s been a good
jumpstart to working out and after this, I can’t complain about any workouts that I ever do. – All right, well,
here’s to another month. Cheers. – I don’t know, like a month in, I couldn’t go on a Monday, and
so I made it up on Tuesday. And Shane wasn’t there. – I saw Maycie’s name
and time on the board, because she was going to
class right before me, but I never saw Shane’s name. I suspected that maybe he
was going on a different day. – Sometimes, your
schedule’s a little crazy. – [Maycie] And then I went
Wednesday, Shane wasn’t there. – [Shane] Yeah, I started
really, really slipping. – [Maycie] And I was
like, “When is he going?” – I just straight-up
lied to Maycie’s face. – But she got more sleuthy than I did. – Today I’m going to the Tuesday class. I’m gonna ask the trainer,
Ethan, if he’s been coming. – For a while, I got away with it. – Last time he’s been in is
8/21 on Friday at seven a.m. – What? Oh my god, he’s in so much trouble! So we decided we needed to punish him. – We’re here to shame Shane. That’s the name of the work out today. – So we had the two trainers
surprise him at his desk. Hey Shane, we have some visitors for you. – I saw the two Crossfit
instructors walk in, that’s not a thing you wanna see. It was like waking up and
seeing a vampire in your room. Yeah. – We figured that it’d be fair to kinda bring the work out to you. – [Shane] Sure. – So we’re gonna do a
set amount of Burpees and Wall Balls per day that we’ve missed. – OK, all right. I just gleefully accepted,
because here’s the thing, they thought it was a
punishment, but to me, I was like, “Great, I’ve
skipped numerous classes.” I don’t know if the little
cheerleader outfit was necessary. – He’s going to be doing eleven rounds of ten Wall Balls and then ten Burpees. – Shane, make your way to the wall. I didn’t mean lean against it! – [Rocco] You know,
watching that punishment was somewhat satisfying, because it was in the
middle of the work day. (laughing) – Yeah, it was funny. – It was one of the low points of my life, but once again, entirely worth it. That was a lot of fun. I wish I did this every afternoon. – You met the challenge head on, however long it took
him, with good spirits, and that’s really what it’s all about. – For our last class, we
invited some of our coworkers, two of whom are like
really big Crossfitters. And then Ryan, just because,
you know, look at him. – Let’s go, let’s do it. – [Rocco] That was the
most brutal work out that we had to do, and I think that that
was a great end note, because the three of us felt totally sick. – [Maycie] It was mostly cool to see Ryan struggle through it. – He looked like he was gonna
throw up a couple times. – I’m sweating vodka. – To be fair, I also almost threw up. – And then obviously Kate and Jordan kicked all of our asses, because somehow, they actually love Crossfit. – I’m not cut out for Crossfit. – [Shane] Yeah, you are. – I think Crossfit is good for anyone at any skill level, to
push themselves past what they think their capabilities are. – [Maycie] It was cool
to like challenge myself and see that I was stronger
than I thought I was. – I could see how it
appeals to a lot of people. There’s like a great group mentality. – [Maycie] The instructors,
like Ethan and Mike, were awesome and super supportive. So I can definitely see how people form their Crossfit gym into this community. – Crossfit is fun too,
like I’m not a person who’s into team sports at all, I don’t really like high
fives or round of applause, but there was something nice about feeling accomplished and
having someone near you confirm that you, that you
lived through that work out. – [Mike] Yeah, Rocco! – [Shane] You know, it
was nice dipping my toe in the water for a little while. It was a good dip. – Never gonna do it again.

100 thoughts on “We Tried CrossFit For 2 Months – The Test Friends”

  1. because crossfit is a fad for women…. bodybuilding is for men because they have higher hormone and testosterone , so if youre a male and under your height vs muscle mass vs bf, you probably do cross fit and hence…. not up to alpha par

  2. Crossfit is amazing for stamina and strength. You cant walk into a gym and expect Jimmy to pop out a fran wod, just like you don't expect a crossfitter to deadlift 700 pounds for a double. It's just different. As long as you feel healthy and aren't injuring yourself then you're doing it right. Train smart

  3. Shane in a cheerleader outfit being publically shamed is my kink. I loved that he was publically confronted in the office.
    Also I am disappointed we didn't get a groaning Ryan on this.

  4. Its funny reading the comments from the BB cult members trashing CF. Most of the useless muscle heads and juice junkies are chasing there body dysmorphia. Keep slamming your protein powder and carbs. Enjoy your arthritis

  5. Nice video but in the end the chick was a bit in denial she just said “never gonna do again”. Well America’s got the biggest obesity population On earth, só for her to smile and say never gonna do again, it’s a pitty. Considering that she already looks a bit overweight, if she isn’t gonna do again, what’s is she gonna do? Full her mouth of candies and couch potato? Gross.

  6. "Wallball's this thing where you just pick up a heavy ball and throw it at a wall over and over again. Like Sisyphas" best quote I've heard in a while

  7. Oh Shane, 5:20 so sexy… I love his personality, I love his appearance, my most real crush in the entire internet world… 🙂

  8. Is awesome that you tried it. I hope that you keep doing it and enjoy it 🏋🏽‍♂️🤙🏽… Is an awesome community 🤗

  9. I do hiit training 5-6 times a week. Really similar to CrossFit, without too heavy weights.
    Most new guys that try a class out can’t keep up with me 😂

  10. I love crossfit and I'm 11 you get to build strength and get a family I also do Olympic weightlifting and it's awesome so quit complaining u sissy bitches. Thx

  11. i was looking for that fitness test where they had different types of athletes take a standardized fitness exam and the crissfitters came last in every category

  12. When is making a man dress like a woman to shame him going to stop being a thing? Being like a woman is not shameful.

  13. I do a lot of crossfit because i don't have very much time and it's easy to jam a bunch of different workouts into one session

  14. I wonder if they made it hot in the gym on purpose. If so I'd like to know what the purpose is. As far as I understand the only thing heat will do is dehydrate you by making you sweat more.

  15. It feels like YouTube is stalking me hahah ive been saying I wanted to start crossfit for the past 2 weeks, and now everywhere I see crossfit videos hahaha this looks hard af to do..

  16. I think that’s why I’m scared to join a crossfit gym because everyone has like formed their own groups and I’m like eeeeehhhhh hi? And then like instructors are probably like “Let’s give insert name here a nice warm welcome!” Then it’s like crickets

  17. When they started talking about Shane, it gave me a feeling as if Shane was murdered and went missing.

  18. Hey, better than being a couch potato but I prefer to work in my veggie garden. Shovel woodchips, squat to plant, walk, etc and at the end …… you pick your food! Tasty, fresh (real fresh no Subway fresh), not polluted, heirloom seeds! Great nourishment! …. if you still have energy then go cross fit haha

  19. Shane’s head looks bigger in this video than the other Unsolved Videos… Oh, wait. This is a Test Friends video??? What is that? Season 6 of Buzzfeed: Unsolved True Crime??? Lol jk!

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