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Wedgie Machine Challenge

Wedgie Machine Challenge

Today we experience the ultimate wedgie. – Let’s talk about that. (fun theme music) (fire blazing) Good Mythical Morning! – If you didn’t know, we have
launched a brand new YouTube channel called This Is Mythical. Lots of stuff goin’ on over
there including our podcast Ear Biscuits, Mike and Alex
have a show, we’ve got crew videos, food videos, all
kinds of videos that we think you’re gonna like. – Mhm. So go over there right now
and subscribe because the premiere episode of Ear
Biscuits, now in video form, – Woohoo!
– Comes out on Monday. That is – Do it. – Okay, now when we were in
high school Link was the victim of a few wedgie attacks. One in particular in which
his underwear was completely pulled over his head.
– Yeah. – And I didn’t intervene
because I wasn’t there. – If you were would you have? – No. – Okay, whatever. But I was recently reflecting.
– Yes I would. I would have, I would have
stepped in and thrown an elbow. A sharp elbow. – When my underwear grew over my back and then over my head – Yes.
– It was a soccer initiation thing.
– Right. – Hazing, I don’t condone it. – Yeah. It’s illegal now. – In reflecting on it I was like, you know what? I grew as a person because of that. And even more importantly, it
would make a great episode of Good Mythical Morning. – Yes it would. – So it’s time to play ♫ Underwear oh wear ♫ Can my ♫ Undies be ♫ Attached to a scary ♫ Wedgie machine – Alright, in this game
of Wedgie Man, it’s a lot like Hang Man. There is a word slash phrase
up here and Link and I have no idea what it is. – Yeah. – We each get a turn of guessing a letter. If the letter is not up there,
then the wedgie-cutioner – Will
– Oh. – Turn this crank. I don’t know who these guys are. We just brought ’em in from the street. They had underwear on their heads. – Right. You’ll be perfect for this. – And every guess if you decide
you’re gonna guess the whole thing, if you get that
wrong you also get a crank. – And when you get it right,
the other person, you win and the other person gets cranked. – Gets a crank, yeah. – Then we move on to the next ’til somebody’s totally cranked! – Yes. (rock music)
(creaking) – Okay, Rhett. Would you like to go first, you’re taller. – (laughing) Hey. That worked again. (laughs) I’d like to buy an S. Do I buy them?
– You buy vowels in a show that’s not this one. – You don’t have to buy anything. I’m just going to give it to you. – Okay, I guess S. (bell dings) – Look at that. Only one? – Only one. – You’re kidding. – Okay, I’ll take a T. (bell dings) T. T something S. Another T, yeah. – Wait, I’m not done. – Wow. Link with the big guess, the big guesser. What? (pleasurable music) – Okay, now. – Do I get to go again? – Nope. – E. (bell dings) – Test. – What? What? No cranks yet, man. We’ve watched a lot of Wheel of Fortune. – I’ll take an A. (bell dings)
Yeah. Lots a letters, no crankin’. ♫ Want to not get a wedgie today – R. (bell dings) – Test, somethin’ somethin’ R. I’d like to solve the puzzle. – Oh, I know what it is now! – Link. – Testicular vertitrae. (buzzes) (laughs) – Crank him! (menacing music)
(clanking) – Okay. Alright, it’s starting to move but. – You know what it is? – Either guess or do the letter? – Correct. – Testicular fortitude. – Correct.
(bell rings) – (laughing) Yes! – A crank for Link. – Yeah! Crank it up, son! – I’m starting to feel a little tension in the nether region. – Testicular fortitude
is you’re going to need. (rock music)
(creaking) – Alright. Rhett you are the winner of
that round but who will win this round, Link? – Me, thank you, yes. Me. – You can go first. (laughs)
– Four words I’m gonna guess an R. (bell dings) – [Stevie] One R. – Hm, goin’ light on the R’s. – T. (bell dings) Oh. – O. (bell dings) – What? A. (bell dings) (pleasurable music) (crew chuckles) – H. – Oh, no H. – (laughing) Ha!
– Ah! (menacing music)
(clanking) There it is. – You gettin’ some tension over there? – Just, yeah. I’m gettin’ some tension. – N. – No N. – Oh!
– Crank him. (menacing music)
– Oh, hey, hey. Oh. I can tell where that’s goin’. – Look at that ART.
– Yeah. – L. (bell dings) (pleasurable music) – [Stevie] That was a good one, Link. – Oh! (laughs) Dude, I mean, I gotta do this. – Oh, gosh. – I gotta do it. – Dang it! – Paul Blart Mall Cop. (bell rings)
(crew laughs) – Crank him! That’s the interesting thing
about the way were playing. It’s not like Wheel of Fortune
where you guess the letter, you ask it by guessing a great
letter, you throw it back to the other guy. I mean.
– Yeah. – I mean, we made the rules. (rock music)
(creaking) – Alright, I think you guys
are doing a little bit too well at this game.
– Yeah. – So we’re gonna make things
a little bit more difficult. – Uh-oh.
– And by difficult I mean in the nether regions, in the behind. We’re gonna double crank this. – Double crank? – So every letter you miss.
– So you can catch up! – We’re double cranking. – Okay, alright. – Rhett to you. – T. – No T. (yells) No!
– Double crank! (yells) Oh, no, no! No! Wedgie-cutioner, be easy on me. – I think we’re even now in terms of cranks.
– Yeah. I just caught up. – A. (bell dings) – First one, A. – R. (bell dings) – S. – There are no S’s. (buzzes) (groans)
(laughs) (menacing music)
(clanks) – There it goes. (laughs) How you feelin’?
(yells) – It’s startin’ to
– Wedge? – Traverse into the crack. – Yeah, that’s the idea. Okay, I’m gonna go with E. (bell dings) – [Link] Ooo. – Oh. – I can’t concentrate ’cause
of the tension in my crackage. C. (bell dings) Yeah. – What? K? (bell dings) – You were thinking there was a… Oh, there is. (laughs) – What is this?
– But I have no idea what. (grumbles) (laughs) – Come on, I gotta be able to get this. I gotta give him the cranks. (laughs) Do you know it? – I know the second word. – I know the second word I think. But I don’t know the first word. (grunts) I’m gonna use some strategy here. – Okay. – V. – (laughing) No. (laughs)
(buzzes) – Strategy. – What is? – I don’t… (screams) – How’s that strategy feelin’? (crew laughs) What kind of strategy was that, man? – You said you didn’t know
the first word, I wasn’t gonna give you something to help you. – Oh, I’m gonna go with a N? – Mhm. (bell dings) – Give me an N up here, please. Shoot. (laughs) – How ’bout a V, Link? (laughs) – So you didn’t help me on
the first word either is what I’m sayin’. – Yeah, right. – I’m gonna take a wedge. – Oh, come on, man. – I can’t guess. – You can guess this
letter and see what it is. – I don’t wanna give you that letter. If it’s in both of them.
– You may not. You may not, man. – O. (bell dings) Okay, good. (crew laughs) – Apple knocker? – Yes! (bell rings)
(laughs) – Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t crank yet! Do not crank yet! What the crap is an apple knocker? – I don’t know what an apple knocker is. – Makin’ up a freakin’ word. – It’s someone who gets… – [Kevin] It’s someone who picks apples. – Yeah. (laughs) – An apple knocker.
– Its’ someone who gets wedged up some more! Crank that apple knocker up! – I need a number! I need to see that on
Wikipedia or something. (yells) – Let’s see it, Link, let’s see it. What have we got goin’ on? – [Crew] Oh! – Oh, yeah. (laughs) – You wore a big pair today. (laughs) You wore a big pair today. (rock music)
(creaking) – Okay, guys. Link how are you doing?
– Not good, let’s play the game. – (laughing) Okay. Go ‘head. – E!
– Apple knocker. – E! (laughs)
(bell dings) Shut up, apple knocker. I’m on my tippie toes here. – Oh, okay. Well, that was a good guess, Link. R. – No.
(buzzes) – Oh, come on! – Crank him! (menacing music)
(clanks) – Long, slow crank. That’s one crank. – That was two cranks. It feels like two cranks.
– Alright. Sounded like one crank. It looks like one, two cranks. – Link? – M. (bell dings) – The second word is me. That’s my turn, okay. S. (bell dings) Hm, hm. Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm. Ooo! Oh! – J. (laughs) – What? – Oh, no, no, Link. (buzzes) (crew laughs) – Why you gonna guess a J, man? (yells) – [Stevie] Oh, no. – I’m ripping. – We’ve got rippage. Keep your head away from it, Link. – Yeah, I’m concerned. – Okay. Okay. That’s a wedgie. – Bring me back to my high school.
– That’s a wedgie. – Freshman year. (groans) – Oh, no. – N. – No, N.
(buzzes) – Yeah, crank him! Crank!
– Oh! Oh! Oh. Oh.
(crew laughs) Oh. Oh. – I’ll take a U. – Mm.
(bell dings) (groans) – U, that’s all? – That’s all. – B? – No. (buzzes)
(laughs) – Oh, god, oh. Oh, oh. Oh! (yells) – [Link] Crank it! – Whoa. There’s some rippage. – What you got? – I got a wedgie, man. (laughs) – I’mma go with an L. – No L.
(buzzes) (crew laughs) – Oh. Oh! (clanking)
(menacing music) (yells) – Okay. Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Support yourself. (crew laughs) – What’s happenin’ back there? – I’m gonna go with an A. – Mhm. (bell dings) – Oh yeah (laughs). Woo! (pleasurable music) (laughs) That’s a look of desperation, man. He’s like, (groans). – T! (bell dings) – [Stevie] Okay. – What? – Catch me outside, how ’bout dat? (bell rings)
(yells) Crank him! Crank him! Crank that fool! (laughs) Yeah! Crank him!
(groans) (menacing music)
(clanks) – Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, Link. (grunts) (yells) (clapping) – Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing! – You know what time it is! (groans) – Hi, I’m Jacob. – And I’m Catherine. – And we’re in Virginia. – [Both] And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Why don’t you wedge a bunch
of awesome new internet videos into your brain crack by going
and subscribing to our This Is Mythical YouTube channel. With new content starting next week. – And click through to Good
Mythical More where the loser, that’s me, gets a jelly donut wedgie. You’ll find out what that is. Click through. – Don’t Google That. Whatever you do, do not Google, Sea Turtle Mouth. Don’t do it. Click on the left to watch
our show after the show, Good Mythical More. – [Link] Click on the right
to watch another episode of Good Mythical Morning. – [Rhett] And click the circular
channel icon to subscribe. – [Link] Thanks for
being your mythical best.

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  3. Please help! Me and my friend can’t figure out who the “wedgiecutioners” is! We know the one on Rhett’s side is Chase but we can’t figure out the one on Link’s side.

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