[Weekly Idol EP.367] LABOUM HAEIN , dancing and volleyball

(Between Us- Laboum) (Their sexiness is slowly coming) (Dreamlike sexiness is too much) (Military officers, gather around) (Laboum is here!) (Oops) It got slower (Their look changed to the tempo) (It’s no problem for us) (Warming up is done) (Oh, please) (But they soon get used to the tempo) (For them it’s no problem) (But not for Haein) (The front line is doing its best
to cover up the incident) Good job (Warning- too sexy) I’m sure the viewers are excited (Because of these two) (Perfect harmony) (Wow, awesome) (1, 2, 1, 2) This is the original tempo (Dreamlike sexy never stops) Why this part? (Yujeong is in trouble) Yujeong Oh, Yujeong (These two are doing their best) Look at Haein’s eyes Yujeong (Look at Yujeong) She’ll have a cramp (Frozen) (Sexy) (Now these two are working hard) Good 2X faster (Busy) (They get used to the fast tempo) Good What’s going on? (Deja vu?) (Haha) Haein What? (Haein made mistakes 2 times) (The original tempo to keep them safe) (They came to themselves) (2X faster again) (Good job, Laboum) (Slap) It hurt me (We love you, girl) It hurt me Hold on What’s going on here? (Messy) Sorry (She’s pretending she’s fine) ZN, are you alright? (Sorry) Let’s go somewhere (Don’t get involve in scraps) They hurt me Look at my belly (She’s telling on) I thought they were volley ball players Spike! (Powerful spike) (Scary spike) (ZN, are you alright?)

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