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Welcome to Pandas Karate At Pandas Karate it’s your go to stop for fitness and martial art training. We’re a local business located right here in Derwood, MD. We always cater to the customer’s needs we really want to make sure that we touch every person’s life that comes
into here. Our programs do start at the age of two and a half oldest student is 67 years old so you’re
never too young to do martial arts. What’s really great is that not only do
you learn self-defense we cover topics such as bully defense, goal-setting and more it’s just that it’s a really great program that we have here. The first class that I have is a Pre-Karate class which is for ages 2 1/2 to 3. The next class I have is a Little Pandas class which is for ages 4 through 6 and the next age group I
have is for 7 through 12 which are called PK Warriors and then I also have a teen and adult classes for karate and also for fitness kickboxing. Our cardio kickboxing
class is a great train at your own pace type of workout not only do we kicks and
punches on these great heavy bags we have here but we do a full body workout
with abs, jump ropes, free weights and so it’s a really great class to try. The
biggest difference between us and other martial arts studios I definitely have
to say our facility at state of the art really want to adopt new sport methods
to make our students better athletes and better kids and teens and adults. If you’re
ever hesitant about trying out martial arts or if you want to make sure that
this is the right place for a child we offer a free private lesson whether it’s
our Pre-Karate program or the PK Warrior program or even our Kickboxing class. Give us a try and just let us know. We are Pandas Karate located right here in Derwood, MD.


  1. My son started at 4 years old with PK. The instructors are great and friendly which I think it is good for youth. My son loves to attend the class, and noticeable help his personality and focusing in school. The overall outcome is unexpected great! Now, he is 7 years old and still not give up for karate:)

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