What Happened To The TALLEST High School Basketball Player? Still Too SMALL For The NBA

I have spoke about the stickman, I meant slenderman,
I mean the tallest high school basketball player. But what happened to him and can he make the
NBA? What is up dudes, dudettes, ballers, players,
it’s ya boi MJ. Today I want to talk about What happened to
the Tallest high school basketball player, Robert Bobroczky and if he can make the NBA. Y’all loved the previous video on him and
it’s definitely been a while since Robert made any headlines so let me know if you think
he can make the NBA and if you saw my last video, do you think Robert is making progress? Alright, let’s get into it. In case you don’t know, Robert Bobroczky
is 7 foot 7. Let me repeat that, he’s 7 foot 7 at the
age of 17! He makes Porzingis look like, well, a normal
dude. But he disappeared for a couple months. Nothing had been heard about Robert for almost
a year. It’s pretty hard to lose track of a giant,
but somehow it happened. I even got dms from people who told me that
Robert might have quit playing basketball. Then all of a sudden, there were some news
articles released that had interviews with the high school stick man and he had resurfaced. Only, there wasn’t much change. He still looks straight up photoshopped. And unfortunately he still is the definition
of a stickman. But these cases got players that are more
muscular than Robert and are not stick figures so check out Athletic cases in the description
for some great designs and cases. Apparently the reports of him gaining 15 pounds
of weight weren’t accurate and he actually has put on 5 pounds of weight, eating 4,500
calories a day. He now weighs in at ,am I reading this correctly,
really? He now weighs in at 195 pounds. *Sigh. But recently, Robert Bobroczky finally starting
lifting free weights. Wait, you mean to tell me all this time, he
was just using resistance bands? Don’t get me wrong, you can get stronger
with those exercises, but Robert Bobroczky needs some milk, he needs some muscle mass
which free weights help to do better than any other type of training. He still is at SPIRE Institute in Ohio where
he should be getting elite training but it’s so hard to tell because his highlights for
this year are either non existent or super hard to find. From the interviews, Robert looks the same. He can shoot the midrange shot and extend
it further. He’s 7’ 7”. Apart from that, I don’t see much going
for him. He’s a nice guy, ready to work and has big
dreams and goals, but he’s only 195 pounds! if anyone was to even touch him, he would
break every part of his body. And as of right now he’s not playing in
games either to focus on gaining weight, but this progress, if that’s your main focus,
is disappointing. He’s as tall as the tallest player in NBA
history and yet he’s too small for the NBA. He’s too frail, too skinny. I’m still rooting for Robert to pull through,
to somehow make leaps in weight. His goal is to gain 1 pounds a month, but
that would barely get him above the 200 pounds mark and as a 17 and a half year old, that
doesn’t seem like it gonna cut it. Robert is the first to be this tall at such
a young age and play basketball. I think it’s fair to say that the trainers
and coaches may not know what programs to implement and are shooting shots in the dark. Just imagine this Robert in the NBA. I wouldn’t even give him 2 minutes. How is he supposed to box out any one. Even Isaiah Thomas could box Robert out! The tallest high school basketball player
has come back, but Robert Bobroczky is still too small for the NBA. But what do you think? Is Robert going to make the NBA? Will he gain more weight? Let me know in the comments down below. Drop a like if you liked this video and if
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