100 thoughts on “What if Your High School Mascot was a POTATO?”

  1. I use to love watching your videos because of the cute hairstyles. I subscribed, but I decided to unsubscribe because of your videos. You now record literally your entire life and its too much. I wish you could go back to what your channel was all about….HAIR! ???

  2. Is it just me or kamri and rylan are starting to look like Brooklyn and Bailey?

    No just me,okay?‍♀️

  3. Your videos are so awesome! They inspired me to start YouTube too. Please show some support on my page by subscribing and give me some feedback on how we are doing and maybe we can one day be like you.

  4. Last digit of the likes is who you are!
    1. Shaun
    2. Mindy
    3. Brooklyn
    4. Bailey
    5. Kamri
    7. Daxton
    8. Paisley
    9. Braidy
    0. Ash

  5. Mine was a Viking. Ready… Smith vocational and agricultural high school VIKINGS! ? long school name lol

  6. My high school mascot is an blackhawk though I am only going into 7th grade right now it is a cavalier

  7. I know the mascot for Delta State University in MS is the fighting okra!! I went there for a high school choir trip.

  8. My Mom went to Shelley High School too!! Actually I think Shawn and my Mom were Mr. and Mrs. Shelley High together!! You should ask him if he remembers Teresa Gemar!! Or Ryan Smith?!

  9. I’m a guy and I’m growing my hair out and I’m going to get my hair braided when it’s past my armpits

  10. Mine was a buccaneer, so basically a pirate. But my daughter’s mascot is a tree. Not any specific tree like the Stanford Cardinal, just a tree. They are the Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School Trees.

  11. Happy Birthday Mindy!!! I hope you had a greaat birthday with your family. I really hope you have much, much more birthdays to come and celebrate!!! iLysm

  12. Love u guys…… Have been watching u from years and bax is so smart…… U guys are rocking it……. Love uhhhh…. McKnight fam is rocking it……ur videos make my day…… Can u guys give me a shout out in ur video as my birthday is coming on 25 July plssssssssss and happy birthday Mindy I hope u had a blast ❤️❤️❤️??♥️♥️♥️

  13. would love to see more videos on the hair products your family uses (both in and out of the shower) along with how you curl your and the girls' hair! Much love

  14. I’m from shelley and I’m a russet go russets!!! I love shelley to?❤️❤️ nobody believes me either

  15. At 3:30 Baily looks like Billie Eillish! By the way I love your Gus's channel including kamri's channel and Brooklyn and bailey's!!!!

  16. My High School Mascot May be even weirder…. we’re the Rocky Mountain oysters! (Fried cow testicles prepared for eating) no joke!?

  17. I mean I always thought the Syracuse Orange was a weird mascot but I think you win…
    at my high school we didn’t have a mascot 🙁 we were called the Blue Streaks which was basically a blue lightning bolt but our school never had the physical mascot

  18. Im so glad I watched all the way through the end to hear the way he describes what it was like having the potato as a mascot ?

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