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What Is Basic Stunting Safety? | Cheerleading

What Is Basic Stunting Safety? | Cheerleading

Here are five basic stunting safety tips from
the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators. Tip one, follow safety progressions and take
your time. Make sure that your lead-up skills are solid
before you try harder skills. It’s like learning how to walk before you
try to run. Tip two, make sure that you are using spotters
that are trained in how to catch. Tip three, don’t settle for “Well, we got
it up there,” as success as a sign that you’re ready for harder stunts. Focus on using perfect technique every time. Tip four, practice safe landing techniques
before you perform a stunt, like bending and absorbing when you land and catch. Tip five, learn new skills on grass or mats,
but never rely on them as a way to be safe. Any fall can result in a serious injury if
you land the wrong way. For more information about cheerleading safety,
you can go to

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