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What Is Basic Stunting Technique? | Cheerleading

What Is Basic Stunting Technique? | Cheerleading

Here are six tips for basic stunting technique. Tip one. Safety first. Cheerleading skills including stunts, pyramids
and basket tosses should only be performed under the supervision of a qualified adult
and after following the proper skill progressions. This will help keep you safe and improve technique. Tip two. Bases should stand with feet hip width apart,
a tight core, shoulders up and their backs tall. Tip three. While in a stunt the top person should focus
on squeezing their core, keeping their legs straight, keeping their chest and head up,
and staying still. Tip four. After loading in, the back spot should be
aggressive in helping the bases lift the top person, and they should continue pulling up
on the ankles. Tip five. When performing a stunt in the extended position
bases and back spots should shrug through their shoulders while squeezing their cores. Our final tip, bases and back spots should
always look up at their top person and never at the crowd. These are the basic stunting technique tips.

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  1. Actually you should look at each other for the bases so you can know when the other person is ready so you can be on time with the other base

  2. the people on the bottom has to be nice and strong if they are not when the flyer is up in the air the people on the bottom might lose strength and the flyer might start shaking and fall and hit there head (BAD)

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