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What Is Competitive Cheerleading? | Cheerleading

What Is Competitive Cheerleading? | Cheerleading

Competitive cheerleading is when cheer squads
compete against each other at a competition. Cheerleading routines are normally two and
a half minutes long and include jumps, stunts, dance and tumbling. Cheerleading routines are judged by a panel
of experts based on difficulty and execution. Now, all cheerleading teams have the option
to compete but not all school cheerleading teams are competitive. School teams perform a routine with a cheer
in it that has poms, sidelines and megs to showcase their sideline skills. They also do an entertainment and music section. Winners of each division get a trophy and
bragging rights. On the other hand, all-star cheerleading,
which is not affiliated with a school, solely exists to compete. Their routines will not have a cheer in it
because, well, technically, they don’t cheer for anyone, so their routines are just entertainment
and music. Either way, competing as a cheerleader is
challenging, athletic and so much fun. If you want to know how to be a competitive
cheerleader, find out if your school has a competitive cheerleading squad or contact
a local all-star gym.

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