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What is the highest rank in Karate? – Fred Mergen

What is the highest rank in Karate? – Fred Mergen

What is the highest rank in karate? It all depends on what school you go to and
what system you’re training in. I know in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the highest rank is Red
belt and that is like the Grandmaster of their system. There’s a couple of them. In some system like Goju Ryu the Grandmaster
wears a blocked red and white belt, so it’s red and white blocks all the way around. In American Kenpo it’s a black belt with two,
five inch red blocks to represent 10th degree. Once you get your black belt it’s not the
end. Most people think once you get your black belt that’s the end of training…there is
still a whole lot more to learn. You basically become a white belt all over again when you
earn your black belt because there is so much to learn. Like I said it depends on the school, the
system, it all varies on what rank is the highest. In most systems it would be the Grandmastership
which is usually a 10th degree. Like I said there’s a whole bunch of different ranks you
can figure out with one is the highest just do some research.

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  1. Sir or Ma'am
    In the Japanese Martisl Arts the non Black Belt grades or Color Belts are called KYU(級). The Black Belt grades are called DAN(段). 10th Dan (十段or10段) is the highest rank in Goju Ryu Karate/剛柔流空手. Osu

  2. in my style Okinawan shorin ryu matsumura orthodox the highest rank is 10th Dan and its a solid red belt 1st Dan black 2nd Dan black with red stripe 3rd Dan black with 2 red stripes 4th Dan black with 3 red stripes you can be called a sensei at 4th Dan 5th and 6th Dan black and red checkered belt 7th and 8th Dan white and red checkered belt 9th and 10th Dan solid red belt by the time your 10th Dan you should be about 75 years old in my style

  3. I take Karate and the highest belt is Red and white.
    I am a yellow and black stripe belt. My Karate
    teacher's name is shihan Jacqueline Rice. She is a
    5th degree black belt. She can break 3 boards at
    one time. I think she could even break a brick

  4. This guys right for me the black even our grandmaster is still learning and he taught all our master that he has around 4 stripes but I don’t remember how many my master shut down our class I was almost red belt I was a second blue

  5. hello, ive noticed in your videos that you guys wear mma shorts with a tshirt and the belt. ive thought about doing this as i am near the beach and the temperature can get high here. how is this recieved by your students and parents?

  6. Im ranked 12th degree vegemite eater . I prefer to identify as a skidmark on beige cotton underpants . This is more informative than the video just watched . (sarcastic bloke , that doesnt start fights , but does finish them ) OUS !

  7. When you think you got it all, You start over. Your toughest belt test is when you start Teaching others and you start over every time. Salute yours.

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