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What our team loves about working at Ryan & Rose

What our team loves about working at Ryan & Rose

(upbeat music) – I got the glasses. – [Man] Why is that there? – I don’t know, the glasses just like we had the glasses so
might as well put the little scar up there too. – I tend to go with chicken kabobs, but also like the chicken salad. Ryan likes their, what does Ryan get? Salmon? No, tilapia. – [Man] Whitney? – I am gonna switch it up and get a grilled chicken gyro today. – So, last time I got the
grilled veggie quinoa bowl, but today this tomato basil
sandwich is speaking to me but then I might go
back to grilled shrimp. Quinoa bowl, I think
that’s what I’m doing. – She’s good. – So, on Fridays at Ryan and Rose we have lunch day, we eat lunch as a team. It’s really good for team building and just kind of getting to relax after a crazy busy week, but this week we went to Taziki’s, um and
every week it’s different so, um one of the perks about working for Ryan and Rose is we give them a thirty minute lunch everyday. They get paid to go to lunch. Um, but then on Fridays the bonus is we buy them lunch to some
of our favorite places. (upbeat music) – What do you think? Very tender. – I like it. – The shrimp are better. – The shrimp was better,
the shrimp was better. – We’re back to work. Um, so yeah like we talked about we have kind of tried to
create a family environment um, and have some different kind of perks that most corporate, we
try not to be corporate. We wanna be, um, different. Just like everything, we are different with everything, every other
aspect of Ryan and Rose. Um, so I thought it would be fun for them to kinda share what they love, why they love working here and then what are they would
consider some of the perks, um, whether it’s from the
Redbull in the frigerator or Friday lunches or just the fun stuff
that we do all the time. So, we’re gonna let them share. (upbeat music) – Are we rolling? – [Man] Mhm. – Oh, sorry, go, go. – Can you edit all that? I love, there’s many reasons why for me. Like, I love the people, I feel like we’re all family, it’s a family environment to me. I think we’re close, I think
we all work well together. Um, and we have fun, so
it’s really not like work. – Yeah. – I feel like, just, we’re here and we’re kind of playing all day. – Yeah. – But really really working. – Yeah – Really really working. Fast pace. – Mhm. – How about you, Whit? – Yeah. I mean I just love it. Um, it just, it doesn’t feel like a job. It’s just fun and you just, you see a need and you do it, – That’s right. – and it’s just so much fun, like, getting to be a part of families’ lives and you know, it’s just really awesome. (upbeat music) – No I can’t really, I mean all of it. It’s too much to explain. I mean, we get the food on Friday. The lunch is always fun. Um, just good atmosphere, being here. Great people, I mean. Great owners. I mean, you can’t really go anything, you can’t really say
anything else about it. – [Man] Does it feel like work? – No. That’s another reason. It doesn’t feel like work. (upbeat music) – A million perks. Um, I
love all the people first. I love the mission and uh what Lindsey stands for, what the company stands for. (upbeat music) – Uh, myself personally,
I love the fridge. They keep it stocked with
um yummy energy drinks. Yes, let’s take a look. – Give em a shot. – Um, you know they always wanna make sure we have things that we like so they always kind of take inventory
on snacks and drinks. I’ve never worked at
a place that did that. Um, and it’s a mood booster. And I love that they are easygoing with, you know, things happening that we have lives outside of here so if emergencies happen they’re always willing to help and be
flexible to help us out. – Yeah, well first of all, to start off, so many, too many to name, but I love, I think, the most, the family, like she said, the family oriented. I have never worked somewhere where I love truly every single
person that I work with. They bring so much to the day and so much to my own personal life as well as just making it
a happy work environment. (upbeat music) – My favorite thing about the job is getting to be creative and getting to make beautiful things for people. And I love the organization,
I get to use my OCD. And flexibility. It’s
a great place to work. (upbeat music)

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  1. I cannot say this enough, Ryan and Rose is so insanely special. Changing the world as we speak ♡ be so incredibly proud of all that has been accomplished so far. We cannot wait to see what's next from the whole team ♡♡♡

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