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What would Jackie Burkhart wear?! (THAT 70’S SHOW)

What would Jackie Burkhart wear?! (THAT 70’S SHOW)

hi there welcome back to my channel if
you’re new here my name is Jessica and I do affordable celebrity inspired
fashion and just affordable fashion in general so if that’s something youre
into then don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the little bell so
you never miss out on my next video today I have a new episode of what what
bleep wear if you haven’t seen this series yet I basically suggest different
outfits for different occasions inspired by different celebrities and today’s
lucky celebrity is okay let’s back track a little so I just finished watching
that 70s show if you haven’t seen it and you’re into sitecoms like friends then
you should go watch it because it is hilarious one character that stood out
to me was Jackie Burkhart she is your typical cheerleader she is
sassy superficial materialistic but above everything else she is stylish I
love watching what she would wear in each episode she was very into florals
stripes she always had like a scarf wrapped
around her neck very Jackie O inspired she wore a lot of gold jewelry so yeah
she is the lucky celebrity I selected to do for this video and without further
adieu let’s get started so if you’ve seen that 70 shows then you probably know
that Jackie Burkhart is spoiled and she loves to go shopping so I thought my
first question would be what would Jackie wear to go shopping and you know
go run some errands this is the outfit I came up with I decided to go with a very
70s like striped sweater from ASOS and since Jackie always likes to be the
center of attention I paired it with a yellow denim skirt so that way it will
be impossible to miss you in this outfit I also got this skirt from ASOS I topped
it off with a pair of gold hoops from ventrone Chronicles and clear strap block
heels from Tobi I wouldn’t ever wear heels to go shopping
but we’re thinking like Jackie Burkhardt here so Jackie made it pretty friggin
obvious that she was popular at school so my next question is what would Jackie
wear to her first day of school some people like to think that your outfit
for the first day of school sets the tone for the rest of the year so why
would Jackie burkhart think any different cuz yeah she wouldn’t I am
wearing a top I got from ASOS and wide-legged jeans I thrifted in
Japan i pair it with my favorite Steve Madden wedges you already know and a
grey beret I got from Urban Outfitters my next question it is what would Jackie
burkhart wear to brunch because you know she was always about doing the it
thing and we all know that brunch is pretty in right now like I said earlier
Jackie loves to stand out from the crowd so of course just wearing a striped
jumpsuit is not enough for brunch I had to add in the scarf too because that is
just so Jackie I got that scarf from Free People and a jumpsuit from a little
storefront called Irene story I finish the look with a pair of nude wedges I
got a while ago from Zoo shoos my final question is what would Jackie Burkhart
wear on a date since Jackie is pretty much a classified girly girl I thought
this floral dress was perfect to wear for a date also don’t forget that Jackie
love to wear floral I also got the dress from ASOS and I paired it with some gold
earrings and the same pair of nude wedges from the brunch outfit your
Michael will second think the next time he tries to disobey you I will have links
to all the outfits down below if you have any favorite celebrities that you would
like me to do then please leave a comment down below I hope you guys
enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up don’t forget to
subscribe and I will see you guys next time bye

14 thoughts on “What would Jackie Burkhart wear?! (THAT 70’S SHOW)”

  1. Loved the sweater in the first outfit and the floral dress in out fit four. I love the show friends, i think I'm more of the character Monica and a little bit of Phoebe. But another show i love of cards, love Claire Underwood and her style. Then there is my geeky side of loving Game of Thrones and falling in love with John Snow and Love mother of dragons… LOL im showing too much of my self here… he he he 8)

  2. Hey awesome channel and videos, I love them. Please sub back if you like my videos, it would mean a lot if you did. πŸ™‚

  3. I was searching for videos to watch and I saw Jessica peng!? I'm like what!? That's a good friend of mines! But wait oh then I notice it wasn't her but I'm so glad i landed here!! Your so cool! Nice sense of fashion!!! Woot! Jackie would def wear all of that's!

  4. Hola ! New here πŸ™‚ ! Just subbed ! Your very entertaining πŸŽŠπŸ˜† it be really awesome if we could show love & support each other πŸ’•β˜ΊοΈ

  5. Jackie Burkhart was ALWAYS the stylish one of the group! Of course, I am talking about a group of teens that grew up in Point Place, Wisconsin, during the '70s!

  6. The first outfit looks amazing! 😍 any ideas for the theme of your next video? I’d love to help somehow! πŸ™‚

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