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– Hey, guys. – I’m Azra. – And I’m Aisha. – And we’re the Mian twins and welcome back to Squared. (lighthearted instrumental music) – So this week we decided to do something that we know that you
guys are interested in and that’s us being cheerleaders. So we decided to show you
guys what we pack with us in our cheer bags. Because as cheerleaders we
obviously have essentials that we have to bring with
us to games or to practice so we’re gonna show you
guys what we brought. – So don’t forget to give
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very very close to a million so don’t forget to subscribe. Anyway where we’re gonna
get on with the video. So, we actually have previously
today just had a game so we didn’t take anything out of our bag. – It’s gonna be fully honest and fully what we actually keep in here. – Yes. So first thing will be
our cheer jumpsuit jacket. Jumper I guess, I don’t
know what you call it. – It’s kind of just the windbreaker we bring with us ’cause it gets cold so we just wear this to the
games and stuff like that. The next thing we have is oh my God, so important, water. ‘Cause when you’re doing cheers
for like two hours straight and you keep screaming and
your mouth would get so dry. And all the time like, I need something to drink so
badly, you know what I mean? And then during halftime
I run to my water bottle, I like chug it. As you can see there’s literally what I drank during halftime ’cause we can’t do it
while we’re cheering. – Yeah. – So as soon as halftime hits I chug water ’cause I get so thirsty. – Yeah. Next thing is taking up
most of the room in my bag. – Pom poms. They’re very loud. – Oh yeah. – Besides that it’s more, okay so I have a pair of socks and the reason is because with our uniform we
have to wear white shoes and we always get in trouble if we don’t have a pair of white socks so I always keep an extra
pair of white socks. Good thing I didn’t use ’em yet ’cause I’ve remembered to wear them but just in case I keep these in my bag. – I also keep mints in my bag because as you guys know like I said you get very dehydrated and you also have to keep using your mouth and they don’t let you chew gum obviously you don’t want to like
choke on a piece of gum. So I always bring this with me. – Oh.
– Which is definitely helpful. You bring gum (laughs)? – Yeah, I. – We chew, we chew it before
practice or the games. – So I have two packs
of gum when we chew gum. – The next thing I have. – Actually my bag is kind of ripped so I got to get after that but. – My keys, I notice anytime I leave my keys at home when I have a game or something I’m always locked out of my house. – For some reason I have two everything so I have two packs of gum
and I have two lip balms ’cause I have a weird obsession. – Lip balm’s so important, oh my God. – Yeah so obviously when your mouth gets dry my lips also get pretty dry so I have to make sure
to moisturize my lips. – Also very important
is while you’re cheering you also get kind of
hot when you’re cheering so I always make sure to bring some sort of perfume with me and deodorant because girl you got to smell good and you don’t want to
smell stinky at the game, just sayin’. – I also have my cheer bow
with me which I do wear. – I have mine, yeah. – I took it off for the video but yeah I keep it in this
bag so I don’t forget it for the games and stuff. We actually also have
to wear it for school on game days so can’t forget that. And the last thing in
my bag are my two rings because I actually forgot
to take them off today during the game and was
told to take them off. So, I put ’em back on now but that’s the last thing in my bag, yeah. – We actually also have a
little clip to show you guys. This is right before the
game that we had today and we’re like why not show you
guys a little snippet of it. This is us as we soon as we got there and we had all our stuff with us so enjoy. – So we have a game actually
today and we’re early so we’re just gonna chill out here and show you guys a little
behind the scenes of. – Our games.
– our games. And we do have our. – All our stuff with us.
– Yes. – Very typical.
– Yep. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to Squared by hitting right over here. – Watch yesterday’s video right here and mark most over there. – And we’ll see you guys next week, bye.

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