What’s it like to spar with Carl Froch?

I’ve been put down twice in my career and
got up to win, do you know what I mean? What about you, you haven’t been KO’d?
– I haven’t been KO’d no. I’ve never KO’d anyone with a pad on either.
– There’s always a first. Have you got a good defence?
– I don’t know we’ll see. Let’s have a look at your jab.
And again. If we’re in a fight and you’re jabbing, I’m
going to go here and knock you spark out underneath the chin
You’ve got to be cute with it. You’re trying to catch your opponent out with a jab.
So got you, don’t know where it’s coming from Got you.
Right, let’s see what your hook’s looking like Right that’s a rubbish left hook. What you’re doing with that left hook, you’re
trying to throw it like a jab. When you hook, if you have a look at what
my arm does, it’s already bent, look, watch, and it stays bent. Everything is from the
legs and the body twisting. Better!
Let’s see if you can throw a right hand after that hook. Ideally this is what it should
look like. Can you throw an uppercut?
Not too long, you’re reaching! Just shorten it.
Better! And a hook.
Rubbish! And again, and a right hand on that!
Nice! Right back to the jab.
No good, see it coming. Relax. Everything is relaxed, and when you’re ready
to jab, yeah, sharp, step in with it. Better. You hear that last one? That was a proper
jab. I can hear the difference
Have a breather that will do you for now. So, you’ve had one round with your opponent,
and you’ve had a chance to see what he’s got. Do you ever change your game plan? If you
think they’re weaker or stronger? Do you know what? It might sound ridiculous,
we never really had, when I say we, Rob MacCracken and myself, we never really had a game plan
as such. We never say, right, we’re going to go for the finish, or we’re just going
to box and move and keep out of his way. Plan A for any boxer as far as I’m concerned
is hit and don’t get hit, so land your shots and get hit as little as possible.
What’s the most difficult skill, landing a barrage of punches or avoiding a barrage of
punches? For me it was avoiding punches. It’s hard
to avoid shots, especially when you’re trying to land your own because you can always put
yourself in a safe place and keep yourself out the way but then you’re not going to be
in a position to land your shots, so you have to be in the danger zone, which is in punching
range to get your shots of. And it is hard to defend yourself in punching range.
We’l go back to the Jab just to show you how difficult it is for an opponent to get past
somebody with reach advantage. See the jab is always threatening you.
The jab can come when it wants. You’ve got to get in range.
You’ve got me in the corner, now this is when you’d left your shots go. A professional fighter
who’s experienced would just go here I come. Grab you.
You try and hit me now to the body. Nothing!
There’s nothing on them punches. You can’t hit me.
Essentially, when you were boxing, where you looking at gloves, head body.
I look at the chest. I don’t like looking them in the eyes until I’ve hurt them, it
puts me of. As soon as I’ve hurt them with a shot or catch
them with a shot where I know it’s landed hard, I’d look in there eyes.
When I had Groves in the first fight and I had him hurt, I knew he was gone because his
eyes were rolling, not focused on anything, he’s just looking into nowhere, just a vacant
stare and you can see that when you’re fighting. So now I’ll start to jab. So you got to try
and get past this jab now. This is just one arm.
So that jab there’s that’s hitting you in the shoulder. That would be in your face.
It would be your nose. Your mouth. Your eye. After three rounds, your eye’d closed. Your
nose is bleeding that heavy you can’t breath. Have you ever eased up on a boxer? What do
you do when you know it’s a mismatch? Try and finish them. To stop it. Listen some
boxers don’t, some boxers jab and move and keep out of the way. When Wladimir Klitschko
hurt Anthony Joshua in their fight, by nature and because Manny Steward got him boxing and
moving because Corey Sanders knocked him out terrible. So since then he adopted a safety
first style, so he’s good with his jab and his movement. So when he had Anthony Joshua
hurt in their first fight, it wasn’t in him to go for the finish. As opposed to some like
me when I boxed, or Deontay Wilder if he catches you, he then tries to finish you off.
I’m going to give you something else to think about now, which you’ll know straight away
because the right hand is going to come back at you. So you’re not only just thinking about
the jab coming at you and where that’s coming, and what’s he going to hit me with. But also
the right hand comes in to play. So you’ve now got to be careful. Theoretically you should
be able to hit me because you’re in range. You gotta try and hit me. See the problem you’ve got? – I see the problem I’ve got, you’re a world champion. Once you get in range it’s difficult to get
your shots off. – And once you feel them coming back you
don’t want to let them go as much. Good that, good work. He’s a tough son of
a bitch.

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