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When Soccer Goes Wrong

When Soccer Goes Wrong

From an act of hooliganism to the worst disaster
in British sporting history, here’s what happens when soccer goes wrong:
Number 7 Boca Juniors Bus Attack The second leg of the 2018 Copa Libertadores
final, between Boca Juniors and River Plate, had to be postponed after River supporters
attacked the Boca team’s bus. As the Boca team bus approached the stadium,
hundreds of River supporters began pelting it with stones, sticks and bottles. Two Boca players suffered eye injuries caused
by pieces of glass from the shattered windows. Tear gas then entered the bus. It isn’t clear if it came from the attackers
or from police trying to disperse them. Several Boca players were seen coughing or
vomiting while others were trying to clear their eyes. The bus driver reportedly fainted and the
vehicle would have crashed if Boca’s vice-president hadn’t grabbed the steering wheel. Argentine soccer supporters are notorious
for their passion but many of them were quick to criticize the attack. Argentine soccer legend Gabriel Batistuta,
described it as ‘shameful’ as he wrote on Twitter ‘Another opportunity lost in
front of the whole planet’. Number 6 Emiliano Sala Plane Crash
Following his transfer to Nantes, in 2015, Argentine forward Emiliano Sala hit form and
became the club’s top goalscorer for three consecutive seasons. This drew the attention of Premier League
team, Cardiff City. In January 2019, Sala was transferred for
a club record $20 million. Unfortunately, Sala never got the chance to
leave his mark on the Premier League. He died in a tragic plane crash, on January
21, 2019. Flying from Nantes to Cardiff on a Piper Malibu
light aircraft. He’d said goodbye to his former teammates
and was going to attend his first training session with the new team. A WhatsApp message, sent by Sala to his family
was released by the Argentine media. In it, Sala said he felt like the plane was
‘falling to pieces’ and ended with ‘Man, I’m scared!’ The police called off the search after a three-day
examination of an area 1,700 square miles. The decision was met with worldwide calls
for the search to continue from the president of Argentina as well as fellow Argentine players
Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuain and Sergio Aguero. Over $350,000 was raised on GoFundMe and two
private underwater searches were launched. Sala’s body was found inside the plane wreckage
on February 4, recovered on February 7 and identified via fingerprinting. Number 5 Munich Air Disaster
On February 6, 1958, British European Airways Flight 609 crashed after a failed attempt
to take off the runway at Munich-Riem Airport, in West Germany. The aircraft was carrying the Manchester United
soccer team, along with journalists and supporters. An investigation initially carried out by
the West German airport authorities, placed the blame on Captain James Thain, the only
surviving pilot of the crash. Co-pilot Kenneth Rayment died of his injuries
five weeks after the incident. The pilots had abandoned the takeoff twice
due to boost surging in the left engine. They didn’t want to fall behind schedule,
so they tried taking off a third time. By then falling snow caused slush to form
at the end of the runway. The plane reached the minimum speed required
for take-off and the pilots expected it to keep rising. However, it suddenly dropped and the plane
skidded off the runway and plowed into a fence. It kept going and its left wing was torn off
after it got caught on a house. The house burst into flames, but none of the
people inside were hurt. The fuselage hit a hut which housed a truck
filled with tires and fuel. An explosion followed. 23 out of the 44 people on board the plane
lost their lives. Eight Manchester United players died while
others were injured. Ten years after the incident, Captain Thain
was cleared after it was concluded that the slush had caused the crash. Number 4 Heysel Stadium Disaster
The Heysel Stadium disaster has been described as ‘the darkest hour in the history of the
UEFA competitions’. It took place on May 29, 1985, during the
European Cup final between Juventus and Liverpool, at Heysel Stadium in Brussels, Belgium. About an hour before kick-off supporters from
Liverpool and Juventus charged at each other breaking through a fence which separated them
from a neutral area. The cause of the attack was disputed with
some eye-witnesses claiming it had been incited by the Italian supporters and others denying
the claim. The Italian supporters ran back into a concrete
wall, crushing those who were already standing next to it. The wall ultimately collapsed due to the pressure. Some escaped but many others were killed or
badly injured. When the dust settled, 39 people, mostly Italians
and Juventus supporters, had lost their lives and 600 others had been injured in the confrontation. In the aftermath, 14 Liverpool supporters
were found guilty and convicted of manslaughter, each having to serve 3 years in prison. Number 3 LaMia Flight 2933
On November 28, 2016, LaMia Flight 2933 was carrying the Chapecoense team, their staff
and several journalists from Bolivia to Medellin. The team had reached the final 2016 Copa Sudamericana
final and was scheduled to play the first leg against Atletico Nacional. Tragedy struck as they approached their final
destination, when their plane crashed. All its engines had flamed out due to fuel
exhaustion. Only 6 of the people on board survived. One of the three players who were rescued
from the crash site was backup goalkeeper Jackson Follmann. Because of his extensive injuries, he later
had one of his legs amputated, ending his career. In the aftermath, the families of the 71 people
who lost their lives on flight 2933 demanded answers. An investigation, concluded on April 27, 2018,
revealed a combination of human errors. The pilot had skipped a crucial refueling
stop in Bogota. The crew didn’t declare an emergency when
fuel levels became critically low which caused air traffic control in Medellin to prioritize
other planes for landing. There were other factors which included poor
oversight by Bolivian aviation authorities, who’d approved a faulty flight plan. LaMia’s license was revoked and several
people were arrested. Among the many displays of solidarity throughout
the nation, was also an offer by Atletico Nacional to concede the championship to Chapecoense. Number 2 Estadio Nacional Disaster
To this day, the Estadio Nacional disaster, in Peru, is the worst in soccer history. On May 24, 1964, Peru was hosting Argentina
in the qualifying round for the Tokyo Olympics. An important match for Peru and it drew 53,000
supporters to the stadium. With 6 minutes left on the clock, Argentina
was leading by one, when the referee disallowed a goal for Peru. Some of the home supporters invaded the pitch
in protest. This prompted the Peruvian police to fire
tear gas canisters into the crowd. Panic followed as well as an attempt at mass
exodus with the supporters fleeing from the effects of the gas. The stadium’s tunnels connected the street
level to the seating areas through several flights of steps. The stadium didn’t have standard gates but
solid corrugated steel shutters at the bottom of the tunnels. According to the normal routine, they were
closed during the game. As the mass of people was trying to flee,
the ones at the front were pressed into the shutters. People that kept coming down the stairwell
couldn’t see what was happening at the front and that people were being crushed to death. In the end, the pressure from the crush of
bodies on the inside was so great that the steel shutters burst open. According to the official reports, 500 people
were injured and 328 people died in the stairwells due to asphyxia or internal bleeding. Even though it exceeds the death toll of several
other soccer disasters combined, that number has been considered an underestimate. Number 1 Hillsborough Inquest
The events of April 15, 1989, at Hillsborough stadium, marked the most tragic day in British
sporting history. During the FA cup semi-final match between
Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, over 24,000 Liverpool supporters had travelled to Sheffield
for the match. They were allocated the North and West stands
of Hillsborough stadium, known as Leppings Lane. Before the match started, there was a crowd
build-up outside the turnstiles at Leppings Lane. Then, an order was given to open exit gate
C, in an effort to relieve turnstile pressure. In just five minutes, about 2,000 Liverpool
supporters entered the stadium. Many headed to the fenced central pens, which
were already overcrowded. Normally, the police or stewards should have
directed them to the side pens, once the central ones were full, but, for reasons not fully
known, this didn’t happen. Chaos and a fatal human crush ensued. Hundreds of people were pressed against each
other and against the fences. Many died of comprehensive asphyxia while
standing, unable to breathe due to the enormous pressure placed on their bodies. Others spilled out of the pen or tried climbing
to safety. According to Bruce Grobbelar the Liverpool
goalkeeper, people were pleading for help as the situation got worse. In the end, 96 people lost their lives, the
youngest of whom was a 10-year-old boy, and 766 others were injured. Initially, the police fed false stories to
the media suggesting that the drunkenness and hooliganism of Liverpool supporters were
the main factors behind the disaster. The first coroner inquest, from 1991, ruled
all the deaths to have been accidental. It was criticised by the victims’ families. An independent panel re-examined the evidence,
in 2009, and a second coroner’s inquest was held from April 2014 to April 2016. It ruled that that the supporters were not
to blame and they’d been unlawfully killed due to the grossly negligent failures by police
and emergency services to care for them. Thanks for watching! Do you know other cases of soccer gone wrong? Tell us about them in the comment section

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    You'll never walk alone              rip the 96 Liverpool fans who lost there lives

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  7. There have been some absolutely horrific football disasters over the years.
    I'll never forget the shock of watching the 1985 Bradford City (v Lincoln City) fire, where 56 people died and 265 were injured, with many suffering terrible, life changing injuries.
    The horror unfolded on live television – I was passing a TV/audio shop when it happened – I'll never forget standing there for about an hour as the tragedy played out – awful.
    Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow has seen TWO disasters – in 1902 during a Scotland v England game a timber framed 'tribune' collapsed, killing 25 people and injuring over 500.
    Then in 1971 during a Rangers v Celtic game a late goal saw fans who were in the process of exiting the stadium try to re-enter, coming up against thousands of others also exiting – 66 people died and more than 200 were injured in the ensuing crush.
    Dark times, and on days when people were supposed to be out enjoying themselves, and never came home.
    RIP to all of the victims.

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