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Who Can Make The Power Squad ??️‍♀️(Season 1) #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Who Can Make The Power Squad ??️‍♀️(Season 1) #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(electric rock music) – Alright you guys, how many
of you guys are going to make power squad today? (crowd cheering and clapping) So far, only two girls
made the power squad. The two ladies are right
here, come on up, stand up, you got it. (crowd cheering and clapping) And that was Star Spangler
and Kristin Hagar. Today, we’re going to do the
Army physical fitness test, to determine how many other
girls can make the power squad.=I think it would be really cool to earn a power squad t-shirt,
it would definitely show them that I’ve come a long
way since last time, since my score wasn’t near what I wanted it to be.=It’s going to be a two
minute timed push-up test, the amount of reps determines
the points, it should be higher than three weeks ago. Alright, another thing is
the sit-up okay, then you’re going to do a two mile run. Alright you guys, ready? Go! (fast tempo rock music) Come on, come on. – Seven, eight, nine, ten You can do it! You can do it, come on, come on. – 33, 34, 35, 36 – I’ve never trained like this ever in my life! – Come on, you’ve got
ten seconds, come on! – The first time that
I’d make power squad. I really do want to do it this time. – One, way to go, time! All right, you guys, time for sit ups! And, go! (clapping and cheering on) – The physical stuff has
been a little bit harder than I expected. It’s a work out and it’s a challenge. (cheerful yelling) – I do wish that I could
do more sit-ups (laughs). (fast tempo music) – I did a hundred sit-ups. – Are we ready to do the two mile run? (crowd cheers) And, go! (fast tempo rock music) Power squad is the best of the best of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. Those are the girls that have worked beyond the minimum standards. – If I earn the power squad
t-shirt I would probably wear it day and night,
every time I came here, I mean like all the time
it would be on me (laughs). – All right you guys, gals,
I’ve got some news for you. And I just want to inform you that 22 of you guys made over 280. (crowd cheers) I’m elated. 22 girls made the power squad today. That shows a lot from the last
PT test, under a month ago. – Dulce Gabriella Rosales,
Jennifer Nicole Nicks, Natalie Nicole Woods. 300. – I was so excited. I made it, and I got the t-shirt. (calls more names) – Way to rock! – I was quite excited, because I’ve been working out really hard! Yeah, I’m on the power squad! (laughs) – Candy Harris – I really pushed myself
hard and I tried so hard, so it was really exciting! – Candice Car, Elizabeth Davis. – 22 girls got that, and I didn’t, and that doesn’t look good, I’m sure, when the majority of the
rookies are up there. – Outstanding, you guys. A lot of the ladies worked out hard. – Well, unfortunately, I
don’t get to wear the shirt, but I’ll get there. – I’m gonna be on that team next time. If there’s a next time (laughs).

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