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Who is the biggest Heart-Throb? w/ Joanne, Desmond, Elvin & more!

Who is the biggest Heart-Throb? w/ Joanne, Desmond, Elvin & more!

Biggest heart-throb? Huh?! Is this for real? Oh my goodness Seriously? Put your finger here, on the camera lens On the lens? Yes, on the lens I feel like I’m crossing the immigration Like, why doesn’t it beep!? Nervous huh? Not even a bit! Are you nervous? Nope! This thing is for real? Don’t bluff me! Feels like it’s dancing Oh? That means it’s ok? No, someone just sent you a message Is this accurate? Oh no, what am I going to say on stage? What should I say, you know? I want to say something meaningful But I don’t have time for me to say it slowly By right I’m not nervous But then you asked me to put my finger on it Then I think I’m getting a bit nervous I don’t think this is accurate you know? Because I’m feeling so relaxed and chilled Yeah Why? Do I have to be? Oh my god, I’m so excited, oh my god Oh my god Can? Is that ok? I guess I might have saw some Like heart breakers out there No, no, you know why? Because just now when we were exiting right And suddenly they said Hey, the three of you get back out there! Because the CID wants you! Then I was panicking, I was like What has it got to do with CID?! Seriously, what’s wrong with everyone today? Hanwei-brother’s is higher 119 That’s right Yours is 112 It’s a small difference only I’m slightly more calm Her heart is weaker Says who, I’m more calm I’m much better So does that make me a heart-throb or not? No, I’m not a heart-throb! So I’m slightly more normal Ok! Slightly more normal only Oh is it? We can round off to 100 actually You’re slightly nervous Or is it that you checked the baby’s pulse instead? Checked wrongly Actually 96 and 91 are both quite high I’m calm Huh, 182? 182 is high? Oh no, I’ve got high blood pressure Highest! Got to be my outfit! But then, thank you And, enjoy the show! The most lasting impression that I had was When I got my first …

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