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Why Did This Naked Cheerleader Coach Get Fired?

Why Did This Naked Cheerleader Coach Get Fired?

cheerleading coach charlie %uh no natural fairly close to call you back %uh has inspired %uh why would she fired because of how is
she did nude in playboy photos out wages out there too %uh she was %uh a known as carlie christine in the playboys
cyber gurl which is twenty years old and %uh some of that for outraged by this
apparently or maybe not maybe they were pissed that their daughter
didn’t make it surely school other was kicked off its yearly slot enhances a controversy first we want to give
you the story %uh and let’s go to a news story on that soldier q four sixty computers very really appreciate
their former coach kroeber auxiliary too extracurricular activities got nowhere for
java counsel would like to and really going on at the store and he always
come back and i’d say about that fishing and she came here illegally that but that uncover all the way in these photos of her wrist playboy’s
celebrity or the week which got at least one angry parent who were
full of racial who got an eyeful and then fire ida standouts and no morals
are at such a campaign and and although parents
who have different opinions and i had their entitled to that is and as far as and you know at the top candidates signed someone’s opinion the morals i don’t i don’t know the facts for m overall
public reaction to the next with their decision to support from soldiers who say that there
are girls missed having a rhodes hill says she she keeps her job and that we can get
there after that i am proud that he’s a role model
for the company teaching the paratroop that so the real issue is that
the school imposes strict rules for the all with these jurors standards that becca wasn’t moving up to herself they hold these classes at the hyatt level but the double standard where there is such
a rate is posing naked on the internet just seen cbs image of the competition i think
i went into this thinking that people have their opinions scientific i wanna see the
pictures they want and and standing at her letter that happening
like this the excel sheet doesn’t regret posing nude
but does the issues sad about losing their job into warring for me to look into as a reason that t_v_’s it shows to these
stories is that they could show pictures of her and cover up the newspapers a little bit so people going with that so many new and then of course happen at home overnight i cannot believe she took those new pictures i spent half a morning looking so say there are a lot too and she was hot largo because of course my opinion that surprised
by that but now i have a visit by the story why did those parents report her in the first
place the today show gets the down investigates matlab on the job here we go heather is getting a lot of harrison brought
the photos to the attention of the school their daughter adele was captain of the few
things you’re going on and on the nasdaq dealers you brought these photos to the attention
of school officials why was it that you have a moral objection to win a philosophical objections
with what was your reason for congress to their attention well this is the leader of young women and there is also a standard very much for the children to you very high standard and here is not allowed to have recent pictures
on my space not there’s a lot of things that they are not able to do missus clinton portions
bs butler hill this is someone you worked with for allot for entire year at least right before you know these pictures existed the
decision was a good role model for the last thirty at night and white teenager perspective on and that when i found
out about a and that’s when i suspect in the fact that she was less than a lot on nope that’s on my morals and there are people
who say here that look what harriet was that you were removed from the scene because you
had more than three or three un excused absences nasa subject at the day’s and basically solicited
because you’ve got taken off for wolves violation you guys said wait a second of rules the rules
and what about this school officials but it was more of our getting even situation
how do you respond to that god i think that really see how that’s the way it would seem site that was it’s it’s sort of that’s hanging
in here when adela five of us have because she had
a which is absent minded school that i am failed to %uh excuse that’s affiliate in fact this is
an excellent student xiv we haven’t had a day of school and life so they say what we’re trying to set the standards
very high for the ipod talks about things are very high for these girls that we want
them to live up to ab an absentee ballots that mom there rumors
of that missile defense then i think this is that she has been on the internet naked she was upset at the double standard that
she’s not a bad enough but carly is that enough i guess it is really the only in a leadership
the justice system if if the school did said look okay these are issues that has will will
look the other way his days ahead of the cheerleading teams all
good and then you found out about these photos of this car only on the internet would you
are still going to ask for her to be removed i think %uh fast for her to be these so-called
islet if it is yes i’ve spent only it’s a sort of fraud for his right now so you know
what we made a mistake in letting go of this coach
and we’ve made a mistake in getting rid of your daughter is that it
really didn’t think would be you know offered by day one of them both out there different but on the naa decided since you
still have influences my daughter %uh don’t believe you at all dragon for lesser catering message it is representative issue and there were like pollyanna
all you know what inlet has declined and you do it because %uh of retaliation she
said well i guess if people would say that and you know what pitch the cut line twelve
somebody like up my trouble could send it but at the alright i gotta go and people can
be sold paddy jr jackson did you notice that the s let’s
listen he’s present eleven when the leased is that happens because we love you must think we’re seeing
a lot to stay will give them a scenario city officials and what they would live in
a case seasonal case a list of this error she’s back relocate that there was a pots intimately has stopped looking too has to be done and we did and we want to talk before where you are a hundred or so i don’t know
if there is a our proposal demolishing connector and that’s a quick that’s week we don’t have
that deals are very close to strap know that wouldn’t work raise the morals by the halifax is that that sort of those
days gor gor the vatican hamas of them which effect now
man %uh you know i a are a lot of these pictures
on the internet over overnight over the summer night by the values of a moral and %uh don’t make me look at them again re-designed
so clearly are as i a lot more time come on

100 thoughts on “Why Did This Naked Cheerleader Coach Get Fired?”

  1. Ridiculous. Why do we constantly have to censor ourselves because of a small group of uptight conservative prudes??

  2. A school can fire you over anything. It sucks, but teachers don't have a union to help them out, so this teacher is up a creek without a paddle.

    I, personally, don't think she should be fired, but legally, the school has that right.

  3. well…our country has this dual personality. The pornography business does something like 10 Billion a Year (before the recession) yet people jump up and down when things like this happen.

  4. I think it was diabolical for those parents to do that to the Coach. They just gave their daughter free range to do whatever she wants and they'll bail her out. This child did not get thrown out of school where as this Coach lost her job. Clearly I agree that the Coach should get her job back. And that girl deserves to be kicked off the cheerleading squad.

  5. Well, what were the circumstances of those missed classes? We don't know, and I have a feeling that the mother doesn't know it 100% either.

    The coach posed for playboy. So what? Did she steal? Did she hurt anyone? No. BUT She lost her JOB over this.

    The girl just isn't captain anymoe. Can you honestly say this is fair especially when the world is in a middle of a freaking recession!?

  6. Is being the pope even a job? I know many people in the church get money but is it salary base or donations? I mean if they "fired" the pope from being the pope would he get unemployment benefits?

  7. I agree with the teacher/cheerleader teacher. I would take it to the Supreme Court, if I was her.

    The student is and was wrong. They should not fire the teacher.

    The teacher has a good case.

  8. Do you really think that there's some sort of moral equivalency between a adult woman posting nude photos on playboy, and an underage cheerleader doing the same on myspace?

  9. I like the way the father stepped in. He was letting his wife talked but he had to step in on that last question. She almost took the bate.

  10. no, teacher does more than just precept to his students. a teacher presents a model of behavior. ie, you learn to think from the models presented to you. therefore, you're emulating your teachers' bahaviors; like it or not.

    all that being said, a role model is someone who sets a good example. nothing more. the assumption that all life lessons are learned at home isn't very realistic.

    having said that, this teacher should not have been fired. she satisfied her jobs requirements

  11. notice the first reporter said "One Parent" lol, i think we can see which of those two parents saw these pictures.

    oh, and the cheerleading coach is such a terrible actress.

  12. "i should choose what influences my daughter"

    heres, some stuff
    "is adult entertainment killing our kids? are is killing our kids entertaining our adults?"

    Kim Jon II also decides what influences his people, the mother is emulating Kim Jon II, Lol.

  13. she posed for a website.. then some parent was surfing the net to jack off and was just out raged by the coaches moral standard.. they didn't say kids saw it, so.. its not pedophilia.. sounds more like a pissed off teen trying to get back at her former coach.

  14. I Agree with the Firing!
    I am to the Left of JOHNNY WADD and LARRY FLINT!
    But I still respect and understand other's values.
    I don't see what the getting even has got to do with it!
    What if it was presented by a girl that had no B*tch! And the number of times I Whacked OFF
    over them doesn't disqualify me to judge her!
    When NAACP Benjamin Hooks spoke up to defend Vanessa Williams, I screamed,
    SHUT UP!
    And someone else must have said that too because he never spoke for her again!

  15. So if the teacher were to frequent bars and that doesn't 'measure up' to the moral standards of this cheerleader then she should be fired?

    That family was hoping that the school WOULDN'T fire her and were planning a law suit.

  16. Who gives a damn if she poses nude for playboy. As long as it wasn't on school property i don't see whats wrong with it. Just because they're coach poses nude doesn't mean that they are going to start to.

  17. Total bullshit. I renounce and reject the parents calling for her head. I hate that bitch she needs to stop trying to relive through her daughter.

  18. no shit melowar78 I'm with you. This country is way too conservative about sex and nudity like 14 year olds texting and they are getting arrested. The fucking court system is way too involved in personal life and opinion.

  19. 'they want to hold the cheerleaders to a very high standard, they're not allowed to have racy pictures on myspeace.' how is this an argument? the cheerleaders are children and their former instructor is a goddamn adult. I'm sure if you looked hard enough into the lives of that girl's parents you'd find some interesting pictures as well.

  20. The dad probably met the coach and when he found out she was a model, googled her to see if he could find some naked pictures. At least, that's what I would have done πŸ™‚ She's HOT

  21. Just becasue your opinions differ from me doesn't mean you have to be sarcastic which I find rude. I personally wouldn't mind what anyone did in their spare time [as long as they didn't rape/murder/pedofillia]. The most important things to me is how good they are at their job. Thats all. I think my opinion is creditable and doesn't deserve a sarcastic reply.
    And sure if the Pope wanted to do that, then fair enough, whatever makes him happy. ild have no problem with that.

  22. I just found this comment rude becasue it seemed sarcastic. I'm uspet because it appears you were mocking me. I don't like to be mocked for a reasonable comment. I think when it comes to a job, the employer should just judge on how well they do at work. thats just my opinion. No need to mock/be sarcastic over just an opinion.

  23. Those parents are idiots… yes, they hold the CHILDREN to higher standards just as they do with drinking and such… the teachers are allowed to consume alcohol, should the students be allowed?… hell no, kids have to abide by certain rules when they are younger, then when they are of age, they too can pose nude if they want too! Dumb parents!!!!

  24. I don't care what those "people" say they were mad cause their "little darling" got kicked off the cheerleading squad and they were mad

  25. YoungTurks- Why do you feel the need to insult everyone for their beliefs? I hope you get paid a lot to do this, because the poison you spew is pretty bad.

  26. heh a few things which make the story of the parents and their petty little vengeful child uncredible. 1. Somehow knowing the cheerleader teacher was into porn 2. FInding the website or photo of the woman for proof 3. Only reporting that the cheerleading teacher had been doing porn AFTER she was kicked off the team 4. her and her parents reactions to the questions, it says it all really, just listen to TYT's explanation on it. No doubt in my mind this is just a case of revenge.

  27. Funny how the parents say "I don't want the cheerleading teacher acting as a bad role model towards my daughter." Yet they were fine with it before the girl got kicked off, and furthermore the girl ISN'T EVEN IN IT ANYMORE. how can she be influenced? Doesn't make ANY sense. Obviously a case of revenge if you ask me. Heh bad role model my ass, when the parents were purposely going to the playboy site, gee I wonder how they found out she was into porno lmao.

  28. Huh? The mother didn't get "hurt" at all. Did you watch the video? It was her daughter. And revenge never solves anything, why do you think we have a law against murder, even if they murdered your cousin, doesn't make it right to kill back. Your logic is flawed. Obviously you are a slow witted, easily angered dolt. We don't need your opinions.

  29. And this is what happens when you have schools still in their little supersenstive holes. One insignificant thing that someone uses as revenge turns into a lost job. I blame the school just as much as the parents of the bitchy daughter

  30. "An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind."

    Just a petty helicopter-mom thinking her child is "greater" than everyone/thing else. When that notion is threatened, she gets the instructor fired?

  31. The sad and scary thing is, that it appears that in America, even "Liberals" are so Bombarded and so Confused, that we sometimes can't differentiate
    simple, RIGHT & WRONG".
    A "Teacher" is still a "TEACHER".
    Not a Singer, Actress, Prostitute, Porn Star or
    When you Simplify" a Complicated" issue,
    And "Complicate" a Simple issue,
    You are "Thinking Like a "Right Winger".
    Confusing Yourself!
    This is not complicated!
    She is A "Teacher"
    Condone Incest Pedophilia, & Necrophilia or,

  32. Good way to contradict yourself, hypocrite. You first say "you have no logic other than to correct politically correct sheep" then you try to correct me in my way of thinking, after you call me stupid. I am not offended, never do get offended by unintelligent hypocrites like yourself, but they seem to be everywhere on youtube. I don't think I need to be the youtube spokesman to tell someone to shut the hell up. Just saying man think about what you are saying before you say it please.

  33. Some horny man whacking to playboy who happnens to be a father of a girl at that school is "outraged" and alters officials to the "immoral" behavior of this cheerleading coach. Hypocritical isn't it. You had to be looking at playboy to even find out. And if you really think it's that bad to pose in playboy you should be ashamed of yourself for looking. Classic "projection".

  34. Damn this carlie chick is hot… Anyway what outrage their daughter has probably banged half the football team anyway and they are pissed about some photos? Please

  35. Youth is no excuse for Total Ignorance Yougun!
    You Typify the most serious problem of today!
    A people to "Stupid" to know They're "Stupid".

  36. Honestly, she is better off without working at the school. Parents can some times be hypocrites. However, this does seem more like revenge.

  37. I think that either way she shouldnt be working at the school. But however I do believe it was definitely revenge.

  38. What happened and the scenario you said are totally different. Playboy is a business and you have to be 18+ and pay for them, not some random naked fat guy on the street passing out pictures.

  39. I gotta say, I think it's a hard sell for the parents to be making claims about morality and role models given their own behaviour.

  40. this is a bunch of bull society is all of a sudden making a big deal of this kind of stuff but hell most the parents of children today put themselves through school stripping but let somebody else do it while teaching children its like a big deal I say let us that is with out sin cast the first stone

  41. Theyre murders and molestors in schools and theyre worried about a coach who posed nude in a male magazine? wtf

  42. A perfect examples of jealous prick families just trying to get back. When will they learn. Everyone can tell what was going on. Because of them, her business was basically promoted. So it was the parents and student's jealously that fired her pretty much. Leave that teacher alone, she is of age, and she did set a good example like everyone said.

  43. I love how the dad's perspective (as he put it) is that the young girls are not "allowed" to put their pictures up on the internet and he wife corrects him and says they shouldn't be doing it he says "oh yeah, they shouldn't be". – I don't believe these people for a minute, I don't know what really happened but if you concider the nature of the average American then their being petty about their daughter getting the boot isn't so far fetched.

  44. HERE'S A NOTE: The cheerleading girls last summer got in trouble for HAZING, and it included sucking on dildos.Why don't ya'll add that into the mix?

  45. Teachers n coaches can have their own life….. i saaw my principle drunk yesterday at the fair πŸ™‚ ha.

  46. it is right wing up tights like those parents that is fucked up in the head. Its very unfortunate that fundamental christians like them that made nudity a dirty word and the natural human physique a dirty image. and since when was playboy porn, penthouse and hustler is more porn than anything playboy has ever imagine of doing.

  47. Dad:this porn is awsome
    Dad: oh, i found nude pictures of that bitch coach that kicked our daughter off the team
    mom: oh, than lets get that bitch

  48. How the fuck can that uptight fucker find the photo in the first place?
    Obviously he was surfing for porn, I'm pretty sure that's a mortal sin, or some shit

  49. Oh my goodness. Just keep your clothes on girls – then you don't have to worry about it messing up your life later…
    Why would anyone wanna be the wank material for thousands of men on the internet. Is that really an ambition anyone should aspire to?

    Other then that, the ppl who fired her are total bigots – coz how did those racy picture come to their attention?

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