60 thoughts on “Why Do Parents Say They Believe Teen Daughter Tried To Hire People To Kill Them”

  1. They say she was fine but has been in and out of therapy since 4??? Something was obviously going on and it has been going on for a long time.

  2. What is the deal with the mother's eyes??? The way she closes her eyes when she talks makes everything that comes out of her mouth seem like it's disingenuous and know it all..kinda cavalier in a passive aggressive way kinda. Like open your eyes and talk. Metaphorically really explains how things could go so wrong 👀👀👀👀

  3. Dr. Phil – I have not seen the full episode – but how are you not focusing on these adults more. I can obviously tell that something is completely off with these 'adults'. I am Not a physician of any kind, but I thought you can read body and facial expressions better. 🙁

  4. Why do I get the impression that
    Dr. Phil is more outraged by this daughter's behaviour than they are? There is something oddly "stunted" about their reaction. The stepfather (even though in law enforcement) again is very "detached". The mother's recall of discovering the abuse of her first husband and his subsequent light sentence seems to have further contributed to her "oh well ..nothing I can do about it" attitude. A lot of unsopken animosity here.

  5. Shes trying to be cool and rebellious. I would tell her that I wanted her to go and marry her boyfriend and bring him home and he can get a wedding coat and a union card for a wedding gift. Tell her how much you like him and want him to be part of your family…then watch her get rid of him so fast because thrill is gone, its gone away
    No more glamour, no more appeal. Not so attractive when hes available. It worked for me , my daughter dumped him so fast, because mom liked him.😂but mom was acting.

  6. People watch a few episodes of Dr Phil and they think their experts on body language 🙄 give me a f***ing break!!!!

  7. It amazes me how people are judging the parents on how they talk or because they close their eyes no one was in their home to know exactly what was going on so people need to stop assuming that there is something wrong with the parents some kids are just brats and spoiled and the first time they hear no they go nuts!

  8. The quickest way to get your kids not to like the person they're dating.
    Is by liking them also.
    The teenager won't like their parents liking them.😂

  9. In this video where she's talking about true facts she can keep her eyes open and is direct. In other videos when being asked about the abuse and how she feels she can't keep her eyes open and isn't clear with her answers and seems to just say what she thinks Dr. Phil wants to hear.

  10. Why tf does the mom keep her eyes closed the ENTIRE time she's talking omg she needs to literally (and metaphorically) OPEN HER EYES

  11. I can see from older pictures that the mother IS indeed capable of opening her eyes. Just not capable of keeping her eyes open when having a conversation..

  12. I think the mother allowed her daughter to be abused and maybe formed some sort of jealousy of her daughter when she was a child due to her beauty or maybe the attention her previous boyfriend had. Or maybe because of her real father being absent. And in response, the daughter had pure hatred for her mother or any man her mother specifically chooses, dude could be the nicest guy ever but I think it's the fact that it's the MOMS choice.

  13. Everyone keeps talking about the mom and her eyes closed.. I dont know about her but I also have a tendency to also do this when I'm talking about touchy and sensitive topics to keep myself from crying and to keep calm. Maybe that's why she's doing it? I dont know something to think about so…

  14. Typical book parenting is what they did.. no wonder she wanted them dead… that’s just a more politically correct way of saying that children are still to b seen and not heard… total garbage. Children are not possessions.. they are ppl, individuals.. who have a mind completely of their own… respect that and treat them as such… guide them by your own example and find that middle ground of parent and friend… the day will come when there isn’t a damn thing u can order or demand of them, then what? You can end up with a kid like this. I swear a test needs to b passed before ppl are aloud to have children..

  15. People need to understand that her eyes are not closed she's wearing fake eyelashes …that she keeps battering around

  16. When I was growing up girls that had a bf they weren't allowed to see would just run away with them…. this new generation are on some powerful drugs to wanna kill your OWN PARENTS

  17. If you don't know why your kids want to kill you, try talking to your kids. Look at they way those parents dress. They are also fat. None of them have tattoos. They don't even smoke weed. Maybe if you ate some shrooms you might have some insight as to how bad you are at parenting. But you think your mind is perfect and you don't need medicine. Take your medicine! Smoke weed! Eat shrooms! Parents like these have no excuse not to! Your daughter has done drugs and you have no clue as to how they have been positive for her.

  18. mother is not honest…while she ws pregnant wth this child she may hv had feelings +acted up +known that karma may happen

  19. DAMN a lot of young teens say I wish my parents would die ( out of anger in arguments) I never once told my parents this BUT I've heard a lot of people say it , but obviously they don't mean it , there PISSED THERE parents won't let them stay out til 1 am on Friday after the football game or whatever drama teens have , but to actually steal there MONEY TO pay 2 PEOPLE 2 actually kill them , omg she would of regretted that her entire life and more then likely when he BRAIN matures and devolpes some more ( age 25 TO 30 ) THE guilt of IF she had them killed WOULD of more then likely caused her deep depression causing her 2 kill herself with DRUGS that she would began 2 abuse 2 DEAL with and mask her HORRIABLE EMOTIONS and feelings from that horrific mistake a young dumb teen tried 2 make # thank God it didn't happen it very well could of , she's blessed honestly

  20. As much as everyone is trying to say the mother is weird and to blame. Unless you have been through something like this you have no idea. It may seem robotic but it a coping mechanism that helps you deal with things that seem completely past the realm of normal.

  21. There was an Asian girl who actually went through with having her parents killed because they hated her boyfriend… I dont believe it's drugs I think it was her boyfriend convincing her that her parents are the issue

  22. Mothers who remarried and has a daughter should always have and extra eye for the way the her husband is treating the daughter 😑 At many times the husbands abuse the girls sexually or physically 😓 it is painful but reality

  23. Out of every 5 Dr Phil episodes there's one where I go I just don't buy this. Marijuana mdma and ecstasy don't turn you into a murderer. And framing this like it does is enabling a murderer.

  24. What is it about the boyfriend they don’t like? Is it drugs or alcohol? Maybe she’s wanting this to mask her own pain. She’s got to be holding so much anger and pain from the abuse she suffered as a child

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