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Why Do People Still Use Blackface?

Why Do People Still Use Blackface?

– Boo. (laughing) hi, y’all, it’s Daysha and I’m here to talk about Halloween, one of my favorite times of the year that also happens to be
ruined by racist asshats who think that they have
the winning response for why blackface is okay in 2016. In the wise words of Kanye, “You ain’t got the answers
and you never will.” – is meet me in the zoo in
the morning at 9 o’clock. – Yeah, with the rest of the monkeys? – With the rest of the monkeys. – Yeah, I’ll bring my grandpa with me. – I decided to play a
game with my coworkers to see if they can see why
blackface is so unnecessary in 2016 and 2017, 2018, you know what? Just forever. I had a model come in and dress up as four prominent black celebrities. Given that the argument is that we’d never ever, ever,
ever, ever, ever, ever be able to know who these celebrities are because the people wearing
the costumes aren’t black, I actually wanted to see if that was true. – I’m thinking this is like
an early days Miley Cyrus. (buzzer beeping) – The plaid shirt looks like Al Borland from Home Improvement? (buzzer beeping) – Looks like a nice blond hipster. (buzzer beeping) – Beyonce? (bell chiming) – Ooh, woo. – Did I get it? – Look at you, yeah. – Woo. – I think of Beyonce, I
think of the leotards, I think of like iconic
stuff from her music videos. – So, this was the outfit
from her flawless video. – Oh, I’m so bad. – I’m not a big enough Beyonce fan. That’s my fault. – What gave it away for you? – This. So, if this is her costume she needs to be like this all day long. – Oh, easy, Michael Jackson. (bell chiming) – Michael Jackson. (bell chiming) – How could that be anyone
but Michael Jackson? (bell chiming) – I’m gonna say this is Michael Jackson, although it also could be Eddie Murphy from his rock. (bell chiming) – Sliding in for the win. What gave it away for you? – The jacket. – [Blonde Woman] Well,
it’s an iconic outfit. – [Curly] Oh, this one looks easy already. – I mean, this is Prince.
(bell chiming) – Definitely Prince.
(bell chiming) – Prince.
(bell chiming) – So you would say Prince, final answer? – Absolutely. – Okay. Prince. (bell chiming) (laughing) What about this allowed you
to get that it was Prince? – The glasses, the hair, the outfit again. – The pirate shirt, that’s
pretty classic Prince. – Diana Ross. (buzzer beeping) – Dolly Parton maybe?
(buzzer beeping) – Does Diana Ross sing What’s
Love Got To Do With It? – No. – Okay. – That might be your problem. (laughing) – Tina Turner? (bell chiming) – Tina. – Tina? – Woo. – Tina who? – Tina Turner.
(bell chiming) – Yeah.
(bell chiming) – There is only one Tina. – Woo. Curly’s the winner. Winner, winner. You get a beautiful
skull for being a winner. – Yay, you know I don’t
like bullshit like this, take it back. (laughing) – So, the whole reason why
I brought you here is that it’s Halloween season and it’s very common for people to want to
dress up as iconic people and iconic black people. The issue is though,
is that a lot of people then feel justified in using blackface. – Really? – Yeah. Why do you think some
people feel so compelled to use blackface even though
they know it’s offensive? – It’s funny, it’s something
I’ve never grown up with, the thought of being an option. – Exactly, right? More people need to be raised like you. – I think that people think that, oh yeah, it’s just my costume and they don’t realize like,
the historical significance of blackface and what it means. – They’ve never had that done to them, so they don’t understand the
gravity of the situation. – I know this might feel
like a strange question, but did you ever feel like, when we went through the pictures that you needed blackface to understand who these people were? – No. – So, you struggled with a few of them and like, with those
that you struggled with, like, do you think that
them being in blackface would’ve helped you anymore? (laughing) – No, I think my lack of
understanding pop culture is a definite divider. – These people aren’t
iconic for their race, they’re iconic for their hair, they’re iconic for their style, they’re iconic for their dance moves. – The better your actual costume is, the less you have to do
anywhere else, right? – The answer is not being like, ugh, if only I was brown,
they would’ve gotten it. It’s like no, then you would’ve
offended a lot of people. – You guys, 100, 100 percent,
blackface is never okay. It’ll never be okay, it’s
not okay, it wasn’t okay, that’s just how it is y’all. – Curly is taking me to church
with this sermon over here. – Like, if people don’t recognize it from what you’re wearing, then it was probably just a bad costume. – So, just to recap some of the
major tips that were offered as alternatives to blackface: your look needs to be super duper iconic. In the words of Claudia, if
nobody knows who you are, it’s because your costume is shitty and not because you needed blackface for people to understand. Tip number two: Iconic actions and
phrases are your friends when done non-offensively,
there’s a line there, folks. And tip number three: it never hurts to just
tell people who you are. I mean, it just saves you a
whole lot more controversy than using blackface. Just to be clear, blackface
is not and will never be something that’s okay to do, ever. There’s so many more fun and creative ways to honor your favorite black celebrities without dehumanizing the
entire race at the same time. Real talk, actual blackness is magical and you can’t cheaply imitate
something this magical. So, with that, have a happy and non-racist
Halloween, everyone. Don’t do blackface, yay, but for real, don’t do it. Just don’t do it, you don’t wanna be, don’t be the one, don’t do it, just don’t do it.

100 thoughts on “Why Do People Still Use Blackface?”

  1. this is like me saying that white people getting artificial tans is ALWAYS offensive towards people with naturally tan skin (including me being mixed).

  2. I don't think blackface should be offensive because you are basically expressing honor towards the race, I do think though that some people who do blackface aren't acting the way they should be. I am an anime fan and at cons I've seen people of color cosplay a white person and do what I guess you could call white face, and they get no back lash towards them which I dont think is right

  3. I’m a “white” person, (which isn’t even a real race…) and it makes me so sad to see other members of my race treat people of different races so terribly. Like guess what, stop trying to defend yourself here. This isn’t about winning or losing an argument. This isn’t about individual intent or opinion. This is about morality and history and the facts. And nothing you can say will ever make this right. 😔

  4. Someone please educate me on black face and why is it not acceptable today because history is past and why not move forward?

  5. I still think that people should be allowed to make their face black. I mean. Black people use "whiteface". Like… How is it offensive?

  6. I have three classmates that jokingly use racism and I don't think it's ok. One of them is darker in color, but not black, yet he keeps claiming he is… And the two other ones dressed like him on Halloween. They literally but black face paint on their face and it was weird. I mean, while it was just joking about my classmate being "black" that's fine, it's not like he was saying the N word or anything but those Halloween costumes… Jeez

  7. These comments make me want to throw up. I just will never understand what is genuinely wrong with people’s brains to try to persuade us black people and others that this is okay?? Like do you really think that you saying “we don’t mean it like that” is going to change how terrible it is?? You really are just making it worse for yourselves and causing clout which I’m sure is what you came for so yikes

  8. you are so ignorant. Just because you have a few friends from different ethnicities doesn't not make you not racist. Stop talking about other things and people you are uninformed about. Everyone please learn each other history. Slavery for black people started around 1400s then got turn into a "social/ political correct" stereotype in the 18-1900 world wide towards black people we were treated like objects and property at a higher scale than every other minority groups that's the difference. Its not something to just get over. You say ancestors when we just barely got civil RIGHTS 50 years ago (a few generations grandparents ago). You can't just get over millions killed and lifetimes of no basic RIGHTS every one else still to some level kept because of skin color in such short time. Don't expect your to get it. Racism colorism discrimination is still happening just more subtle. The system has to change literally because crimes charges of basic RIGHts like education and financial freedom friendship and family and jobs were wrongly injustices not provided and allowed families isolated history destroyed. That's full scale of domestic violence and abuse because of skin color. Please try to say something to counter that with your ignorance and condensending uninformed ass

  9. This was 5 years ago…I´m just saying: whoever is free from sin to cast the first stone.

  10. frankly i dont care, but you know white face(snoop dog, wayans brothers,Eddie Murphy,dave chappelle ) ,Asian face(yellow face)(mickey rooney) …has been done for comedy …hypocrisy is not ok………….but black face is racist?… either it all is racist or it all is not………………or what about that there is a trend for Asians to make then self look more white (sometimes using surgery) and some to look black(B-stylers ). or in comedy when someone looks any race they are not ….(shawn Connery) like every move he was in. Adam sandler has a dude(rob schneider) in a lot of his movies portraying a Mexican, a Asian, a black man. im just saying.
    maybe make a video on all the racism in media for… all races… overall. that would be educational. id watch it

  11. I think this blackface app is extremely racist and dereogetory. As a white person im not offended by this video, I’m offended at the fact that anyone woul EVER, EVER use this

  12. can you maybe also talk about black pete. its a white peoples tradition from the netherlands.. and i wont say its worse then this.. BUT it is very problamatic and this is more a black face. no it actually IS blackface all in 2018 still here. We black woman in the netherlands have spoken out abot this year in year out but dutch people Do NOT want us to change their tradition. they claim its a kids party but the elders are getting upset over this.. while clearly black pete is the worker from ''sinterklaas'' he kind of look like santa claus. And black pete needs to bring the gifts around. back in the days pete would take chiildren with him if they were bad during the year. Pete was kind of a scary character. St was the holy man.. they really do call him ''goed heilige man'' (good holy man) the further you get into petes history more awful it gets. He goes from st's friend, to sints helper, to sints servant. and so go on. and when pete started.. he was white. … .. surprisingly before white pete .. there was NO pete.. and before this whole party.. there was black face.. and before black face there was slavery!! .. so i dont even understand why those white people in the netherlands cant understand this or maybe they just mad we finally saw the light.. its horrible.. And makes alot of black people feel terrible about this. We want to put more awareness about this online in the hope that important people that can make changes can actually see the light. and also the people that do not understand what their participating in to change their view and thinking on this holiday. i hope you want to dive into this information and make a video about it i would really appreciate it, maybe make a video maybe an instagram post we are really searching for people with an influence and platform to share their thoughts on this to help us growing awareness thank you in advance sincerely

  13. halloween is a terrible time for indigenous people as well, the sexualization of the ideal 'native girl costume' .
    guys, search up the highway of tears in Canada.

    also blackface is never in ANY way okay. I don't understand how you could dislike this video, it upsets me that whenever these kind of controversial but NEEDED videos are filmed people get offended in the wrong way.

    please stop victimizing yourselves!!!! we are just trying to address an issue that needs to be spoken about, not trying to take your privilege away.

  14. People lost the true meaning of blackface, and its shown in this exact video:
    1. White people who would paint their skin black in shows (actually taking the role that otherwise could've been for a black person)
    2. Dehumanizing balck people with awfully insulting and offencive interpretation.
    3. Making it for "humor" (racist humor)

    But today, if you have a cosplayer make a costume of a black character:
    Its no taking the job of anyone (since cosplay is a hobbie)
    Its not dehumanizing anyone, really, if anything when you see a model do cosplay of a black character you see something beautiful, same with a black woman cosplaying anything.
    And most important of all its never made in a humor sense, really, if we cant go past history we will never have true equality because we will all be scared of repeating the past that its not being repeated.

    The video misses a bit the point, because while you can make poor cosplays like those in the video it will never get the same quality than a fully looking cosplay, painting your skin black is not a form of mocking anymore, its a matter of a respect for the character/person you are cosplaying as.

  15. what's with all the dislikes? do people really disagree with the statement "blackface is never okay"? do they know the history of this, and how dehumanizing this is to black people? as a black girl, sometimes I think, "maybe the reason I think that is because of me being black. if I wasn't black, would I understand?" and then I think, "hell yes I would." Because it shouldn' t matter what race you are (and this applies to all differences, sexuality, class, etc.) you should be able to understand as a human being that some people have it worse than you, and just because you are not part of the disenfranchised group doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to understand that what is happening is wrong. just a quick comment from me.

  16. you guys have to understand that around slavery time, actors used to use black paint and put them on their face and mock dark-skinned people, they created stereotypes which still exist, thats why doing blackface is like mocking dark-skinned people whether you like it or not

  17. I noticed in social media people starts to darken their skin color and eventually I learned there is even a term for it "blackface". At first I thought it was pretty harmless, because probably I just didn't understand. But now with knowing the background of where blackface came from I understand now why it is offensive and should never be okay. But tbh… people sometimes are overboard also and called tanned white people doing blackface…

  18. So be VERY careful guys!! Too light emojis could trigger asians, darker – indians, too black and you're f****. 🙄 Gotta love 1st world problems…

  19. Why do people still do "whiteface" (mimes)?? Hmm weird how whiteface isn't racist but blackface is it should both be ok tbh

  20. I'm genuinely trying to understand why wearing darker foundation is so offensive.
    Obviously I understand the history of black face and that it would be used in a mocking manner, but if someone darkens their skin tone because they think they suit that tone why is it so terrible? I mean people fake tan to a point where they look a different race (in my school for e.g) but it goes unnoticed?
    And also some black people bleach their skin (I know, it's terrible) but that isn't called white face or anything, so it's nothing to do with skin colour but rather the history of it's use (that probably made no sense sorry 😂).
    I'm not trying to be rude and would appreciate it if someone could help me understand all this? 🙂

  21. I’m sorry if your white and you dress up as tiger woods that’s double racist because that’s Yellow face and Black face

  22. It’s funny that the comments are loaded with uneducated white people asking why black face is wrong and why white face isn’t a thing white face isn’t a thing Beucase white people weren’t/aren’t physically and mentally targeted because of there skin color to the extent that Black people are and were and will be so if you wanna pretend that isn’t real then go ahead and be an ignorant fool

  23. i thought america is the country of freedom..are they telling me which colours im not allowed to put on my face? strange

  24. Because they do what they want and they don't care if some community do business with victimization. Blackface is funny, if you don't like it, don't look at it.

  25. 3:11 acts like there is a significant amount of parents who raise there kids to dress up as and make fun of black people

  26. What a presumptuous woman. If I dressed up as Michael Jackson and painted my skin darker why is that equivalent to the historic blackface stereotype? Believe it or not, until 1987 Michael Jackson was Black. I understand that this is a sensitive topic in the USA (land of slavery) but wtf? Don't tell me what to do lady! Anyway, I don't celebrate Halloween..

  27. "Wise words of Kanye"? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Kanye wouldn't know wise words if they bit him in the ass.

  28. Are ppl so sensitive these days??? how are you suppose to dress up as your favorite, I said favorite Celebrity without offending, I mean I couldn’t figure out Beyoncé???? and I love her.

  29. I once dressed up as Bob Marley for a fancy dress party, the subject was anything beginning with 'B'. My decision to dress as him was because he is one of my idols whom I have enormous respect and admiration for. Does this make me a racist? Why would a person showing admiration through mimicry be offensive?

  30. Remember when the Wayans brothers played white chicks, or what about Robert Downey Jr playing a black guy in tropic thunder. Who cares? People are so easily offended over trivial things.

  31. There is a costume where you blackface is part of the costume tho,… when you go in as Robert Downey Jr playing Kirk Lazarus playing Lincoln Osiris (Tropic Thunder). No I nor debating that it is okay or not to do blackface, just that blackface is essential for that character. You could still go with another costume if you don’t want to offend people. (As long as your other costume is not Zwarte Piet or Black Morris Dancers, which are another whole can of worms).

  32. If you are white, you do not get to decide wtf is offensive to blacks, aboriginal americans, asians, arabs and hispanics or not. 😒😒

  33. For all of you who don't understand, I think the point of this video is to try and teach people why blackface is offensive to people of color I personally think it is because it is trying to mock how other races think people of color act im 14 rn so I still have a lot of learning to do but that's what I think about when i think of blackface hope this helped.

  34. I would argue, firstly, what strictly constitutes “blackface”. Is it the red-lipped, Brown-faced characterization of black people from minstrel shows with the sole intent of mocking their physical features and characteristics? Or is it anytime a person applies brown or black face paint to themselves while portraying a person of color? Secondly, are there ever instances where blackface is acceptable? I remember hearing a story of a young boy who donned blackface for an assignment that requires him to create a trifold of a historical person he admired, dress like him, and share info about his life. He chose Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as his hero and painted his face brown because Dr. King’s race was an integral part of his life and he felt he could get the impact of his story across better by looking like him racially. Is it still racist if the intent is not to mock black people but, in cases like this, celebrate them? I personally have ALWAYS wanted to paint my skin brown for one day, wear a short-cropped black wig and walk around to see if I would be treated any differently for my skin color. I saw it in a South African movie once where the characters do this and I really think it would actually help people understand racism better because I feel people typically learn best from first-hand experiences. But I feel people wouldn’t be open-minded enough to socially allow it.

  35. Has anyone ever noticed how mulattos tend to be the biggest malcontents and trouble makers. Almost like their Aryan admixture makes them more intelligent 🤔

  36. Not every costume is the same and who is doing Blackface?? What 50% of Americans think that Blackface is acceptable??

  37. Yeah blackface isn't the end if the world and I would be stoked to go to a blackface party! Who's got the address?

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