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Why I Should Be A Movie Star!

Why I Should Be A Movie Star!

(coughing) – Sorry. Hey guys! So I probably should’ve made this video before I went “mixing in apples”
for about three weeks, but the reason I haven’t posted in a while is because, well, there’s
actually three reasons why. The first reason is because
I recently just got back from Singapore and Malaysia
’cause I had a couple of shows. It looked something like this: (fans cheer) (fans scream) The second reason is pretty obvious. I’m sure you guys can hear it,
but I got pretty sick on that trip and it looked something like this: (coughing) Sorry. And finally, last but not least,
the third reason is because, well, I’m filming a movie!!! (voice squeaks) Listen to my voice. Let me do another take. The last reason is
because I’m filming a movie, since you couldn’t understand
what I just said. That’s right, I’m a freaking mainstream
Hollywood movie star now. Well, I mean, I’m not exactly
the star of the film, so I guess you can’t
really call me a movie star, and it’s not exactly mainstream
because it’s an independent film, and it’s not even shot in Hollywood. It’s shot in downtown LA. But it’s still a real movie, okay,
and I’m still a real movie star. I had so many lines.
It looked just like this: – (man) No buttons. Guess they really don’t want us to leave. – (scoffs) Who would want to leave? (swaggy music) I’m a movie star.
Look at this hair. Okay, even though I’m making
jokes right now, it’s true. I really have been working on a movie. And I’m not gonna lie,
it’s been a little tough for me. And I know a lot of you guys
think that I’m a good actor, but acting in a movie is completely
different from what I do here, especially since the movie I’m doing
is actually not even a comedy. It’s actually a thriller/horror/… I don’t know what it is.
I didn’t read the script. The point that I’m trying to tell you guys
is that I’m a movie star now. I’m famous :P. I don’t have time to be doing these
silly amateur non-movie videos any more. I’m moving on. I’m “movie-ing” on. (chuckles) See? I’m funny too.
I’m so funny. Look, Hollywood called and they
wanted me to be a movie star. Okay, well, maybe they haven’t called yet, but they’re going to because
I have everything it takes. I’m going to be the next movie star. Here’s all the reasons why
I SHOULD be the next movie star: (funky music) I can cry on demand. The moment I saw you cry (sobbing) I can’t stand the paparazzi. Oh, please ma’am,
no photos today, please. No photos. I have an agent that I always yell at. Look, you’ve been my agent for over a year. Where are all my auditions?! – Sir, this is State Farm.
I’m your insurance agent. – I walk the red carpet
pretty much every single night. (water drains) (crowd cheers) – I always take a really long pause
before I say things to make them more dramatic. – Hey, Ryan, you wanna go grab lunch soon? (dramatic music) – Yeah. Not to mention, I always
make the fans scream. (fans scream in horror) – Oh my god! – Ouch, Charlie! – And I’m already on a show
called Teen Wolf, which many of you might know. It’s just that people don’t recognize me
because of the makeup. You can even ask some of my co-stars
from the movie I’m doing right now. They have already seen and witnessed
the awesomeness that is my acting, and these guys, they love me. They’re gonna tell you
how great I really am. Like Nathan Kress, for example. A lot of you guys may know him
from the infamous TV show, iCarly. He knows I’m good. – (Ryan) Uh, Nathan?
– (Nathan) Yeah? Uh, hey, Ryan. – (Ryan) Could I ask you a question? – No, Ryan, you can’t. Because I know what you’re gonna ask. You’re gonna ask me
if you’re a good actor, and you’re not a good actor, okay? Now let me go do my work. – (Ryan) Oop, yeah.
I wasn’t going to ask that, but– – Yes, you were.
– (Ryan) Oh. Hey, I’m going to come in. – NOOOOOO! – (Ryan) Okay! Like I said, Nathan was on iCourtney,
or whatever that show is. It’s a TV show. It’s not a movie, meaning
he knows nothing about nothing. That’s a double-negative.
He knows nothing about knowing… He knows everything about knowing nothing. I’m a movie star. I didn’t say I was a mathematician. My other co-star, Ginny Gardner,
which some of you might know from the movie Project Almanac,
a huge studio film. But she knows exactly
what it’s like to be a movie star, and she’ll tell you how great I’ve been. (Ryan) Oh, hey, Ginny!
Can I ask you a question? – Hi, uh… yeah, sure. – (Ryan) Um, okay, so on a scale
from nine to ten, how great of a movie star actor
would you say that I am? – Uh, you only gave me two options, Ryan. – (Ryan) Yeah, nine to ten.
So what would you rate me? – Uh, I mean, I guess
I would give you a nine? But then again, I only have two options. – (Ryan) Yeah, nine,
as nine being the highest? – As in nine being the lowest out of
the two options that you gave me. – (Ryan) You know, that’s
still a 90%. That’s an A. I respect Ginny, but she wasn’t
the “star star” of Project Almanac. If she were, she would’ve gave me a ten ’cause she would’ve known better. Or even my other co-star, Kirby. She’s from Project X, another huge film. She absolutely adores me
and tells me how close I am to breaking through Hollywood
and just blowing up there. I don’t know what that visual was. (Ryan) Hey, uh, Kirby,
can I ask you a question? – Sure. – (Ryan) So, you know,
Hollywood heartthrobs, right? Like–
– Know them well. – (Ryan) Yeah, Ryan Gosling.
You know, there’s Ryan Sheckler, – Ryan Seacrest–
– Meow. – (Ryan) Ryan Reynolds–
– Mmm! – (Ryan) Don’t you think
it’s about time for some Ryan Higa? – Some what? – Ryan… Ryan Higa. Me. – Your name’s Ryan? – See, ’cause she’s used
to calling me the King of Acting or the Best Actor Ever, so she
doesn’t really call me by my name. And last but not least, my boy Mark Furze. He is from… well, he’s from Australia. So I don’t really know the shows out there, but he’s on something out there. He’s probably one of my best friends on set. I always got his back.
He’s always got mine. He even has a YouTube channel. (Ryan) Hey, Mark?
Can I ask you a question? – F*ck off, Ryan. – (Ryan) Oh… okay. (nervous laugh) Sorry. Well, you know what, Mark? You make YouTube videos, okay? Why don’t you grow up
and get a real job, nerd! Anyway, now that you guys
have seen the facts for yourselves, you should be able to
understand where I’m coming from. It’s time for me to move on. It’s time– (laughs)
It’s time for me to “movie” on. (laughs) See? I’m funny.
Twice now. So as I was saying, I made
this video to let you guys know that this is going to be my last video ever. I’m not going to be posting next week
because it’s time for me to move on. I’m moving on to Hollywood. (phone rings) Speak of the devil. Hello, I’ve been expecting your call. Yeah? Okay. Oh my god, that’s perfect! Okay, bye. Okay, so Hollywood is saying they hate me. They don’t want me.
They never did, so I’ll probably do YouTube videos
for the rest of my life. I guess I’ll see you guys next week.
Talk to you later. Goodbye! Tee hee!

100 thoughts on “Why I Should Be A Movie Star!”

  1. I waited 3 years to see this movie and tonight i bought it. You werent the star yet…you were the star 🌟 i just got so happy everytime you were on screen, even at the parts where happiness wasnt really the appropriate response 😆

  2. Dude I have made 8 movies so far in my 3 year career.
    But still nice job at being a movie star.
    My crew is only 3 people LOL
    But my editing and camera and budget are really low money but they look pretty good in the long run.

  3. Lol . 'Tell me how I die'.. someone posted the trailier and put your face in the thumb nail to get views and I clicked thinking it was one of your parodies 🤣

  4. Don’t press/click read more

    Now you have god luck for the next 20 years… like to activate… and no I didn’t spell god wrong I meant it that way

  5. Hey I used to watch iCarly back in U.A.E But apperently they stoped ans Sam went to a show called Sam and Cat_Which is Ariana Griande and now she is a umm just like justin twerking blah blah blah and stuff……….


  6. This us the desire of what Egypt exposed as a Reptilian humanoid being and it wanting to be in the image of man. They were told that Adam first maj was made in God's image and are jealous. Still today they live among us and are trying to destroy our planet. Hence spraying of skies. Genetic tampering with food. Burning of oil which is against the Christian God laws. Texas Tea Black gold should tell you it wasn't tea dumped in Boston Harbor but Crude oil which was used for street lamps in England then here in USA in colonial times

  7. I watched Tell Me How I Die and it was alright I remember the one scene where the two scientists blow up and the special effects were so low budget it looked like one of Ryan's videos. I couldn't take the rest of the movie seriously.

  8. This is just Ryan being bullied XD

    I assume the rest of the cast isn’t actually that mean to him, and it was staged.

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