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Why N.F.L. Cheerleaders are Fighting the Gender Gap | NYT

Why N.F.L. Cheerleaders are Fighting the Gender Gap | NYT

It’s obvious from just
looking at these women, how much work goes
into that job. Even just to audition for
these teams is really costly. I’m Amanda Hess and
I’m a critic at large for the culture department
of The New York Times. I’ve also been reporting on
cheerleaders since 2011. Back in 2011, I wrote what
I think is the first story about the underpayment
and treatment of N.F.L. cheerleaders. But at the time I
wrote that, I actually went on cable news
and the person interviewing me said that he
found my story interesting, but he thought I was the only
person who cared about it. So a lot has changed since then. So the difference between
what was happening in 2014 and what’s happening
now is that initially some cheerleaders in
a variety of teams started suing for minimum wage. They weren’t being
paid the minimum wage when you factored in
everything from the practices they were obligated to go to,
the games, calendar shoots. Now the lawsuit
that has been filed is a gender
discrimination lawsuit. They are basically controlled
by the teams in ways that male players are not. The teams were exerting
this huge amount of control over their lives. The Buffalo Jills were told
everything from how to fold a napkin to how to
wash their genitals. Cheerleaders are, as a
rule, highly discouraged from fraternizing
with players. That can mean anything
from, you know, talking to them at bars
to dating them. Part of the problem with the
rules against cheerleaders fraternizing not
just with players but with other members
of the teams’ organizations is that it makes it
difficult for them to advocate for themselves,
to get a different job with a company, you know,
later on to use that position to get
something that’s actually paid.

36 thoughts on “Why N.F.L. Cheerleaders are Fighting the Gender Gap | NYT”

  1. Once, more than 100 years ago, a famous Russian poet dedicated his poem to female beauty. The beauty of a woman is the happiness of her loving husband.
    All harmony, all wondrous fairness,
    Aloof from passions and the world,
    She rests with tranquil unawareness
    In her triumphant beauty furled.
    When, all about her, eyes hold muster,
    Nor friends, nor rivals can be found,
    Our other beauties' pallid round
    Extinguished wholly by her luster.
    And were you bound I know not where,
    Be it to love's embraces bidden,
    Or what choice vision you may bear
    In heart's most private chamber hidden,-
    Yet, meeting her, you will delay,
    Struck by besmusement in mid-motion,
    And pause in worshipful devotion
    At beauty's sacred shrine to pray.

  2. Sad for the NFL whom generates billions year in year out and under paid skin tight women to shake their money makers. Honestly "Strippers" make more don't know why these women even bother with the corrupt NFL.

  3. I have a feeling that being a cheerleader is a stepping stone. A means to an end. An internship. Either that or these women can't do math when they see how much their earning potential is before competing vigorously for the job.

  4. I love that nyt takes this and then seriously. They are athletes and performers and should be well compensated!

  5. It doesn't make sense to me why you'd center your whole life around looking pretty and trying to fit into some meaningless athletic social circle. If you don't like being treated like an object stop acting like one.

  6. Has the FBI been called in to investigate? Hopefully they can find the perps who have been putting guns against these broad’s heads and forcing them to try out for the cheerleader positions. And the NFL teams must be in cahoots with the perps by not telling the cheerleaders up front about the team rules and job requirements. Sounds to me like it’s an organized crime ring that’s responsible

  7. About 9 yrs ago I brought this up to my bf and he said well they enjoy it and they get exposure. I am so glad you posted this but o wish it was longer. #gobroncos

  8. Hypergamy: women's ability to better herself in so many ways. Did any guys were able to read between the lines?

  9. I was at a NFL game during the preseason and at the halftime show, dad's daughter was part of the jr Raiders cheerleader performance. I said to the guy "you know these NFL cheerleaders are treated like slaves that receive little to no pay". His response is "I respect your opinion but this is for the kids"

  10. I say fire them and never have cheerleaders again that will end the gender issue. Not all teams have cheerleaders, so do away with it.

  11. Cheerleaders are dispensable
    I want to see the game and not some scantily clad whores women
    Men who are sexually undersupplied should go to hooters or to a nightclub

  12. Feminism is a self-correcting problem United States has 21 trillion dollars in debt feminism hurts jobs when the system collapse things will go back to normal

  13. i don't get why she would compare the freedom the male players have to the cheerleaders. the male athletes are there because the team thinks they are a good fit and they are willing to pay millions of dollars for them and cheerleaders aren't contributing to the team as much as the players

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