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Why Rai Benjamin Brakes for Steaks | Athlete’s Cookbook | Nike

Why Rai Benjamin Brakes for Steaks | Athlete’s Cookbook | Nike

– [Rai] Do you know
what a stutter step is? – [James] A stutter step. – Yeah. – That’s like when you on the dance floor right? And you see a pretty girl and you about to step to her but then you stutter for a second like, am I ugly or not? I’m James Davis and I’m an actor, comedian and writer. I never thought much about eating healthy. Until my body let me know, hey sucka, it’s time to think about eating healthy. Now I’m on a mission to
learn how the best athletes in the world fuel their training
with healthy, simple food. – It’s important that you
replenish with high protein. – [James] Because it turns
out every job is like a sport. And every meal counts. Rai Benjamin is my guy. He is one of the most exciting
young track stars around. When dude was in college, he
set a 400-meter relay record. And on his first trip to
the world championships, he won first place in the same event, then got second place in
the individual 400 meter. Oh and that last one was with hurdles! Because apparently it’s not enough to push the limits of human speed, Rai likes to do it with
furniture in the way. This is my first time getting cupped. I don’t even know what cupping is, I’ve just seen all the
cool athletes doing it. This feels weird. Whoa let me tell you
something this is not, the most comforting thing
I’ve done in my life. But I’m overly dedicated
to whatever it takes to be the athlete version of myself. I hear footsteps. – [Rai] Dude. What is going on here? – Rai is that you? – Yes sir. – ‘Cause I can only see your shoes. Which look great! – Thank you, appreciate it. – [James] You ever cup, you do this? – [Rai] I’ve done it once. When these come off, like
it’s gonna itch a little bit. – [James] They didn’t tell me that. – And it looks like your
back is growing like extra, I’m not even gonna say it. – [James] I feel like I’m
more interested in hearing from you than continuing
with this cupping process. – [Rai] All right let’s go. Let’s get these cups off. – Hey, hey cup lady? Can you de-cup me Ohh, ohh okay. Ohh, heyy, do I look
like a pepperoni pizza? – You sure do. – Oh! I see you got the big dogs out. So break down to me, what this meal is and how it relates to your training. – During the fall,like, I like
to get that protein in ’cause you’re lifting a lot. We’re training a lot, we have
long days so it’s important that you replenish with
high protein. – Would you have this
like, right before a match? – Oh definitely not,
you don’t wanna do that. – So that will slow you down? – Oh yeah that will slow you down. – Okay ’cause I thought so, I was like I thought
this will slow you down. – That will slow you down,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Imma need you to take
this nice here olive oil. Here you go sir. And you’re gonna drizzle that
on both sides of the meat. – Oh that’s a lot, that’s a lot. – Oh yeah that was a shower maybe. – How often should I
have a meal like this? – I would say probably twice a week. – Okay. – Depending on your training. – I’m trying to bigger, yes,
I am trying to get bigger. I am in the gym. – That’s it? – Yeah I’m in boxing, I do some boxing. – Okay, okay. – Look you see my sweatshirt? It’s really nice I can’t get no oil on it. – Yeah it is, I like it, I like it. – You know what I’m saying,
I can’t show you the hands. But I got ’em. I’m just gonna like, flick at him. – Let me see your slip,
let me see your slip. – My slip? – Yeah, oh okay. – My bad, my bad. – Yeah there you go.
– Here we go, here we go. You know what I’m saying. Whoa, what, what, come here. All right back, we’re back to cooking. We’re back to cooking. – [Rai] This is Himalayan
pink salt, from the Himalayas. – [James] All right. – Yeah just you know,
sprinkle that thing on there like that
– Okay. I forgot the Lawry’s. This right here. – Oh, Lawry’s is my jam. – Yes, it’s important. – This looks like the salt
that be at my grandma’s house. Black-grandma salt.
– Yeah. And the pepper.
– Pepper. So we gonna do all this on
one side and then flip it? – Flip it and then do
it on the other side. – I’ve made a steak before myself sir. – See, I like it. – Yeah, were you always a chef? – Not necessarily. When I went to college, I
was just eating whatever. Pizza, burgers. I realized I need to get to that next level and in order to do that,
my nutrition needs to like supplement my practice. – Did you see immediate results? – Yeah, like the way I felt. How I performed. Like how I practiced, like
my recovery from practice. – [James] Okay. – Boom! – [James] Boom, boom, boom, boom. – [Rai] Let that sit, let
it soak up the nice juices. We’re gonna throw the
grapeseed oil in there. – You just got back from Doha. – Doha, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Doha!
– Yeah. What were you doing in Doha? – So I was there for about 20 days for the world championships
for track and field. – Okay. – I was able to come home
with a silver and a gold. – I see you. – There we go. So we gonna throw these steaks on. – Oh I like the sound of that. – [Rai] And we’re gonna
do this for four minutes on each side, ’cause it all
depends on the cut of the meat, how thick it is, so
we’re gonna get some more grapeseed oil. Toss these in here. Yeah, get in there. – Why is the broccoli, acting like bacon? – You know that’s my fault. Stove was probably too hot. – [James] I have never
seen broccoli that active. – Do you know what a push-in means? – A push-in? – Yeah. – A push-in? – Yeah, like push, in. – Oh that’s like a type of belly button. Some people got a push-in and
some people got a push-out. – Yeah, you know what, yeah. – Yeah, I have a push-in.
– Me too. Some people got them push-outs. – I gotta push-in slash push-out. – Oh it’s like innie outie? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you weird. And how do you like your steak? Medium, medium well? – Come on. – I don’t know, people different. – Medium. – Medium? – To medium rare. – Oh you like to see that red in there. – [Rai] Yeah, yes sir. – [James] But I don’t want
it to be like, too raw. – [Rai] Yeah, yeah, no, no definitely not. – [James] Medium though. To anybody out there who
eats their steak well done. Just be a better person. – So now we’re gonna add some
rosemary in there It’s popping, it’s popping. Get some butter on that right there. – And this is performance? ‘Cause this just feels
like a good meal that you have before you propose. – I mean this is also
a good meal but like, you want it to taste right you know. – I feel real fancy over here. I gotta be honest. That’s sexy, this my favorite
part of steak making. Time to plate it? – Yes sir, time to plate. – Boom, that’s what I’m talking about. Cooking with my boy! I smell the rosemary though, smells good. No broccoli left behind, all the broccoli. – To top it off, we got the potatoes. – This smells like a reward, you feel me? – That’s exactly what it is. After a hard day’s work. – The person who prepared
it, must name it you know. This is like your mixtape, your album. – This plate will be
dubbed, Rai’s Rib-Eyes. – Rai’s Rib-Eyes. That’s a good look right there. – It’s looking good. – It’s almost like we
made the rib-eyes, rise. Boy, you shut yo’ mouth! In my head, okay then! Let’s eat it! What is it about hurdling that is the most challenging? – Maintaining focus and
knowing what you have to do in between each hurdle. It may seem like a short
race but there’s just a lot of thinking and a lot of different pieces that go into the event. – I see you over here, arms
kinda poking out the shirt. – I mean you definitely do need your arms, but it’s more lower body-
based, more explosiveness. And also being flexible. – Does your diet and nutrition
affect your flexibility? That’s just more like
strength and recovery. – Yeah right, right. A rule reflecting your performance, like if you’re driving a Ferrari, like I’m not gonna go to the gas station and put like 89 in it, right? I’m gonna put 91 or 93 in there. And like it’s the same with food. – Now tell me about the team aspect. I know in general, you’re
cool with your teammates, how does that all work. – So I live with my other teammate. It’s great, ’cause living
with someone that’s gonna like reflect,
what you want in life. And your aspirations, it’s pivotal. And we even compare food. – Oh yeah? – Your food looks like trash. – Y’all be roasting each other’s plates? Aw man so who’s the better cook? Do something for me. Say it to that camera right there. And then I’ll show it to Michael. – I am the better athlete and better cook. – You heard? We ain’t messing around Mike. You looking at two, world-class athletes, having a meal Mike. Two world class– I’m choking. Oh, oh, oh.
– Yeah, you feel that? – Keep coming, oh yeah. The most fulfilling thing with hurdling is when it actually like, clicks. – Is it like you just
kinda go into a zone? – You basically just blank. It’s just no thought,
everything is just subconscious ’cause it’s at most, you’re spending three,
probably three and a half seconds in between each hurdle. It’s all muscle memory. – Oh you wanna hurdle? He wanna hurdle. I can hurdle three. – Just take it, head on. Boom, own the hurdle. – Imma own it. – Own it, let’s go. – Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Woo! What you want it again? Now, I don’t like how my
hands looked the whole time. – Yeah it’s all right. – It looked like I was trying to take off. But you saw that!
– We’ll work on it. – I respect you. – I like it. All right, well we gonna leave that there. And make some more steak. I need to recover.
– Yeah. – Do you know what a drag step is? – Drag step? – Yeah, whole lot of steps. – Oh I know what that is. That’s when you kill a roach. – And you drag it across the floor. – Yeah you– – How’d you know? – Step, drag! Yeah and then you drag that dead roach. – Do it one more time,
do it one more time. – You dead roach! Come with me.

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