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Why Soccer Players Flop So Much

Why Soccer Players Flop So Much

– You know, we’ve seen it
certainly in this World Cup where players have exaggerated,
perhaps, some fouls. (somber violin music) This goes back to the speed of play. The naked eye could only see this so fast, and these players are
moving at tremendous speed, and pace, and have a lot
of physical strength. And so, what may seem
like an exaggeration, in some cases, is simply
speed and physicality. It doesn’t take much to throw
a player off of their balance, or get them slightly off on
their touch, or what have you. It doesn’t take very much. So, part of it is judging,
“Okay, was there contact?” And if there was, how much
force of contact was there, and did the outcome warrant a foul? Flopping is a convenient way to identify what people think players are doing, and in some cases, certainly
players are exaggerating. And so, referees, it’s
very difficult for us to be the judge to say, “How
much contact does it take “to throw a world class player “off of their particular game?” And, the reality is, sometimes
it doesn’t take very much. If you look at the number
of touches per game, the Ronaldos, the Messis,
the Neymars, you name it, and those top players get
more touches on the ball, and so they see more fouls, just by the nature of the game, right? They’re participating in the game. There are some teams that
have a strategy that is let’s go out and be more
physical than the other team, and so, obviously, if
one of those players, Neymar included, happens
to be near the ball, they’re gonna be the
recipient of a higher number of foul counts. I think there has been
a lot of focus on him and his abilities with the ball, and so I do think teams
are looking at ways to neutralize that, and part
of that may be simple fouls, or even legitimate body
contact that’s allowed by the laws of the game. And that takes its toll over time. Certainly, when you slow things down, tends to look a lot worse than
it may really be in reality, but I do think that there
are players that are trying to develop that as part of their craft, like it’s competitive as it
is just player to player, and now they’re looking
for a competitive edge. And, in some case, I
think that they understand that their teams may be better
with free kick situations than normal run of the play, and so they are looking for opportunities to take free kicks. How
do ya get a free kick? You get a foul called against you. I think from a referee
community standpoint, there will be some focus
after the World Cup, more than likely on how
do we help ourselves, as referees, either identify
situations that are needing to be punished by a foul, or identifying the
situations in which players are taking advantage of
the laws of the game.

100 thoughts on “Why Soccer Players Flop So Much”

  1. Because they’re cry babies. No excuses, rugby is just as fast but you never see this type of behavior.

  2. It is important to have an own opinion but you should still not try to make anyone look bad or insult anyone and be more respectful

  3. This doesn't answer anything.

    I flop because if i act though and continue play, that's exactly what will happen: the game will continue. I lost the ball, and the other team will have possession because of me.

    But if i go down and exaggerate, play will stop, ref would consider to give us advantage, i got a couple seconds of rest, and the bastard who tackled me will get a warning.

    Worst case scenario, i will get the warning for diving. But i still get the rest, and my team could get back to position instead of having to deal with nasty counterattack.

    If football want us to stop doing it, come up with a better refereeing system. Some godly system that sees absolutely everything that happened on the pitch, and call fouls before we players feel the need to draw your attention.

  4. Once saw a player get hit in the knee and he pretended to being hit in the face. That's like a real life Fifa game glitch

  5. I don't normally watch soccer, but tried to watch some world cup game. But gave up pretty quickly because every minute or two a player went down holding their leg.
    I can't understand how people can enjoy watching soccer. It's such a joke nowadays

  6. Answer is easy. That is because they are pussies. "My" people have an expression – "Sissies don't play hockey".
    See how girls play soccer. They are though, really though!

  7. Well sometimes they do actually hurt and that if the ref doesent call it, you may want to flop because you know it should be called for a pen or a freekick etc.

  8. They should replace the word "FLOP" with "Neymar"… the title should be …Why Soccer Players Neymar So Much

  9. What may seem like an exaggeration is 99.99% is an exaggeration. The .01% being the players who are recipiants of ill aimed contact.

  10. I'd just like to say that the US has won every football championship game for the past 52 years straight 😉😂😂😂

  11. Most corrupt sport on Earth is also the most boring unless a stadium collapses and a bunch of those disgusting fans die.

  12. Oh no. It's an exaggeration. They want to take advantage of that potential foul to have a chance on shooting a goal that they are gonna miss.

  13. Flopping wouldn't be a problem if they used a TV referee and penalised players for malingering. Can hardly blame the players when the referees refuse to use any technology or punish the bs.

  14. Players oversell it to get the call, sometimes it is real but they do it so much its hard to tell… its like the boy who cried wolf. You don't even know anymore lmao

  15. Speed and physicality?? Why is it basketball, Aussie rules, hokey, Galic football, Lacross, rugby, grid iron. No players in any of these other high speed games react like this that

  16. Soccer is the absolute dumbest sport in the world. I'd rather watch curling than soccer. Their "athletes" are the biggest babies in the world.

  17. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔🤣🤣

  18. "Why do FIFA players flop so much?" Because they are f*cking puss*es….!!!! That's why !! They would even last in only one game of American football ! LOL Puss*es…!

  19. The potential benefits of faking a penalty are vastly greater than the potential penalties. It's as simple as that.

  20. As an American who enjoys sports but only watches football for major tournaments/events (World Cup, Olympics, league championships, etc.) or the occasional PL match, I just think flopping makes the game look really bad. I get there's a degree of strategy in it, but it just looks really pathetic. Maybe I'm just being too narrow-minded though.

  21. Flopping has spoiled the mens game. Its cheating and is why I prefer only to watch the women's game, but I see that slowly in this world cup the flopping has started to also corrupt the women's game too. To clean up the game flopping should be a Red card offence in my opinion and I gave the mens game a Red card years ago.

  22. Hockey players get blasted into boards at a much higher speed and get right back up or get their teeth knocked out and are right back on the ice. These soccer players are barely getting bumped and react like a kindergartner with a scraped knee. Grow a pair

  23. Not buying it. Watch the Women's World Cup, there's hardly any flopping. Because those players have something to prove they don't mess around. I'm convinced the men are just babies seeking attention. Fouls and contact happen, unless they're really hurt, they should just get back up and keep the ball in motion. I've seen over acting used too many times to break the momentum of the other team during an offensive play.

  24. Speed my butt. The fastest ice hockey players can reach speeds of 33mph. They don't go around flopping everywhere. Crap happens so fast that most of them can't react ("act") fast enough after their face gets smashed in or a teeth is forcibly removed from their jaw with a puck flying at 110mph. They don't go around pretend crying everywhere. Soccer is just lame and I hope it doesn't catch on more than it already has here.

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