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William Fleming Cheerleading Squad

William Fleming Cheerleading Squad

high school football season is here and one group that really enhances that football experience is the cheer team yeah today we are taking you over to William Fleming high school to talk to the head coach and a few the cheerleaders about what it’s like to be a part of their cheer team take a look my name is Terry McCoy and I am the head coach at William Fleming high school we have 112 cheerleaders from ages 5 to 12 years of age our cheer program is composed of all walks of life diversity ethnicities that have a common interest of cheerleading our girls are not just true leaders for William Flynn high school but we look at them as community cheerleaders as well treasurer Taylor and I’m a senior this year and I’m also the head captain I’m Jay Louis I’m also a senior and I’m gonna head captain off as well everybody’s working hard to all be on one Accord so everyone looks alike they’re doing really something good that happens every day either somebody got their back handspring we got a stunt somebody improved on this year it’s like it’s really always something positive eating different game football games are really fun especially home games because we have our whole community come out and support the team people be understand they be Saint H yeah see they can’t hike today so we didn’t start the cheer just to get it more high high definitely when I favor and we noticed that it’s a crowd pleaser the crowd loves that year we go to competitions like you hi we want to make sure that every fan that comes to William Fleming and comes to one of our games has a great experience and experience of excellence father here since we had a majority to team this summer we did a lot together like all the practices the bondage and really mutters like together-together I started tearing my eighth grade year and this is our first year train together and since then I’ve seen a big improvement on myself from Chris McCoy she helped out a lot I’m an alumni William Fleming high school I’ve cheered all through life I’ve cheered in middle school high school college semi-professionally so I’ve cheered all my life so treeling has just had a calling for me so to be offered the position that William Fleming high school and to have that connection to the girls that are coming up and the play machines I was in at one time it’s just a great experience all just wanting is just amazing sisterhood [Applause]

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