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Wine Tasting Goes Sour When Evelyn & OG Argue! | Basketball Wives

Wine Tasting Goes Sour When Evelyn & OG Argue! | Basketball Wives

(intensifying hip-hop music) – What Shaunie brought up about latch key or whatever the case was, I didn’t say that (beep). – Oh okay, so I’m still a liar. – Oh, so we’re right back at square one. I knew it wasn’t authentic, I felt it when we were
taking the (beep) pictures. And now I know, like girl,
go with your instincts, because I knew that this
apology was some (beep). – I don’t have an issue with anybody. (hip-hop music) – All right. – When I tell you I am
tired of these hoes, I am tired. I always have a god damn
bullseye on my back. Let’s get out of here. It’s pretty obvious to me that these girls are not my friends. (sighing) So, for the record, the chapter is closed. Y’all can go to (beeping) Costa Rica, fall off a cliff, burn up in a volcano, I don’t give a (bleep). Stupid (beep). – I do believe she was
under the impression that everything was good with y’all. – She’s picking and choosing
what she’s apologizing for. Jennifer was only apologizing in San Diego because she couldn’t deal with the (beep) heat in the kitchen. – You should own every
piece of what has happened, you know what I’m saying? And that’s cool, you
don’t have to apologize for (beep) you’re not sorry for, but you should have never
presented it that way. Jen’s full of (beep). She always will be full of (beep). And I’ve accepted that. I think everybody should. We can move on, and my
move on is away from her. It is what it is. – I just think it’s good that we’re getting everything out on the table, and the fact that none of you showed up to my retirement gala, that (beep) pissed me the (bleep) off. – I wasn’t invited. – No, It’s not that you weren’t invited, when I was going to invite you, I was told that you were
making fun of my feet and making fun of me behind my back. – I called you Toe-G. (upbeat hip-hop music) – Did you ever see OG’s toe
(laughing drowns out speaker) – No (laughs) – That (beep) is like this. – So she was not invited. – She was not invited after she made those
comments about my toe, absolutely right. Then when I heard you
was making fun of me, there was no point. – Your toe was hanging out of your shoe, so it was a discussion piece. I think Toe-G is a great name. I think it is fucking genius. It’s like, girl loosen
up, everybody makes jokes, but I thought you were so tough. I talked about your toe. – But I wear lotion on
the bottom of my feet, so it does slip, and it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, that’s petty. That’s petty. If you’re looking at
my toes, you’re looking really hard.
– Well it’s hard not to look at it. – Well you don’t have to look, close your eyes!
– No, my eyes are open, and your toe was out for
everybody to stare at it. – And my toe’s a part of me. – In true Toe, OG fashion, she can’t let shit go. Didn’t you and Evelyn already squash the whole Toe-G comment? Why are you bringing up
something that was dead? – So you always going around, “Don’t talk about my daughter,
don’t talk about my daughter” You’re talking about my mother’s daughter. (laughing) – I don’t know you from shit, Jennifer talking about my daughter is two totally different things as me talking about your toe. – Well don’t talk about
– So you can’t compare, – me for no reason.
– I was friends! I was friends with this
person for 20 years. – It doesn’t matter. – It does matter, it’s a
totally different thing. How could you even compare my situation with Jennifer to me making a comment
about your stupid ass toe? OG is a (beep) starter
and a (beep) groupie. I feel like she just needs to
sit her ass the (bleep) down. Especially after the (bleep) she pulled online with my ex-husband. – She asked why she wasn’t invited. – No I just said, because
you had brought it up. – No, bitch, I said I am not doing (beep) until apology is issued, if we’re keeping it all the way 100. – Okay, I wouldn’t have gone anyway. – Exactly, So why waste an invitation? – Exactly! I’m glad that you didn’t.
– I’m glad we’re clear. I did not.
– Yes, we’re very clear. – Very clear.
– Very. – Very.
– Very. (intense music)

100 thoughts on “Wine Tasting Goes Sour When Evelyn & OG Argue! | Basketball Wives”

  1. I don't understand Malaysia s behavior…
    Can't wait for reveal of Kristen spreading the rumors Jacky got accused to come out

  2. Evelyn thinks she is prettier than black women because black men have choose her over black women. But truth be told she could neva. OG is black gold served. So she hang around black girls to feel important.

  3. They all kissing Evelyn ass and Sharnie cause it’s her show but she making y’all ladies look bad while her pockets get bigger, OG is the realist on the show team OG

  4. Shaunie O’Neil is a fk aszz btch that’s why Shaq don’t fck with her and she holding on to that last name .. bird

  5. The fact that Jennifer’s net worth is 25 million but she chooses to tolerate this foolishness from these birds smh

  6. Why does Evelyn care about what went on about her ex, when she divorced him and claimed he he was abusive??

  7. I wish I could find the comment that said shaunie's nose always looks like she's sniffing hot sauce cuz that's all I see now when i see her

  8. 😱, I thought Shaunie had it together, but I come to realize that Shaunie is a bully and a 😏 💃…. She always acts like as she is in control of everyone and everything, but she is not. I think 🤔 Shaunie is a very insecure woman. She is a trouble maker, fake and messy. I used to like Shaunie a lot, but not so much now, she changed. it is all about her 💰💰….Shaunie is a friend to no one.

  9. Malaysia and Kristen has no story line so they picked on Jennifer . OG. cece and Jackie . this entire season was based on cece relationship and they try to bring back the feud with jen I love how jen walked away .and why is evelyn pressed about OG speaking to her ex husband ,she need to get a life

  10. If a piece of hair is out of place on Evelyn's head and you laugh at it, she's ready to slap you. But she can talk trash about OG's toe and she doesn't understand why she's mad??

  11. I don't see why Jen would lie about that! Everyone always takes Shaunie's side and Jen has ALWAYS been looked at the weakling and I'm sick of it.

  12. Evelyn is a mean girl and so is Kristen and Shaunie. They feel that OG is unattractive and should take whatever they dish her way. They're offended by her confidence.

  13. I missed it, late to the party but, Maybe Shaunie has always been low key a hater of Jen and Evil relationship, Shaunie really had no side kicks, they were only down with her for the Bag, sooo she brought friendships,and destoryo others she couldn't control. But just watch how Shaunie flaunts her success in their face, and never acts any of her crew to invest in one of her endeavors, That says a lot about her. If she doesn't have to fw these ladies, because she really feels they are not on her level, she won't. Jen is beautiful, and I feel Shaunie came in the middle of her and Evillyn, and Evillyn chose the bag. HAS Shaunie ever brought a plus one, that wasn't involved in the now franchise on the show as a true friend???

  14. On this episode anyone notice Shaunie so obvious standing behind Evelyn already laughing right before it starts. Anticipating/loving the drama that is starting to unfold in front of her and the cameras. L/M still trying to act/appear innocent it's no longer working. Both Her and Shaunie thinking Evelyn, is handling it like she has in the past, but OG, throws a curve ball, "Don't talk about my mother's daughter!" Brilliant. They can not handle her or outsmart. Or double/triple team her. The gall of Evelyn that's when we were engaged, starting her fairytale life together. Poor thing it takes 2, like the song says.

  15. Kristen and her lil shadee in the confessional girl byeee , we don't like followers of bullys Tf , how old yall tricks is again

  16. Evelyn you're a sad sad female!! Don't nobody wants you, you're old dried up, your looks or fading😭😭😭😭😭😭

  17. What's up with everyone not liking Evelyn. It's hilarious. They all talk about each other. The toe thing is so petty. But why bring it up if they squashed it. This is just entertainment. To much drama I can't.

  18. Them old mess Bees just mad @ OG., because they cant run her….Evelyn is so childish,and Shaunie is a double agent

  19. Everling is disgusting 💯 and is the worst pulse she is a big bully and her best friend need to be real n split justice 💯💯

  20. Every one in the comments talking about shaunie,evelyn and kristen but they all are still making more than yall could ever make and tbh yall hate comments dont matter cause they dont have time to check them…they be busy making money…TF!?!

  21. Elena look everyday flax seeds getting older and older what does spread all across some background of wait till stomach and Jennifer you just a piece of work and I know you are and I keep you bear and I believe what you say about Evelyn definitely and that's the reason I had knees hurt she stay on all the time

  22. Shaunie blow it out your A. Ya DONE. Ya OLD. Ya SHOW is imploding. You got black folks turning against you now and they don’t forget that easy or quickly.

  23. OG should say to Evilyn ‘you don’t know me like that’ meaning I’ll let you know if and when we are cool enough for you to talk Sh!t about me and have things still be cool. UNTIL THEN? Don’t say sh!t!

  24. Jennifer so damn fine and classy with her sexy ass I hope the show get cancelled Shawnie needs her fake ass whooped and Evelyn just go die

  25. ToeG is a disappointment tbh. She tries to portray herself as a smart, strong black women but all she did this season was become the bait. Everytime someone threw the bone her stupid ass will go and catch it. But I guess that's what you do when you have no story line. At least she earned her check this season doubt she will be back that's for sure. They played her good and her dumbass fell for it.

  26. So glad her head was cracked lmaooo that bich was soo petty and I guess she learned that day… Or maybe she didnt bit still… Funny 😂😂😂😂

  27. I’m really disappointed in Shaunie I really don’t like how she be picking sides. I expected for her to be the person that just keeps her lip shut and not join the drama.


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