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Wing Chun VS Boxing

Wing Chun VS Boxing

Boxer: hey Boxer: Kung Fu Man Boxer: Are you the guy that claims to know how to destroy the boxer? Master Wong: you talking to me? Master Wong: you wanna find out? Master Wong: Come on! Boxer: I was hoping you’d say that Boxer: Kung Fu Man Fight! Start! Boxer: Is that all you got? Boxer: Kung Fu Man Master Wong: Is that all you got? Master Wong: Boxer!? Boxer: So, that’s how you wanna play. Huh? To find out Who wins, Subcribe for MORE!

15 thoughts on “Wing Chun VS Boxing”

  1. Master Wung, you are a fool when it comes to teaching. That's why I follow and learn from you. You make training fun and simple.

  2. for me.. boxing will win in real life..
    a boxer always practice or practice more often than any wingchun guy he's built to brawl.. 😂 a boxer has more heart on winning the fight and harder hitting and heavier punches than wingchun. every boxer has a 1 punch opportunity. a boxer also has a stronger body to absorb hits than a wingchun man. my opinion is based on my general observation. but the outcome still depend on the practitioners experience or level as they say. i do love wingchun but for me the boxer will win.

  3. as if I've just clicked on a random video whilst in an obvious youtube hole and it's filmed in my home town and has 4 million views?! what

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