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Woman Watches 1,100 Movies In One Year – Fact or Fiction?

Woman Watches 1,100 Movies In One Year – Fact or Fiction?

We live in a strange world, one where, in
the span of hours, you may see headlines for a grave misunderstanding, a terrible secret,
and a strange personal accomplishment. These are the stories that we’ve gathered
for you on tonight’s episode of Fact… or Fiction. The line that divides the factual from the
unreal has long since blurred, the tales we once thought fantastical now implanted as
truth. To decipher verity from the imagined, you
must break from the ordinary and consider a universe where the outlandish prevails. Can you expand your mind to see beyond our
perceived reality? Can you decide what’s fact or fiction? For our first tale, we revisit a craze that
spread across parts of the world that left some people terrified and some fed up. Can you guess which kind Ian Mooney came across
during his hijinks one day? Story # 1: Clowning Around
It was just supposed to be a simple prank, something silly that people would talk about
for a few weeks and then forget when something bigger unfolded. Ian Mooney already had the clown mask from
a prior Halloween and just had to drum up the cash for the proper attire. When he did, it was time to terrorize his
neighbors. Ian had heard about the rash of clown sightings
across the country, many of which he expected were in response to the new It movie. He, however, just wanted to go out and have
some fun, and so, donning his completed clown costume, he walked up and down Derry Street,
moving at a slow pace to ensure the neighborhood could see his horrifying costume. It was a pretty dull night as most of the
residents were tucked away in their homes, but about a half-hour into the evening, things
heated up in an unwanted way. Ian was just about to turn around at the street’s
end to make another pass of the grouping of houses when a white SUV pulled up alongside
him. The door swung open, and that was the last
thing he ever saw. The bullet pierced the side of his mask, knocking
him to the ground as it lodged itself in his head. Ian lay on the cold concrete, blood pouring
from his mask as the SUV drove away, leaving behind only one piece of evidence. The identity of the gunman was never discovered
and his motives never uncovered, but police suspect it had everything to do with Ian’s
stunt in a clown costume. The world was growing tired of the masked
crazies and it was only a matter of time until someone took matters into their own hands,
clearing the streets of the big-shoed terrors. Surely, a clown outfit is nothing to raise
a gun to, but maybe the individual was tired of the red-nosed fiends terrorizing his town. Gather your thoughts on this story and come
to your own conclusion as we move on to the McKee family. To the people that knew them, the McKee bloodline
provided a service for the small town, but when one patron did some digging, they uncovered
a horror that showed their true nature. Story # 2: The Family Businesses
When Gerald McKee started McKee’s Cremation Services for families with four-legged friends,
he didn’t expect his descendants to bastardize the service and turn it into their own circus. Two generations after him, however, that’s
precisely what happened – and it remained that way for another five years before a patron
happened upon their morbid secret. Barbara Penhaust was distraught when she had
to turn over the body of her sweet Lucky Penny, a German Shephard that had been with her for
years and had been her sole companion. She had used McKee’s from a friend’s recommendation
and was happy to know that her beloved would receive proper treatment. What she didn’t expect was to receive such
kind treatment from the patriarch and widower, Barry. He wasn’t pushy with his requests to get a
drink and while Barbara wasn’t the dating type, after his fifth attempt, she felt bad
for him. Every family has a secret, and for the McKee’s,
the lesser of their two bombshells was that Barry, a man that seemed so put together at
his business, was an alcoholic. And when he drank, he had no filter. When he first mentioned that his son, Lloyd,
owned Donald’s, a well-known burger joint in town, she thought nothing of it. The name different struck her as odd, but
it could have easily been a business handed down. But then Barry let out a secret that the McKee’s
had been trying to keep since shortly after Gerald’s death. She vividly remembered the snicker he let
out when he talked about the “shipment” that was arriving at Donald’s from the crematorium. He had no idea what he was saying, his fifth
vodka tonic made sure of that, so when Barbara pressed for assurance that he was joking,
Barry did the exact opposite. When Barbara learned that Lucky Penny had
been the main ingredient in a Donald’s hamburger, she didn’t know who to call. She was quick to leave Barry at the bar in
his drunken state, confused and wondering what he had done wrong, and when she returned
home, got to work trying to determine how to out the McKee family. She was bounced between the police and the
state health inspector for two weeks before somebody in the state office decided not to
write her off as a lunatic and took interest to her claims. Neither Donald’s or the McKee crematorium
are open today and though Barry tried to leave town once he realized what could happen, he
was arrested before he could get his ducks in order. Lloyd, Barry, and Barry’s father were the
only two aware of the scheme that ultimately tarnished Gerald’s name in the community. While the three dealt with the fallout, Barry’s
wife and Lloyd’s fiance didn’t stick around to be ostracized by the community. Cultures all around the world feast on animals
that are largely considered pets elsewhere, so is it so hard to believe that no one would
have picked up on a strange flavor of the McKee burger joint? As we give you something to chew on, we have
a third and final tale to tell. But before we begin, be sure to let us know
what you think in the comment section below and vote by using the on-screen poll. Priscila Oropeza had a passion for the arts,
one that she clung to so much that it landed her in the spotlights – if only for a little
while. Story # 3: Movies for Life
It was an accomplishment that so few would want to try and reach, but Priscila was happy
to find her name in the headlines for something she enjoyed doing. When she submitted the paperwork into the
Guinness World Records, she never expected they would have responded. Who cares how many times one person has seen
a movie in one year? Apparently, a lot of people would. Her final number of the year was just over
1,100 movies – roughly over 2,000 hours of her life spent in front of a screen of some
sort. It all started in January, where she racked
up 138 movies in the 31-day span. February was a little more active, with approximately
190 more under her belt. Priscila’s numbers kept fluctuating, depending
on her schedule as an attorney, but she didn’t start to dip below 100 movies a month until
later in the year, when the holidays started to get in the way. Her love for cinema started at a young age. Her father was a Mexican movie actor in his
prime years, and though Priscila didn’t feel she could follow in his footsteps, she knew
that movies would be a big part of her life. That was no more true than in 2010, when she
broke the world record for Most Films Seen in One Year. The prolific attorney spent nearly a quarter
of her year watching movies – and it’s not something she regrets. To have her name immortalized in the Guinness
World Records for something related to the cinema is almost like a tribute to her father,
a man that made his living out of entertaining people like Priscila. Could you sit through more than 1,100 movies
in a year? That’s averaging just over 3 movies a day,
every day, for an entire calendar year. Just because you may not be able to doesn’t
mean nobody could, right? Well, we’ve made you wait long enough – let’s
get to the reveal. Are you ready to find out if you can decipher
between fact or fiction? Let’s look back at tonight’s three stories
and find out which were born from reality and which were fabrications of the imagination. We all remember the clown craze of 2016 and
can probably recall a few incidents of injuries, but was Ian’s among them? Thankfully, no. While reports of a clown having been shot
in the head circulated, the stories were a work of fiction, much like this one. How about the McKee family business? Can you fathom a person – or, in this case,
people – so vile that they’d turn beloved pets into meat for people to eat? Dog may not be off the menu in all parts of
the world, but for this story, it certainly is. We compiled this grotesque tale on our own. Finally, we have Priscila Oropeza, a woman
that watched over 1,100 movies in one year. Did it sound like a little too much time spent
in front of the silver screen to be real? According to Maggie Correa-Aviles and the
Guinness World Records, it wasn’t. The Puerto Rican attorney accumulated a total
of 1,132 film viewings from January 1st, 2010 to December 31st, 2010, earning her a spot
in the book for Most Films Seen in One Year. How well did you do in tonight’s video? Did you look past the deception of our world
and define the oft-blurred line that struggles to separate lies from the truth? Let us all know in the comment section below
and should you find the urge to test your perceptions again, be sure to subscribe and
join us next time when we ask you to decide what’s fact… or fiction.

25 thoughts on “Woman Watches 1,100 Movies In One Year – Fact or Fiction?”

  1. im sure she counts tv episode as movies, im sure she has every tv subscriptions out there and binge all the fucking tv shows too

  2. 11,000 in a year.
    There's 365 days a year, movies average around 2.5 hours.
    So that's 3.01 movies a day. So, about 7.5 hours of movie. Fully doable. So not that impressive really. Someone dedicated to breaking the record could do it easy

  3. I got numbers 2 and 3 right and 1 wrong. It seemed plausible that a clown shooting could have happened, but then again I wasn't very active with the news in 2016.

  4. My Mom is 77 years old, and watches at least 3 to 4 movies a day. She has a massive collection of movies from the early days of film up to the 70's. She refuses to watch modern movies due to the bad language and sex that they have in them!

  5. THAT'S NO BIG DEAL😎 not long ago I sold my 565 dvds movies and tv shows like highlander king of queens friends shows that had 4-6 disc and I would hit the library get 10 free dvd at a time so no joke it's easy to do!! That was at a time I could not sleep more than 4hrs a night but even now I'm up at 6:30am workout ride my bicycle for 33miles and still able to turn on net flix or Amazon by 3pm so come on!!😎😎easy

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