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Women Try Fashion Nova Formal Wear

Women Try Fashion Nova Formal Wear

you look like the sexiest disco ball I’ve ever when I think of fashion OVA I think trendy you want to show what you got you might be showing some skin it’ll definitely hug your curves mostly I think about like Instagram daddies actually don’t have anything fashion OVA I am a fashion OVA virgin I actually do own fashion / I bought some of their jeans so I’m actually wearing them right now wasn’t on purpose though I bought this like short jumpsuit and like half my ass without knowing fashion nope I know like this stuff is sexy so that’s what I’m assuming the formal wear to look like do you think of like sensuality how does that translate into you know a nighttime fashion I expect nothing but the sexiest from fashion Nova I don’t expect anything to be over $60 I’m expecting it to just be you know reasonable let’s go glammed up bring on to sexy [Music] very extra and I feel like it matches her personality this looks incredible on you I love like the low neck you’re giving me sexy Wednesday Addams I’ve oh oh yes okay yes I love the fabric like feels so soft is it comfortable it is very very palpable it fits me right I can move in it which is good mine is very itchy I think it looks better than it feels I’m not super crazy about this dress but I like the way that it fits I like that it’s black I like the slit I like that it’s a little more structured I specifically don’t wear the color black ever right so this is definitely outside my comfort zone so I just found out that this little number cost $39.99 and I’m here for so this is $13.99 and I think it’s right on point I wouldn’t pay more than that for this this dress is $34.99 for a dress that someone might like sure just not me so this dress is 69.95 miss for what it is any less I think it would be worse quality and would split on the dance floor as far as quality goes I think it matches the price point so you know everything’s good she’s with me oh my good okay but you look like a damn angel girl you look like the sexiest disco ball I’ve ever and this makes me want to just like go rollerskating or something I love that it’s a jumpsuit whenever I’m in glitter it just makes me wanna up I’m feeling very cute it’s a little sexy but it’s not too much I love this ruching detail it is such a beautiful color what is this material I don’t know it feels like velvet but it’s not velvet did you know that this is a dress that cardi B wore on SNL when she announced her pregnancy oh my gosh I can see why she went with it I can wear it to like party holiday party but we’re like you know I can like pair it with the leather jacket which is mine I’m obsessed with bright colors I wear them as much as possible so this is totally at my alley this look is $49.99 it’s affordable it looks good hey you can’t beat the price so this is $29.99 and I feel like it’s spot on I think that is an amazing price for that this dress was also $49.99 I think it’s fair there’s a lot going on a versatile dress like this I feel like you could really get a lot of wear out of it my jumpsuit is also $29.99 which is incredible like my jaw dropped when I realized it is that cheap I will probably spend up to $70 on this I was expecting like reasonable prices for flattering cuts and that’s exactly what I got I knew that they were gonna come sexy pieces so they delivered when it comes to like plus-size fashion there are so many limited fashion options it’s good that this is another option I thought that price points overall we’re very reasonable I don’t know if the quality was something that I would seek if it was a really important occasion but like you know a holiday party or a hot day expression oh we can catch me in these screams paparazzi [Music] you

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  1. Get their looks;
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    Amelia Twist Front Maxi Dress $29.99

    Ballroom Tulle dress $69.99

    Sugar free dress $32.99

    Up and counting rainbow jumpsuit $29.99

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  3. Do not believe the hype. I just got my FashionNova clothes yesterday. I was super disappointed about how cheap the clothes looked, they were not sewn right, AND they gave me a incorrect item. Plus the customer service is terrible! Spend your money elsewhere ladies and gents.

  4. Yay! Cheap awful outfits to keep the wheel of underpaid eastern workers sewing 20 hours a day for a 50cents spinning!!! ? can’t wait till I get my next package of terribly sewn spandex crap!

  5. Please can you use more ethical clothing stores! Fast fashion is such a huge issue for human rights and the environment. It's also a feminist issue since most garment workers are women and they don't get paid a living wage when they work for companies like Fashion Nova. Please, please will you give some airtime to ethical fashion!

  6. These outfits remind me of the clearance rack with all of the old outdated stuff that no one wants when you go into a store that if youre lucky you may find a cute top you can make work. And I have bought from fashion nova and love their jeans but these dresses give me cheap thrift store vibes.

  7. My problem with fashion nova is that they don’t offer sizes for is tall girls!!! I bought some awesome jeans from there that fit me perfectly………….but they pretty much could have been capris because they don’t size things in long. :(((

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  9. The plus size options on here did not do the web site justice. There are a ton of really beautiful options online. From xs to 3x.

  10. Justnputvthe fat one in a sheet. She can't look good in anything.
    Where would one wear these fancy things anyway?
    Proms r It for formal accept weddings and sexy is not the ticket 4 those.

  11. the outfit #1 most expensive is a horrible fit… the breast-portion is like… have the designers ever seen it on a person?

  12. Fashion Nova is a terrible Brand. Their customer service is Non- Existent. They make it impossible to get a refund and will argue that they didn't receive your returned item even though you have the tracking # to prove it. And their clothing quality is GARBAGE. SMH….

  13. I'm exhausted. Pardon, you all have a lot of free time, we can use a lot of volunteers at the "Big Sister Program" with homework, test preps, etc… You know, Bible, Titus 2: 3-5 required help.

  14. 3:58 “i think that is an amazing price for thaaaat” ugh stop, be honest, these clothes are not formal wear. please stop?

  15. The quality of this video with the panning up/down and out was horrible. I had to stop watching. As is or whatever they are have gone down significantly.

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  17. Why do women age so horribly & they own race converts 2 them hating the BlEsSeD white meat…??
    That’s all they can do is clap away…????‍♂️

  18. A vast majority of females nowadays refuse to dress with modesty and decency. Dressing like prostitutes and strippers is not of God. It's absolutely ridiculous that some females feel the need to refuse biblical instructions for dressing appropriately; they have no shame. When Jesus returns; where will you be in the Lord?

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