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World Cheerleading Championships | Cheerleading

World Cheerleading Championships | Cheerleading

What are the World Cheerleading Championships? Did you know that over 100 countries have
organized cheerleading? It’s true and the World Cheerleading Championships
is where those countries come together to compete for the title of World Champion. The World Cheerleading Championships is hosted
by the international Cheer Union, a non profit governing body that helps countries develop
cheerleading programs. The World Cheerleading Championships take
place every April, teams from around the world from Germany to Taiwan, from Columbia to South
Africa come together to compete. They compete in all girl, co-ed, partner stunt,
group stunt and dance divisions. USA Cheer, the national governing body of
cheerleading in America is represented at the championships by Team USA which is comprised
of the most talented cheerleaders in America. You can find out more information about the
World Championships at

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  1. My girlfriend is a cheerleader and these cheerleading video's have helped me learn more about what she does as a cheerleader. Please post more!

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