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Worlds Strongest Cheerleader

Worlds Strongest Cheerleader

so i know this chick’s name is what i
saw it and it had been in a housing all it is a more aggressive first i was
wondering if that was photoshop uh… but because that is not his real
right and works photoshop ending up our arms look unpaid tables trina yet and i heard there was a debate on this
is a debate on anybody but i might gavel with me but values like this nine nine nine no way no way not even close to know where what they
consider entrapped denied i’d be worried it she was going to be to
break something of my decision and i’m much more worried that you give
up a lot of damage actually doesn’t buy yes definitely houses because they she doesn’t look so
bad about picture but this one although this is an excellent ages ago
male couple okay look here’s the thing i’m not gonna go quite that far longer
arms uh… nine to go quite as far as you handled
by now with some of us were hit it now they like in eleven months she actually increased
the size of our arms by four inches so there’s a whole debate about whether or
not she’s taken steroids yes and uh… now there’s this whole
story about how she turned down a modeling contract with the fitness
magazine or something because i had the fitness magazine would require her takes
like neagle steroids for the photoshoot doesn’t matter now i don’t mind if
that’s my body but we should this is a photoshop that looks like the longest on
the world and right now if there is no way i would
look up with a spike make no no no way that i want find out what’s going on at
the outset just condominium into me and what kind
of thing and now he’s so much larger than everyone else that there is a
nation that she’s got a great stomach haha larger hands dont tell him that we’re gonna find out some of you uh… i daresay was the first of all
this was a much more this is where i can feel first of all jake is doing acts like he’s never seen a woman it’s
told in five three is that the fact is i exited role cd hits the german armor on seasonal
offerings he finds the central is the was the thinking is it family and i said oh you’re you’re
afraid of women the lonely now apparently in the bedroom somebody gets
dominated the anyother apartment in the status exact
opposite the press release a woman rasmussen the
peaceful highlighted anybody that i like alexander a there are going out in the last four
numbers that’s a story of this error tissue at the shower he
was there but i’m just abs make stuff up

100 thoughts on “Worlds Strongest Cheerleader”

  1. @MarsManatee

    That's a completely stupid generalization. Tastes are far more diverse than you realize. You clearly aren't taking bisexuals or the transgendered or anyone you may not consider "normal" into account who may be attracted to androgyny. I'm just saying that there's a growing interest in defying conventions and gender roles aren't what they used to be. This isn't the fucking middle ages anymore.

  2. Im getting tired of cenk throwing his opinion at everyone as though he is right about EVERYTHING. "She IS ugly, she IS way too big, I would NEVER, hook up with her". and its the same in almost every video. He replaces opinions with statements.. why not just say "wow that's unbelievable I don't know why she would do that" AND BE DONE WITH IT. cenk is just seeding ridicule towards everything that he passes judgement on and doesn't approve of.

  3. What a load of crap! What is it about a woman that is stronger (mentally and physically) and in better shape that makes even grown men act like pre-pubescent middle-school brats? Oh! I know. Fear, envy, jealousy, and intimidation. That's the only reason people are trying to tear down her accomplishments and her gifted genetics. It helps them feel better about themselves. It helps them cope with their weakness.

  4. @TheRatchetkid

    Thank you! Finally somebody gets it. Hell! Look at the other girl's arm in the one picture where they're showing off their biceps. The other girl's arm is just as long. The wide angle lens makes her arms seem bigger and longer. Not saying her arms ain't toned and chiseled, but Miss Watson's arms are actually a little smaller than that. She was also a gymnast for several years. Gymnasts have a good base to get into serious weight lifting and bodybuilding.

  5. @NevaSayNoToPanda

    Nope. She ain't on steroids. First of all, she does not compete in bodybuilding contests so there'd be no point for her to take steroids. Secondly, she's a cheerleader. Cheer leading is more about altheticsm, agility, and nimbleness. Not so much emphasis on strength. Finally, she did gymnastics for several years. It's actually quite easy for gymnasts to put on lean muscle mass. Most female bodybuilders and fitness/figure competitors started off as gymnasts.

  6. @dsquaredmlg

    Actually, mate…she's about the same size if you look up other pictures of her. This picture was clearly taken with a wide lens when you compare it to other pictures of her. Pretty obvious. She also doesn't show any classic signs of steroid use. You can try and pin as much negative stuff on her as you want. That's your problem. That's your mental weakness and insecurity screaming.

  7. @dsquaredmlg

    Nobody is getting their panties in a wad here, mate. Except you perhaps. Otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation at all. You say that I am denying facts. But if anybody denying facts, it's you, mate. You are delusional. It is a scientific fact that some people are just gifted with better genetics than others. With hard work, anything can be achieved. You claim that you don't care if she takes steroids or not. Yet you are trying very hard to prove she does.

  8. @dsquaredmlg

    So which is it, mate?

    I also like the fact that you keep ignoring the fact that this girl was a gymnast for a few years. True. A normal woman cannot build muscle as quickly as males. But a gymnasts can. A gymnast can put on lean muscle. In fact, gymnasts can be quite muscular. This lady simply has good genetics and had a good physique from gymnastics to work her way up from.

  9. Cenk is being awfully cruel. He just said the same joke to many times. The first time, fine, but repeating it again and again… not cool…

  10. I usually agree with Cenk, but not this time. Instead of slamming this chick, he should get his own ass to the gym.

  11. I love Jayar in this, his comments are spot on! Cenk, so what if you don't find her attractive? It's not her job in life, leave her be.

  12. That's damned near my sisters build, and my sister is definitely NOT a dude… She's naturally muscular, and doesn't need to take steroids, or really do a whole lot of workouts to keep that frame, which has made her dating life a bit awkward because guys ARE intimidated by it. For some people it's just genetic.. But their reactions were pretty priceless just the same. XD

  13. Why the hell does Cenk almost villainise the poor girl? You're pro choice for when you talk about women's rights to get abortions but you're not pro choice for when they want to work out, look more muscular, maybe take some growth hormones?

    It deffinitely sounds like Cenk is letting some sort of insecurity cover his judgement. It sounds wrong when you say that you want a fragile and delicate woman. I dunno.

  14. Nope, neither. All we can figure it's a genetic screw up of some sort. And genetic screw ups can have some really WEIRD effects. This woman sits at a computer all day, and is afraid, as in "PANIC MODE!", of needles. Plus, since it started when she was 12 (The bulking up, she wasn't THAT bulky at that age, obviously. Haha), it stands to reason that it's not steroids, but something genetic. Nature.. It loves to throw the strangest things at us. On the upside, she can defend herself just fine! XD

  15. I can't speak for the cheerleader obviously. For her it could be genetic, or it could be genetic plus working out, or there could be steroids. But hey, if she's happy and (Hopefully) not taking things that will damage her body, I say good for her.

  16. First off cenk needs to get his fat ass to the gym instead of criticizing & eating food all day second "WOW LOOK AT HOW LONG HER ARM IS!!!" Damn cenk u never heard of Different camera angles? because thats what it was

  17. You don't have to take steroids to grow like that. What you need is a strict work-out regimen and the right diet. That girl clearly spends hours a day in the gym and never eats a hamburger or fries.

  18. i agree. plus she's not really that big. there are lots of female bodybuilders much bigger than her. besides i fine her attractive. who is to say what a woman should look like? i like cenk, but i think he's a little intimidated by strong women

  19. She's freakin' awesome, I think it's very sexy and she's pefect the way she is. Cenk needs to eat another burger and find some self-esteem. I think he might be jealous that his arms don't look like that, lol.

  20. I've seen bigger chicks than her. Steroids all the way. Mind you, horny and huge clit so it's not all bad.

  21. This is just mean. Why go crazy over one body-building cheerleader? All body-builders look crazy. Why aren't the male body builders who look like shit getting any attention?
    Why must she conform to the norm? Men look like shit everywhere. But a cheerleader, oh no, she has to have a feminine look or else an a-hole like Cenk goes and judges her on a youtube channel with thousands of viewers…
    I like Cenk usually, but this was just dumb. I see where the feminists are coming from sometimes.

  22. In a short period of time her "jaw structure" would not see any change though… Steroids work well in the short run, but you get side effects after long periods of use.
    Most people, especially women, can't get that defined in that short time without using steroids.
    But maybe it can be done if she trains like a freak for a long time… I dunno. It's debatable.

  23. she isnt freakishly big and considering if her arms are less than 14", it is possible to look that naturally for women, however if you look at the timeframe which is less than 1 year, it is almost impoosible to add 4 inches to your arms in less than a year if your a woman without AAS, even for a guy its a very difficult and very rare. its possible to get that kind of definition in 11 months if she dieted hardcore and was in decent shape to begin with, but not to build that muscle that fast.

  24. so yes Im pretty sure she is using AAS, and probably used illegal fat burning drugs too, because even though it's possible for women to get that defined, its very, very rare, especially considering the striations and separation in her arms and delts as well as being that big at that level of bodyfat especially considering the time frame.

  25. I don't think that her muscles are that extreme, they are very extraordinary for a woman though. She really has the arms of a man. It doesn't look bad at all, in my opinion.

  26. Good tone and definition; I think she is sitting at the about the best spot for female body building. Looking at other photo and interview helps.

  27. I think if there's guys that are attracted to women with muscles like that they must have homosexual tendencies? Cause if your a male and your attracted to masculine women like that theres gotta be something there

  28. I'm not cut like this woman, but as a woman who's 5'11" and pretty athletic, Cenk comes across as a total jerk. "I like a delicate woman because I'm a MAAAAAN." I'm glad my boyfriend isn't such an insecure pussy.

  29. Cenk I'm starting to lose confidence in you, there are competitions for strongest women, it's a whole scene. Maybe you don't know american culture much though.

  30. it don.t need to be steroids she am a high lady hows growes so it dosen need to be steroids she can haw a stronger genetick than a normal persone shall hawe

  31. Her build isn't the build I'd go after, but she's healthy, and despite my general enjoyment of the young turks I'm disappointed by this video. This is not news. We're not discussing a rolemodel presenting an unhealthy body image. This girl, despite not being someone's ideal body type- just happens to be very fit. She's lovely in the face and probably faces harassment over this on the regular. I'd much rather see a girl fit, healthy, and happy than watch someone starve themselves to meet ideals.

  32. she's hot as fuck… The only reason I can thinkg of as to why the guy doesn't think she's hot, is because his ego can't handle the fact that a chick is more muscular than him when she barely has any testosterone in her body and his testosterone levels are peaking multiple times a day. He doesn't have an excuse for why his body is flabby and shitty and hers isn't, so he takes out the personal assaults and acts like she isn't even hot… damn, must suck ass to be that envious.

  33. Two things wrong with the cheerleader.  1.)  She needs to train her legs more to give herself symmetry. 2.) Those arms are long, wow.

  34. Why is this even an issue? Don't shame people on their appearance. I, personally, know three girls who look like that, and it doesn't make a damn of a difference. They're sweet girls and great human being. Hell, I'm just impressed whenever someone puts forth that sort of dedication. The dedication and focus on a goal is sexy.
    And once again… stop shaming people over shit that doesn't matter.

  35. Cenk is so quick to say no. Anna is beyond hot & quite a woman. Afterall, Cenk hails from the land of "man-love-Thursdays" and where local married men participate in neighborhood goat swapping.

  36. ah the days where Cenk made tranny jokes and people didn't get all triggered about it. now he's walking on glass everytime it's brought up.

  37. She is totally on drugs no shit. And anyone that can’t see that is a savage and an idiot! Men have way more testosterone than women. They don’t have the testosterone levels to get ripped and get huge. They can get lean but not like that no. I’m stating facts you can’t compare men and women. She’s strong for a woman because an average guy that doesn’t lift get him training for a year he will get stronger and more ripped than a female athlete. It’s the way it is.

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