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– What’s up?
– Hey. – Athlete THENX athletes. It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of Official THENX. Today I’m here with the
world’s toughest teen. – Demi Bagby, gains! – We’re gonna get out workout on today. Let’s do it!
– Let’s do it! ♫ Listen – Alright so let’s get started. So today I am with Demi Bagby. The world’s toughest teen. I really think that this
girl is insanely tough. If you guys haven’t
already checked her out on Instagram, this girl is a beast. So we were hangin’ out at
the FIT Expo this weekend and I thought it would have
been an epic opportunity to do a video with Demi. So we made this workout
for you guys today. What do we got? – We have muscle ups, backflip wall balls, ring claps with pushups, we got one arm toes to bar in there. – Oh my God.
– And flags. We got all the gains in there. – It was Demi’s idea to
put in backflip wall balls. I’ve actually never done that before, it’s gonna be pretty
interesting to see me do that. But you’re gonna rock this girl. So we have a whole bunch
of super advanced movements in this workout. I’m just ready to get started, are you ready?
– Me too. Let’s friggen do it. – Let’s do it.
– Born ready. – The first move we’re gonna
go for is, ring pushups. Actually, you do those ring pushups, I’ll stick to like, handstand
pushups, something basic. – Clapping ring pushups.
– You ready for it? – Clap, oh, clapping ring pushups, my bad. – Yeah, get down.
– Let’s take it. Alright here we go. (intense music) Woo. – Yeah.
– Damn girl, you’re killin’ it. With the THENX rings and everything. Alright, our next move we have is muscle ups. Are you ready for that? – I’m ready for it.
– Let’s go for it. – Ready?
– You’ve got that. Hell yeah, let’s go, you ready? (intense music) Dang, this girl’s strong. – I’m tryin’ to keep up. Woo. She’s kickin’ my butt. Alright. Next we have, oh my God. Backflip wall balls. Are you ready for this? – I’m ready for it. – Mind blown. This is gonna be epic. – Ready? – Here we go. Oh my God. – How was that? – What? That was crazy. I felt like I didn’t
do as good as I wanted, for my first time.
– They’re pretty hard. – Yo Demi.
– Good job. Team work. – She’s just killin’ me. Alright you ready for the next one? Flag raises. – How was that?
– Let’s get it. Here we go.
(mumbles) (intense music) Woo. You got this girl. I’m gonna be your cheerleader. Let’s go Demi, let’s go! Amazing. One arm toes to bar. Ready?
– Ready? – Yeah. – Much better. – Switch it up, you ready? You got this girl. Demi has had some surgery in other arm so, this is definitely a
challenge for her but, you got this. Awesome, that was good. – Yours is a little weaker too huh? – Yeah, I don’t know why. I’m stronger on my left hand. – Really? Weird. – Alright.
– You think that’ll work? – Are you guys ready for the grand finale? I know she is. Are you guys ready? – The last thing we have–
– Here we go. – Is the rope climb.
– Legless. – You ready?
– Let’s do this. – Let’s do it.
– You got this. – I hope so. Oh my God. Here we go. – There you go. – I don’t wanna sit on the mic, but I’ll start like that. – There you go. Yeah! Peezy. There you go. – Ah I shoulda straightened my legs. That’s all good. – That was amazing. Good job. – You got this Demi. – Alright, well time to die. – Here we go.
– Are you ready for this? – I’m ready for this.
– Alright. – Girl if you do this, you’re my new hero. – Well let’s do it then. – Amazing. What? Straight legs. Sick. Oh my God. That was epic. That was epic. That was so sick.
– All the gains. – Oh my God. This girl is my new hero.
– Sweaty. – Hell yeah. Demi Bagby, ladies and gentlemen.
– Thank you. – I’m so happy we got that workout in. – Me too. – Hell yeah.
– So much fun. – I can’t wait to have you next time, in another video.
– Next time. – We’re gonna take it to the next level. – He might come to California this time. – Hell yeah. Actually I’ll be in California in January for the FIT Expo. Will you be there?
– Oh cool, I’ll be there. Oh so we meet again!
– There you go. We should do a video when we’re out there. – Let’s do it. – Guys, you have to check out Demi Babgy. – Thank you.
– Check her out on Instagram. Check her out on her own YouTube channel. This girl’s insane.
– Thank you. – How old are you again, 16?
– 16. – Age is just a number.
– Just a number. – [Chris] You’re never too young to start. – Never too young–
– How’d you– – Never too old.
– Get into working out? Really quick so you can tell these people. – I actually grew up playing soccer and I was a cheerleader
and I injured my back and then.
– Oh my gosh. – You know it coulda gone worse but, thankfully, I ended up being okay. And after a year, I
recovered and wanted to live a happy, healthy, fit lifestyle
for the rest of my life. So I started doing body weight training and now we’re here. – That’s amazing. And how did you advance from like, body weight training to here? You know this is obviously a big step. What was like the first
thing that you started doing. What was like, your workout regimen like? – Definitely strength movements first. I’d do banded pull ups and whatnot to get the strength to build up to do, muscle ups and other pull ups and just really being consistent with it, and doing it every single day
to build up muscle memory, and build that strength overall
to have it anytime anywhere. – That is amazing. There you have it. Make sure to follow her on Instagram. – Thank you.
– And YouTube. This girl rocks. Hell yeah.
– Sweaty hug. – Oh my gosh. Thank you guys so much for watching. If this video helped you, inspired you, motivated you, do not forget
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start training like this, start training like a beast, get in the best shape of your life, not just looking strong, but actually. – Being strong.
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– See you next time. 8 P.M. USA Eastern time.
– Bye. – Peace out, love you. (intense music)

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