Worst Soccer Team Ever

saddam is really there were about to
show you our schools run by auburn heights for field join like it’s a bad
thing it’s a good thing i mean i didn’t mean then anyway possible i mean we
can’t seem to get rid of that i said no we can’t he just keeps on clocking up in
the studio that we just happen to set up so there is the soccer player this video
is via rebellion at sea now in the description of this video it
says the woman never thought these guys played and game of actual soccer and you’re about to see what contract okay we we had a way that were done
because at the independently of at the end of the video listen to the guy holding became one
more time camped see here today revealed flocking and here are the enemy the fourth of
this long scientist within one business what didn’t always forget that he has arms
that he can use his terms in his hands seed sabsa he’s looking around like that but
this this is nothing there you need your you
leave your hands on the ball you’re going to start the shot you get
out your own sound festivities that this is like uh… this
is like second-grader a white hats out young thai restaurant relating to have
ten k_s just sovereign around the block and they’re just trying to get out of
actually some was in a breakout of this little ten persons from trinidad
everything’s still whited out against this flood watches you had to add
jennings ten people always say that you don’t see that in soccer what what the
hell was that i don’t i don’t care if this is lower tearfully recounted taco
older just yet but lacked i don’t know i don’t know but they want the poll that
they are looking at the rental links seventeen eighteen years old for
this isn’t like you know clones setup is goals peewee
stuff but they were playing like he was first and second grade soccer yeah i
mean it’s it’s simple anemic i’d learn this and i didn’t in play that much uh… for its when in doubt cleared out that’s what
they couldn’t do simply and you know he summoned stumbling around the ball and
just like trying to get it up it in your technique zone it in your
inbox just try to get the fuck out it doesn’t
matter if you can see the goal kit role long throwing whom canisters and it just can doubt as best you can if
you can’t get a look like they had the chance to see it knows that grow up there just down the mall made it clear the uses shoulders to
clearance items together now yet that they’re going to listen
this lee got a lot easier ets now investigation disney did nothing or we could just have gone to believe in
that one of the most of the going in the other one of them solicitado is the again rebellion have
seized two thank you very much for that video as well stuff

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