100 thoughts on “WORST STUNTS EVER – GTA 5 Gameplay”

  1. I just wanted to point this out, you may not care but oh well lol When I first started dating my BF he was a super AH-lets play fan and when AH introduced there fans to you guys, and few others (what ever there names are) I was the first one to explore the other channels. At first he refused too because he was such a super fan of AH… but when I stumbled upon Demo Disk I was hooked. lol So I waited for AH to run out of new releases an I put Demo Disk on… now we watch Funhause more then AH lol You guys are awesome! Thanks for enjoyable content!

  2. Can someone explain to me why Matt has a cult following despite being the dullest and most lifeless guy on the show? Looks like somehow people think being boring equals having a personality.

  3. why do you guys always make fun of waterworld that's like your go to reference for saying somethings really bad

  4. Lawrence needs to sit in the james chair more often. Hilarity was all time high in this video I mean look at the laugh-o-meter spin.

  5. Not sure if Adam Kovic or….
    <img src="https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/3e/e7/4b/3ee74b3eef66d19d09245472ab1bac23.jpg" alt="Phil DeVille – Rugrats Wiki: Deville Gallery, Birthday Card Rugrats, 90S Party, Gallery Rugrats, Phil Deville, Deville Rugrats"/>

  6. I want a compilation of every time Bruce has sung "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" in a video. Also, if someone could explain to me why it makes me laugh so much every single time, that'd be great too.

  7. Playing Inverted causes Earthquakes and makes Children Weep.
    Turn from yourΒ Inverted ways before it's too late!

  8. Holy shit, I'm so happy to see you guys have a channel and are making videos again! I used to watch you back when you were on Machinima, glad to see you're back πŸ™‚

  9. That fucking terrible, low-fi, piece if shit guitar drop pisses me off so fucking much you can't fucking believe it.

  10. I figured out why funhaus isn't my favorite. before I say anything else, I'm not meaning to bash them in anyway. I still enjoy their videos, they're just not my favorite.its the fact that their videos are overly edited. they are funny enough but the video gets in the way in my opinion.

  11. peake is a treasure. one day i too will love oats more than playing video games with my best friends

  12. i need 1.) a 10 hour loop of bruce singing the chitty chitty bang bang theme song and 2.) more pe/ke in these gameplays

  13. inverted 4 life!
    how i started was by playing top gun on the nes. it was the first 1st person game i ever played. and you pull back to go up. so its always been that way for me.

  14. I love that in every gaming-related group, there ALWAYS is a person that plays inverted and has to ask if it's inverted before playing.
    "Uuh, are the controls inverted?"
    I really admire you Peake, don't get me wrong but players using inverted controls are the vegans of video-gaming.

  15. I actually looked up Waterworld Stunt show because I thought that it was fake and holy crap, this video undermines how actually bad the stunt show actually looks. Going back to watching this video made it that much funnier.

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