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Would You Rather // CHEERLEADING EDITION | Sophie

Would You Rather // CHEERLEADING EDITION | Sophie

[Intro Music] Well hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel, or if you are new,
hello welcome to my channel, my name is Sophie. So you may be noticing 2 tiny little weird
things about today’s video. The first one being it is not my normal upload
day. And the second being I am very cheer and England-ified.
And whilst I do generally walk around in my cheer clothes quite a lot,
that is quite normal. Today I am bringing you a cheer collab with
my good friend Dana Burkey. She is a youtuber and young adult fiction
author over from the US of A.
And we have been talking for like… ever.
And never actually officially got to meet. However, that is all gonna change from next
month because she is gonna be at worlds. And we are gonna get to meet and make loads
of videos, and vlogs and all that good stuff together.
But in the mean time, we thought we would get excited and do a would
you rather cheer tag. It has been quite fun answering them because
mine is obviously coming from a cheerleaders point of view,
she is just coming from someone who really really loves cheer and writes about cheer
but she’s not a cheerleader herself. Would you rather be the best on a bad team
or worst on a good team? I would definitely prefer to be the worst
on a good team because if you’re on a good team you can grow
and you can get better and then you can become the best. Would you rather be a really close team that
loves each other but sucks or a talented team that doesn’t bond at all?
Definitely a close team that sucks because part of cheer is having that second family
and a really close bond with your team mates. Would you rather cheer all year on a Summit
team or be an alternate with a chance to cheer on a Worlds team?
That’s a really hard question but.. I have always dreamed of going to worlds so,
I feel like I would have to say Worlds. Would you rather be on the worst ever level
5 team or the best ever level 1 team? I would say the best ever level 1 team. Would you rather be famous for being good
at cheer or famous for being a cheer model? Definitely for being at cheer however I would
not say no to being a cheer model because I love a bit of modelling,
and I love cheer. So combine the two together …
I mean… anyone need a cheerleader? Would you rather go to a big powerhouse gym
or a small talented gym? This is a hard question because…
there’s pros and cons to both. Can I say it depends on what teams we are
talking about? Does that count? Would you rather centre flyer or last pass?
Centre flyer. I am not a flyer, like I have flown and I
fly for fun. I have never competed as a flyer.
I don’t know I’d like to be both but I think centre flyer because I enjoy stunts
a lot more than tumbling. So it would make sense to…
Wanna be centre for stunts. Would you rather be centre for jumps or for
dance? Definitely dance.
I HATE jumps. There is no need for jumps.
There is nothing I enjoy about jumps. Nothing.
Literally nothing. Are you getting the picture here?
I don’t like jumping. Would you rather tumble on tumbletrak or trampoline?
Tumbletrak. 1000%! Would you rather have straight or curled hair
for competition? I would choose straight any day.
Now here’s my issue with curl hair. Is A) everyone always has different curls.
Always. Second, my hair does not hold curls.
And thirdly, getting curls and volume…
Is not easy and it doesn’t last. Would you rather wear a pony or use your real
hair for competition? This season once I found out that we had to
go curly, I bought in some help.
So this season we are going pony tail and actually,
I am rather enjoying it. It takes like 5 minutes to do my hair as opposed
to like.. the 5 hours. Would you rather have a smokey eyes for cheer
or glitter eyeshadow? OOOO…
I do love me a bit of glitter. But I do love a smokey eye.
Can we combine the two and have a glittery smokey eye?
Has that ever been a thing? Would you rather be really good at doing cheer
hair or cheer makeup? I think I’m gonna say cheer makeup
This girl’s got a pony now so I mean it looks like I am like…
the BAWSE at hair. If I was good at cheer makeup then I’ve
just got the whole package. Would you rather wear a sports bra or a t-shirt
to practice? I am that person that wears both obviously
because.. this girl’s got boobies and they need covering
and supporting. I tend to keep my t-shirt on besides extra
training, then that t-shirt comes off because things
get…. SWEATYYYY. Would you rather wear a uniform with a full
top or crop top? Definitely a crop top. Would you rather wear a uniform with a skirt
or shorts? See, if you asked me this questions nearer
the beginning when I started cheer, I would have 100% answered you with skirt.
However, after having shorts, I do think shorts are a lot more practical.
I’ve never had a skirt for a uniform. However I would really like one. Would you rather wear a uniform with shorts/shirt
or ¾ capris? Definitely shorts or a skirt.
I don’t know hwy that feels like a tongue twister going on.
I do like the leggings… But… I don’t know. Would you rather wear a cheer bow or no cheer
bow to practice? No Cheer Bow. Would you rather be an amazing flyer or an
amazing tumbler? I would love to be good at tumbling! Would you rather have multiple people lose
shoes or drop half of the pyramid? Definitely multiple people losing shoes.
Whilst I hate feet and inside would low key would be freaking out at having to touch people’s
feet, I would much rather that than half the pyramid
coming down. And I mean how funny would it be everyone
running around after their performance tryna find their shoe. Would you rather get hurt on stage and have
to stop performing, or get hurt back stage and not be able to go on?
Definitely backstage. I mean, I’d rather not hurt myself in front
of everyone that’s watching. Would you rather get hurt at the start of
the season and have a chance to come back or get hurt at the end of the season and miss
a big final comp like Summit or Worlds? Definitely get hurt at the beginning of a
season and have a chance to come back. If you get hurt right before worlds…
that is like my biggest fear right now. I wish I could just bubble wrap myself so
that I can avoid any injuries because… I’m very injury prone. Would you rather get sunburnt the morning
before performing or get a bloody nose on stage?
OOOO…. Probably sunburnt.
Yes.. it would probably hurt a lot, but …
blood stains uniform and no-one wants a stained uniform. Would you rather get disqualified or come
dead last? I…
I don’t think I can answer this one. I really don’t because,
it just depends why you’re being disqualified. Would you rather go to lots of big comps like
NCA and Worlds or compete at smaller local comps?
I do love some small competitions. Like, the one in Liverpool that we go to is
one of my favourite competitions. However…
I mean.. Worlds?
NCA? Would you rather have the best team at a small
comp or the worst team at a big comp? If you go to a really good competition and
you’re the worst, you could probably learn stuff from seeing
other people that are really good. Would you rather stay at a gym with your friends
or move to a “big gym” where you don’t know anyone?
If you’re moving so that you can better yourself,
I don’t have a problem with that. Because you’re gonna make new friends.
When you first joined your gym, you didn’t know anyone.
So I wouldn’t say that not knowing anyone at a gym would be a reason for not going. Would you rather win NCA but bomb every small
competition or bomb NCA but win every small competition?
I would LOVE to win NCA. And you know,
get that jacket. That’s what I’m talking about. Would you rather win worlds or win NCA?
OOOO… that’s a tough cookie.
I don’t know cuz, this girl wants a worlds ring but she also
needs a jacket to keep her warm. I would love to be able to be an NCA champion
and a world champion. So..
this year we’ll win worlds and next year NCA?
I mean.. I’d have to join an NCA team. Would you rather win every comp and lose Summit
or lose every comp and win Summit? I think it would be the same as the other
one. And I would rather win Summit and lose the
smaller competitions. Would you rather be on an amazing Summit team
or bad World’s team? Probably a bad world’s team. Would you rather own a Rebel backpack or Nfinity?
I have never owned a Rebel Backpack so I can’t really comment. Would you rather wear Rebel uniforms or Varsity
uniforms? OOO
that’s a toughie. I don’t know, they’re both very…
very strong competitors. Level 5 or level 6?
Level 6 because I mean, it’s level 6 and have you seen level 6? Large Coed or Small Coed?
Some of my favourite teams are also large teams.
So… we’ll go large. Coed or All Girl?
Uhm…. i don’t really have a preference. High school cheer or all star cheer?
I’ve never done high school cheer but definitely all star cheer. Shooting Stars or Orange?
Definitely shooting stars. Panthers or F5?
OOO… F5… i think. Senior Elite or F5?
Senior Elite! One of my favourite teams. Smoed or BSB?
Smoed. TGLC or Steel?
Definitely Top Gun. Top Gun are definitely in like my top 3 teams
of I wish I could be on. Cheetahs or Cali Coed?
OOO…. Cheetahs. Beatles or Royal Jags?
Beatles… I really like Beatles. Cali Black Ops or Woodland Elite Black Ops?
Putting the Black Ops against each other now. I really like them both.
We’ll go Cali. Lady Jags or Peach?
Lady Jags. SSX or Generals?
Generals. Lady Bullets or Angels?
Lady Bullets, Reckless or Sic6?
I think I probably follow Reckless more so we’re gonna have to go Reckless. Great White Sharks or FLYERS?
Great White Sharks!! That is.. My Dream Team.
I would move to Canada tomorrow, to be on Great White Sharks if my bank said
yes.. But my bank currently says *eh oh* Ice Queens or Cali Sparkle?
I think Ice Queens. Well that is all of our would you rather.
I will leave all of the questions in the description box below and we would love to see you guys
do it, so if you do, be sure to tag us in it so that
we can come and watch it. And if you did like this video be sure to
give it a big thumbs up. And if you’re not already, make sure you
are subscribed to both me and Dana, like I said i will leave her video in the
description box below
so you should go over and check out her video as well.
And make sure you give them both a thumbs up because I mean…
A) these videos are awesome and B) it is worlds next month.
Like.. it is insane how quickly that has come around.
So if you’re not subscribe to both of our videos you totally should be because we will
give you a ton of footage from worlds, from different perspectives and stuff so you
should definitely subscribe for that. And you should totally comment below any collabs
you would love to see Dana and I do when we are together in Florida.
because we plan on doing a fair few while we are in Florida and we would love to hear
what you guys would wanna see. And I will leave all of my social media links
in the description box below, so come say hi. And Until next time
Keep Watching Stay Strong
And Stay Safe
Bye Guys

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