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x evolution vlog// 2019

x evolution vlog// 2019

Hey vlog we’re about to go to x evolution we were at Kenny’s house last night and Kenny flipped me onto my head clickbait Kenny split head open girl dead what happened was Kenny tried to spot me on a standing tuck and I pulled too hard and he swept my feet and my feet did not hit the ground and my head hit the ground so word so here’s Trevor you might recognize him from the other Raleigh vlog this is Kenny wassup boys Kenny this is our friend-iversary this is where I first met Kenny do you remember that? nope so they have these events where it’s like best jumps, best tumble, best basket and to stay on senior elite I had to enter one of them and I fogot to and I was like- so I spotted a one man and she was like it doesn’t count if you don’t touch the stunt so Kenny and Noah and I don’t know who the other base was were throwing a basket and it was like the very last thing to go so I ran up to them and I was like hi I’m on senior elite and my name’s Mimi and I really need to throw this basket with you or else I’m not gonna make the team and then I front spotted their basket and it was really good, remember that Kenny? I do remember that actually so that’s where I met Kenny and Noah look at what a friendship that grew haha walking off sorry Kenny next time buh bye alright guys we’re here at x evolution there’s the individual stunt competitons going on right now people are doing well I approve we just said hi to a lot of old buddies that I used to cheer with we’re in round 45 our friend Kenny is about to go stunt *very good sound effects that I made with my mouth* *more very good sound effects* guys we are going to get some of our friends in the vlog as I’m walking down stairs and probably gonna fall say hi to the vlog the Holden Ray hello vlog how’re you feeling today? how do I feel? I feel good this is my old flyer on senior elite hey Mckenna we we’re really good until I quit she got out of that 9th panel finally yeah finally that’s where we thrived years later two seasons she’s really freaking good though I was on senior elite with these people is that a vlog camera? it is a vlog it’s April’s camera I thought you were taking pictures this is clickbait right here the Ryan Cummings and and the uh Kenley Pope I’m not gonna lie I forgot your name for just a second you based me Mimi that’s such a disgrace hashtag UCA video to see me dropping her landed on my neck right on that neck baby Alex and Jamir say hi to the vlog John was on coed elite when I was on senior elite we got in trouble together but I was always the only one that got in trouble even though you did the same things I did here’s Trevor standing full check 10-9-8-7-6- that would’ve been tough if I could know how to focus a camera that’s college cheer Trev forgot how to do doubles I hate that his arm looks like a dead fish flopping around come here I miss you how’s code black are you excited? good, yes I’m excited so excited these are cute I like them it’s really not bad see it’s just a scrape hi vlog teams aren’t going yet and I’m really bored okay so we’re here because we have friends here and she used to be on senior elite cause she was talented and I was on code black/lady lux at the beginning of the season for like a month each and then I quit we’re going to explore it’s cold we’re leaving now we’re actually missing coed elite, senior elite lady lux, SSX smoex cougars yeah but don’t worry because we saw glitter penguins and they killed it that’s all we needed that’s all we came for but because we’re lazy Kenny’s leaving now and we don’t want to pay for an uber anyway we’re walking back to Kenny’s truck yeah not Kenny’s house yeah we’re walking to his house hi vlog I’m tired we had a wild weekend we didn’t vlog most of it which is dumb we vlogged the one day that we weren’t doing anything fun so if there’s one thing I want to leave you with vlog it’s girls on elevated surfaces is never okay

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