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[MUSIC – CHARITY VANCE, “ICING”] -Hey, everyone. I’m Mindy from Cute
Girls Hairstyles. Today, I’m going to
show you how to do yarn extension fishtail braid. So you will love it. I think this is a great way
to add color to your hair if you’re going to a football
event, if you’re a cheerleader, or you have a costume that
you’re trying to match. Where else could
you use this time? If you had dress or
a certain outfit. -Or costumes and dance
recitals or anything like that. -It’s a really fun way to
pep up color in your hair without actually dying
your hair– so no long term commitment. So what we’ve done is we’ve
gone to our local craft store and we’ve picked up
some skeins of yarn– just in any color you
want will work fine. And we picked those colors. And we have cut them
into pieces just depending on length
of your hair. See, I’ll show you right now. I pulled up the top
portion of her hair and I’ve tied the yarn all
throughout her hair like this. And I’ll show you how I did that
right here on this front piece. So I just took the yard. I folded it in half. I’m going to pick up this
little section of hair right here in the front. And I’m going to just literally
tie the string around her hair, just like you’re going
to tie a shoelace. So you want to pull it pretty
tight so it stays up there. And then I’m going
to double knot it. And I’m going to give it
one last little tug before I double knot it. Now, just in case you’re
worried about it sliding down the hair, because some people
have the texture of hair that is more slick, I’m just
going to go back and tease right there just a little bit. And that’s just going to help
secure that yard into the hair. Now, when you’re all done
placing the yarn in the pattern you want and how
many ever you want– we did– how many did we do? One, two, three, four five,
six seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12– 13 total, but you can
do how many ever you want. Going to let her hair down. Part it on one side. And I’m going to sweep
it all over one shoulder and make sure I get
this the way I want it. So we’re going to go
into the fishtail down. And I’m just going
to do a fishtail that lands over the
side of her shoulder. So you’re going to
divide the hair in half. And you’re just going to
pick up an outside piece. And I’m going to try to
grab a string of yarn. And then, of
course, you’re going to grab another outside piece
and bring it over, as well. And you’re just going to
keep going back and forth and pulling those pieces of
yarn along with pieces of hair so that they crisscross. And you guys know– I
always say it– fishtails take a little bit of
time, just because you’re trying to get smaller pieces. And if you can’t see
the yarn right off, don’t worry, because
we can always go back. As long as you have
the yarn in the hair, you can always go back
and adjust the placement when we’re all done. I want a pink one in there. Pull a pink one over. And here’s another fun pink one. We’re just going
to keep creating our fishtail– our
multi-colored fishtail here. Let’s get some
yellow going through. And we’re going to work our
way all the way down the braid. Now, if you are a
cheerleader, a fun thing to do would be to run your school
colors through your hair. So red, black, and
white, or whatever– blue and gold– whatever it may be. That would be a fun way
to pep it up for a game. And you can see we’re
just basic fishtail. I’m taking a little bit chunkier
pieces than I normally would, just because the smaller piece,
the longer it takes to do it. And I’m trying to go
a little bit faster. We need some more pink. Aha. There’s some. [MUSIC – CHARITY VANCE, “ICING”] And when you get down to where
you’re running out of hair or your layers are starting to
pop out, simply take an elastic and finish the whole thing
off with the elastic. Now, a fun way to end this would
be to just take some yarn– and you can just go back up
and even just take that yarn and wrap it around the
elastic to finish it off with a little extra
yarn like this. Then you can just tuck this
back under and pull it through. And then just go down to
the end of your hair– make sure not to cut
your hair– and just cut the ends of the yarn and leave
the colors to show through. And then you can just
go back and, if you just tweak and twist– you
can pull on the yarns if you want them to pop
through a little bit more. Or you can flatten the pancake a
little bit on the fishtail just to give it a little
softer, more bohemian feel and let those colors pop out. And you are all finished. I think it’s adorable. What do you think? -I like it. I’ll spin her so you
get the completed look. So cute. Do you love it? -Mm-hmm. -OK. So make sure and check
out our new video that we’re putting up on
Disney’s Style channel, as well, today. So you get two videos
this week instead of one. We did the Tinkerbell hairdo,
which is an adorable bun. I think you’ll really enjoy it. Make sure and check it out. I will put a link in the
description box below and as well as a video clip
in the end slate. So make sure you check
out the Tinkerbell bun. And we will see you guys later. Have a great week. -See you. [MUSIC – CHARITY VANCE, “ICING”]

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