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YMCA Youth Basketball Program

YMCA Youth Basketball Program

It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about
just going out, having fun, learning how to play the game, but you’re making friends out
of it too. Hi, my name’s Marquel, and I’m a basketball
instructor at the YMCA. Being where I was for a year and where
they are today, I’ve seen the growth. Like, you can tell by just the way they’re picking
up a basketball, their dribbling, and, you know, they’re communicating with everybody in the program,
and they’re in to the games too — not only just practices, but in the games. When they’re passing the ball to each other,
I see everybody being active, and that’s what we really want is to make sure that everybody, you know,
not only is coming in, and they’re not only having fun — don’t worry about the final
score. Just come out, you show up, and you play to
your potential; that’s all we can ask. If you give us 100%, that’s all we ask from
the kids. You’re not only going to learn good ball-handling
skills; what you’ll be learning is leadership. Leadership’s very important in our program. When you take leadership, it’ll take you far
into, you know, where do you guys want to be in your life. Because remember: if you’re young, I want
you to enjoy the moment, take it all in, and trust me, when you take it all in, it’ll be
a lifetime experience for our kids. When they get sweaty in the end, that means
the job has been done.

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