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Yoko Geri (Karate Kicks)

Yoko Geri (Karate Kicks)

Yoko Geri – there are two executions Kekomi bumping, Keage snapping In both kicks, it is important to note three points shoulder, hip, foot edge At Kekomi, all three points are on one line Kekomi starts with a bent leg The knee should be higher than the hip The mainstay is bent the foot is parallel to the ground Viewed from the side the lower leg is tightened On the way back follow the same line bend the leg again and only then settle Viewed from the front At Yoko Geri Keage the three points no longer show a line as with the Kekomi but a flat triangle because the hip remains behind the Keage also starts with a bent leg but the knee shows obliquely and the bottom of the foot shows in the direction of the mainstay, which is bent Viewed from the side it’s the same the lower leg is tightened In this case, the foot draws a semicircle and not a line as in the Kekomi Viewed from the front again Yoko Geri Kekomi and Keage, bumping and snapping

16 thoughts on “Yoko Geri (Karate Kicks)”

  1. A very powerful kick if practiced properly I've sent people flying across the room with this one without even trying. My best kick

  2. Супер! Это самый правильный вариант исполнения этого удара!

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