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You don’t wanna be Cheerleader | Chanel Preston

You don’t wanna be Cheerleader | Chanel Preston

My step Mom ! Its not the same its… just
Its just weird Be aggressive Be aggressive B-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E What the Devil Be Aggressive how was your game sweety? was it Fun?
Did you win? No we lost again oh I’m so sorry My Girl it’s ok you know you can’t when’em all I mean what’s going on? You not having like a good Captain or something Well Actually The captain Kind a bailed on us oh What? She went to another School Sweety this is amazing Do you know what this mean?
Why? This means you can be the Captain In any one of your game You’re amazing I can be the Captain
Why? We come from along line of cheer captains I was a cheer captain of mine team My mother was cheer captain of her Team
And even her grandma Was a cheer Captain ok it is your legacy okay
what.. what you mean? ok listen
I know that I’m your step mom
But that is not what makes us family
It’s love that’s does not
you can be part of legacy make any sense it’s make perfect sense just like your mom
I mean I don’t wanna Bragg or anthing But i was pretty good we ‘re not even blood It doesn’t matter ok!
I love you You love me
You are my Daughter And I will do anything To make sure you get that captain position
Ok So let’s do some cheer
Shall we? no
ok let me see let me get in this bag here
Mom O come on come on
Don’t be such a negative
Nanssy cheer leader are be happy and smile ok
Ready Now I’m gonna go First I’m gonna show you how its done!
And then there will be your turn. ok? oh my god! remember so much of my youth ok. Ready.
No this is a sessy one peaches and cream
peaches and cream..what’s wrong with the other team
Nothing at all..nothing at all what is your problem? are you serious? Emm..that was
you want me to do that ohh..ohh
yeah! you that one I remember. ahh
that one won us the championship I’m pretty sure it because of that cheer I don’t even wanna do cheer leading I’m eighteen I can do what ever I want You don’t wanna be a cheer leader No I don’t
jillian being a cheer leader Is what every
Girl inspire to be! Do you know How lucky You are
Ok! You are women in the audiance how look at you
and you are a role model for them ok! as long as you live under my roof you will cheer
Now come on Get up … get up get up
Ready I’m just gonna teach you ok ready ok
Peaches and cream…Peaches and Cream what’s come on
smile cheer leader smile Ear to ear..ear to ear
ready.. you are the joy of the game Peaches and Cream.What’s wrong with the other team? Nothing at all. nothing at all
They just can’t play and gotta get the kick really come on.. come on
I’m Surprise you can even Lift your leg well sometimes me and your dad practice
please can you just I think I know that the problem is ok!
what What is the problem? mom!
mommy knows best Have a seat jillian! you know I really care about you
i love you I just want what best for you I just wanna make sure you doing ok so Have to ask are you getting laid? what? what? That’s so inappropriate that’s not inappropriate. ok..! we’re close we should talk about these things you know. In my day cheer leaders where known for for being you know pretty you know inscrimant about who the sleep with it’s part of the cheer leader culture. And And You mean s**ty no It’s a derogatory word.ok! we don’t say that in this house it’s part of being like a free Fun cheer Leader Right…! Because you’re not being a free fun cheer Leader Right no. I think because you haven’t got any wild you know if you just got laid you might be little happier ok…! have you any girlfreinds now like experimenting what..? oh my God…! you have to have I mean a group of girls
Together..Mom..! stop..!!!! what? they’re my friends Exactly. They are the people you spend most time with they are best friends. they know you more than any body else does that is why you should feel the most comfortable with them come on. tell me have you even looked little peak. when you getting dressed in in loker room you know little little spice is there direction come on Jillian…! Don’t tell me that you’re that much of a prude I’m not a prude ahhhh…ok! you need to relax ok. Like I said part of being a successfull cheer leader. I you want to be number 1 you have to just learn to kind of let things go! and relax Enjoy yourself.. enjoy your body is that what you did? is that why you made captain? ah oh yeah it is! I just you know worked my way up to the top I mean wild lesbian sex was like name of the game then that was the best I was known for giving all the girls little pick me up for the game oh my God. I guess times have changed but ahmm what about but what about Dad?
what about dad? oh ah..sweety! we did this for the love of the game ok. we made sacrifices
ok…! and its its a great its a great
team building excercise I mean no other exercise can help build that bond the way that wild can build that bond
but is dad know? that you were a lesbian back in high school. there so many things your father doesn’t need to know
in college oh my God
and who knows where else listen ah. your father and I have many arrangements
what you mean? you know we tell each other everything
we have our secrets wait like you’re open ! Jillian ! you need to smile more I’m….I’m gonna help you with that little pick up do you need to be picked up yeah you do yeah you just don’t think about your dad this is why you and I ran out
this is our future I am here for you and i will do whatever it takes to see you on the top of that pyramid . Telling all other girls what to do you’ll be the one how get all the other girl pick me up next when I’m done with you
you will the top ok…! so you just need to relax ok ! come her stop your body your posture its just right now. ok sit up come on shake your hair up be sexy ok cheer leaders are sexy smile lets see your smile show me your teeth you have most beauitful smile I am so proud to be your mom you have most beautiful skin most beautiful hair are perfect cheer Leader you are made to be a cheer leader ok ! you just need a little help from your mom

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