ZOE VALENTINE | Season 2 | Ep. 1: “Fool”

Thank you. [ MAN ] Cut, cut. Hi! I’m Hayley. I’m a vlogger. I have been since birth. I don’t know what that is. I love sharing my life with
others and spreading positivity. I’m an actor. I play a character that’s an actor on the show. Uh, hey. I’m Harmony. I also play the character that that actor plays on their show within the show. [ AUDIENCE ] Huh? Wow, that was a mouthful. I’m an amateur chef. Nothing brings people together like a good meal. Whether it’s family, friends, or loved ones. [ ALL ] I’m Hayley LeBlanc and I know
what it means to be All Yourselves. (soft serene music) – [Zoe] Previously on Zoe Valentine. – [Student] Is that the other Valentine? – I’m so sorry for your loss, Joey. – Her name is Zoe. – I wasn’t born special like my sister. Charming, social, and
dating the football star. – Hey. – Me? – It’s me, Isaac. I just thought with Cleo not
around, you might be lonely. – [Zoe] Well, you assumed wrong. – Earth to Zoe. Do you wanna practice tonight or not? – [Zoe] How would you feel if
we took a break from magic? – Confused, you’ve been so into it. – There’s a lot of other ways
I could be spending my time. – Kiba and I are on the
leadership committee of the Student Council and
we think you should run. – For Treasurer. – They probably say I do
more things than card tricks. – [Brody] I think we could
both do more socializing with actual people our ages. – [Zoe] Why was Cleo’s doctor
driving away from our house? – We were just at an event
together, a charity thing. It was last minute. It’s not a big deal. – Does the name Kent Andrews
mean anything to you? – Were you in love with my sister? – I was. – Did she love you? She was cheating on you? – Zoe, I’m gay. Your sister knew, she was protecting me. – I just keep finding more questions about her than answers. Like, why didn’t she want
me to be a part of her life. Why’d she leave before teaching me about boy drama and our parents? – She wanted to protect you. – Hey Cleo, I miss you, but I’m gonna be okay. I wanna make you proud. (whimsical music) Before Harry Houdini died, he left codes with his wife, Bess. Phrases he could use
if he could communicate from beyond the grave. So Bess held a seance every
year on the anniversary of his death, October 31st. But it never worked. And so she stopped trying. Maybe she was ready after 10 years to let her life go back to normal. And I get that because so am I. I know most people are excited to come back to school after summer break and show off their new look. Show how much they’ve changed. (energetic music) (parents arguing) But, I just wanna get back
to the way things were. (soulful music) ♪ Nobody ever knows ♪ ♪ Nobody ever sees ♪ ♪ Praying to the Lord ♪ ♪ Praying for my soul ♪ ♪ Now please don’t go, oh no ♪ ♪ I think of you whenever I’m alone ♪ ♪ Now please don’t go, oh no ♪ ♪ I think of you whenever I’m alone ♪ ♪ So please don’t go ♪ (soft serene music) Isaac, how was football camp? Tell me everything. – It was chill. – Chill, that’s it? – I heard about you and Milo. – Yeah, it turns out we’re
just better as friends. – So it has nothing to do with Brody and Allison also breaking up? – Oh my God, no no. Please stop.
– What? What, I’m just saying. Maybe there’s magic in the air. – Ew, no. (school bell rings) – Hey, Student Council after school? – Yes, I will see you at three. (school bell rings) – You got any 10s? – Go fish. – Rats. They’re Tarot cards. – Yeah, I think I’ve seen
some at magic shop I go to. – You’re into magic? – Yeah. – That’s so cool. – Thanks. – I’m Raya Williams. – Zoe Valentine. (school bell rings) This one looks pretty bad. – Interesting, that’s the death card. – Yeah, I figured. – It’s not necessarily so bad. Sometimes it means
change, a transformation, like the beginning of
sophomore year for instance. – It’s so cool how we’re the same year. – As opposed to? – Last year a lot of
my friends were older. – Well, now I can be your friend. And my brother’s a sophomore, too. – What does this one mean? – Oh, that’s the tower. It means things are probably
about to really chaotic. – It’s cool how you
know so much about this. – Almost as cool as knowing magic. (school bell rings) – I gotta go. – Oh, okay. (students chattering) – (sighs) You have got to stop
sneaking up on me like that. – In the future I’ll just call out Riggs from 20 feet down the hallway, better? – On second thought. – So, where were you this morning? – I didn’t skip class. Mendoza changed my whole schedule around. They’re bumping me up a grade in math. – What, you little genius. – Maybe if you studied once in awhile. – So, I met a new friend in English. – About yay tall, wearing
a tunic, with a pet lion? – Riggs, no making fun of my Tarot cards. And besides, she was a real live person who you would be lucky to get to meet. – Here we go again. – What? – Brody!
– Hey. – How was your summer? Did your phone explode or something? – It was actually really great. Nice to get out of Attaway for once. And yeah, I wasn’t really
the best at texting. – It’s okay, we have an
entire year to be outcasts with no other friends. – Yeah. – I’m so sorry, but I
have to see Kent today after Student Council. – Did we have plans? – The Slab, ice cream? Did you forget about
our first day tradition? – Right, yeah, it’s actually totally fine. I have a thing, too. – Sure, then see you later? – Yeah, see you tomorrow. – Bye. – You lost your power, Zoe. – What? – You had it right the first
time, but you changed it. The power is two. – Oh. – [Teacher] Okay, we’ve got
another derivative to find. Ava, Kelly? – Hi everybody, thank
you for coming today. I’m Isaac, your Student
Council president this year. This is Zoe, your Treasurer. – Hi. – And this is Evan, your Secretary. – Yeah. – We are excited to be
representing the school this year, but obviously we are short a member. Since Kiba dropped out, we
need a new Vice President. We’ll be having a special election these next couple of weeks so if you are interested, please sign up. Yeah? – Are there any special benefits being on the Student Council? – The chance to give back to your school and building a resume
for college applications. – Could we get deserved
parking spots or something too? – We can consider it, but
it probably won’t happen. – Why don’t you elected first before you get all concerned about where you’re gonna
park your dad’s Mercedes? – [Isaac] Yeah, um… – Viv.
– Yeah. – Yeah, I was just wondering what kind of school wide projects are we considering for this year? I’m interested in helping
making Attaway more green, so I was wondering if
that’s something we can do. – That’s a great suggestion, and something we’re totally
open to trying this year. – Well, that was amazing. – What? – Your whole takedown of Austin DuPont. – He just needed to be reminded that his parents’ money can’t
buy him everything he wants. He’s a toolbox. – Well, I can’t be biased but yeah, he kinda is a toolbox. (both laughing) Those are so cute. Did you draw them? – Oh, no, that’s my
boyfriend’s handy work. He’s becoming a pretty good artist. – I use to date this guy
for like a few weeks. He was an athlete type. Super smart, just not
really the artistic type. – It takes all kinds. Anyways, I gotta go find said boyfriend. I’ll see you around, Madame Treasurer. – Well, good luck with the campaign. Not that I’m biased or anything. – (laughs) Thanks. (Zoe sighs) (sobbing) – Mom? – Hey honey. – Hi, are you okay? – Oh yeah, I was just chopping
some onions for dinner. Tacos sound good? – Sure. – If you don’t want any
of these, throw ’em out. – Okay. – [Dad] Hello? Anybody home? – I’m running to the store. I need tortillas. – Okay. (somber music) – Hey kiddo. Is your mom okay? – I guess so. She said she needed tortillas. – Tortillas, right. Must be taco night, huh? So, how’s first day back? – It was okay. I totally messed up a super
easy math equation though. – That’s okay, we all mess up sometimes. I was gonna go to the park,
play some catch with Casper. You wanna come with us? – Oh, I was actually gonna ask you if I could go to Junior’s
just for a little bit. – You gonna go see Brody? – No, I was actually gonna see Kent. – Well, tell him I said hello, okay? – [Zoe] I will. – [Dad] Have fun. Hey Cas, grab your glove, kid. Let’s go play some ball. (Zoe sighs) – Then she just ran out
and I saw the brochure. – That’s hard, I’m really sorry. – Yeah, I don’t know. It’s just weird, you know? It’s like a whole chapter she’s just never gonna get to live. – You really should
come with me next week. – That grief group thing? – Yeah, it’s a group for people like us. It might be helpful for you. I know it has for me. – You said you have
big news for me, right? Just tell me, what is it? – Well, I got the results
back from my scan. And they’re all clear! – What?
– Yeah, yeah, I’m officially in remission! – Oh my God! – And that means I get
to go back to school. – I’m so happy for you. – Thanks, it’ll be my first time at a normal school in three years. – It’s going to be great. Cheers to going back to normal. – Cheers. Do you think I should tell Brody? – What, Brody? – Yeah, over there. ♪ Look at all the pretty
flowers fade away ♪ ♪ I’ve been watching from a distance ♪ ♪ Couldn’t raise myself from resistance ♪ – Next time on Zoe Valentine. Well, let’s see, my parents
were fighting all morning, I just hit my head on a desk. And I was just rude to
a perfectly nice girl. So, woo.

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