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Zombie Cheerleader | Hair Pin Curls | Halloween Hairstyles

Zombie Cheerleader | Hair Pin Curls | Halloween Hairstyles

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hey, guys. I’m Mindy from “Cute
Girl Hairstyles.” And I’m here with Bailey today. -Hi, guys. -And we’re rounding
out our month of hashtag CGHSpooktorials
with a tutorial we’re calling “Hair Pin Curls.” So this tutorial
is one that you can use on pretty much a lot of
different options for Halloween hair. You could do a
witch or a zombie. -Or anything with big hair. A lion, bride of
Frankenstein– you can also use this one as a
no-heat tutorial, if you mix it up
just a little bit. So there’s lots of options
on this particular hairstyle and ways to use it. Hi, guys. So what I’ve done is, I’ve
started by separating her hair. And I’ve just pulled
this section– like, a small section in the
very back– I’ve left it out. And I’ve pulled the rest of
it up and out of the way. And we’re going to just
be dividing the section up her head, as we go along. Now I’m going to go back and
take about a one-inch section. And on her hair
it’s about one inch. If you have fine hair
or super-thick hair, you may need to adjust
the sections a little bit, according to the type
of hair you have. I’m going to take
a hair pin– this is what a hair pin looks like. It’s different than a bobby pin. I’m going to take the
hair pin and put it right at the root of
that strand, like this. And then I’m going
to begin wrapping the hair around the hair pin,
in a figure-eight motion. So it’s going to weave in and
out of those two side prongs. In and out, in and
out– and we’re just going to keep doing this. And now you can see
that, with my thumb, I’m holding them and
pushing them upward, which allows the room at
the bottom of the prongs to stay open and usable. And we’re going to wrap until
we get to the end of her hair. You’re going to
take your flat iron. And you’re just going to clamp
it right here, at the end. And hang on to that
end, as best you can. Clamp it down, just
for a few seconds. All the way up, like that. And wrap these ends. As you see, it will pretty much
stay on there by itself, now that you’ve clamped it. But just for a little added
security– if you want, do it this way. You can. Here’s a couple
of other options. One is to take a little
alligator clip, like this. And just secure that
end in there, a bit on– so that it holds it tight
while it’s cooling and setting. And a second option
is to take– and I like this one– to
take a bobby pin, and just run a bobby
pin, right at the middle. And that helps hold it in place. A second option, if you
don’t want to use heat, is to wrap the hair
on the hair pins, just like this– when it’s a
little tiny bit damp, still. And then let it air dry. You can let it air
dry just by itself. You can air dry it
overnight, if you’d really want to sleep in these. Or you can even pop them under a
hooded dryer for a few minutes. Or, using a hairdryer on a
cool setting, just kind of air dry some of that hair so that
it tightens up those curls. Any of the above
works just fine. So let me show you
another curl to it. So we’re going to
take that hair– we’re going to take our
hair pin again. Put it right at
the root, and then begin wrapping the hair
around the hair pin. So just remember, it’s
a figure-eight motion– in and out, in and
out, in and out. And you just push with your
thumb upward as you go along, to create room for yourself
with her hair, all the way down. And then take your bobby
pin or your straight iron. And go ahead and
straighten it right now. And then I’m going to
put on top of this, just to straighten her– Just
hold that for a few seconds. It really doesn’t
take tons of time. And you have a nice curl. We’re going to go ahead and
just do the rest of her hair, going across. And then we’re going
to begin going up, until we have her
whole head done. OK. And we are done. That took about an hour to do,
and I did it just by myself. And we counted, and there
were 45 in Bailey’s hair. She has pretty thick hair. And I did pretty
thick sections, even. But if you had a lot finer hair,
you could do smaller sections and it may not take you as long. When you’re all done, and
you’ve let the curls cool, and you’ve set even a little
bit more, then the fun begins. Because you get to
take it all out. So to take it out,
you just release whatever is holding
it on the ends, and just gently tug it off
of the hair pin, all the way. And then you can just undo
the hair pin at the top, and make it a
little interesting. And what you get is this
really fun, zigzagged curl, as you can see, from the
little crimpies that we did. And it almost looks
like rickrack– like sewing rickrack– which is
why they call it the rickrack set, or rickrack curl, or hair
pin curl, any of the above. And what happens when
you get a bunch of them– take this one out– is that
when you start separating them with your fingers a
little bit, they just get really full,
because of the crimps. And it just creates tons
of volume and texture. Now I’m just going
to take them all out, and then I’ll show you
the finished product. And the last one–
and you have all of your hair pin curls done. So at this point,
what I’m going to do is just very gently
separate with my fingers– now obviously, this
is going to frizz it some more, which is what
we’re looking for here. So I don’t want to run a
brush through it, though, because that will just
completely pouf it out of control. And we don’t want
it out of control. We just want it really
voluminous– lots of texture. And we are finished. So let’s do the
final spin– just look at all that
curl and volume. Awesome. And you can definitely
see how you could pull off a witch, or a lion,
or a zombie, or Hagrid or– It had a very
editorial feel to me, even something you might see on
“America’s Next Top Model.” -Just very fluffy. -Tons of fluff, and I love it. I love you, love-love. Hope you guys have
loved this tutorial. I’ll make sure and put a link
to all of our CGH tutorials, as well as any of
the hairstyles we’ve done over the years
for Halloween. So you can check it out in
the description box below. And if you guys are looking for
last-minute Halloween costume ideas, be sure to check out
Brooklyn and Bailey’s channel. I’ll put a link right here. Click on it. Yeah, and you can check
it out because they have an awesome
video up right now, with several ideas
for you to go see. And we’ll see you
guys on Sunday. ‘Bye, guys. -‘Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING] –tie it. And I’m going to go right
behind, to the pin curl, and tie it. And I don’t want it too tight. Because I want to be able to–

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